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The Queen's passion deepens; she uncovers a plot.

What is most remarkable though is how she changes when she wants or needs sex. She is no longer coy. She rubs her breasts, pulling on her nipple and delights in opening her legs, smiling as she sees you/me looking directly at her reddish slit and isn't shy in asking how you/I likes her pussy and clit. She is a woman who loves sex as much or more than a man. She loves everything about it. And she savors the man as she explores him.

She is just as comfortable with men as she is with women, maybe even more so with men. This is Amanda. How do I know? Well that what this story is about.

During the day I chatted with her whenever I see her. She works in the same building as I do downtown. I'm sure she knows I am very interested in her. But she is so far above me I am afraid she would laugh at me if I asked her out! But as the weeks grew into the first month we have known each other we became more open and actually ate lunch together a few times when we were both in the building. I have learned a great number of things about her, and I hoped she has enjoyed the time she has spent with me.

At night I watch her when I can. Watch you say how do I do that? Well for now I am a stalker but she doesn't know it. That's how this story begins.

I watched by the window of her bathroom as Amanda stepped out of the shower and slowly wrapped a big soft bath towel around her body. She used a smaller one to wrap around her hair. Drying off, she rubbed her hair and shoulders first. Then she moved the towel down and rubbed and stroked her large breasts and under her arms. I saw them bouncing and giggle as she wiped them dry. My cock was so hard it ached because I anted to touch them so badly. I wanted her so badly for so long now and only imagined how she felt about me. How I would love to shower with her bath her and dry her off touching her body!! EVERYWHERE!! I moaned softly.

As I watched she slid the towel down over her belly and moved it to the gap between those wonderful globes as she dried her cleavage. Then she wiped up and down her thighs and rear end before pushing the towel under her pussy and moved it back and forth. I wanted to be the towel!

Placing a foot on the tub she bent down, OH God!!! Her rear was spectacular. She began to dry her legs. Her large breasts hung down free and swung as she wiped her legs dry. First she did the right one from her knee to her foot. Then she did the other one.

Standing again she wrapped her towel around her back holding both ends in her hands. As she dried her back her large breasts were pushed out extending them and her red nipples, which were hard due to the cool air in the room. They were pushed out so far as if offering them to a lover's mouth and hands. My brain and cock screamed to fuck her. She looked magnificent! Finally she hung the big towel on the hook and took the smaller one and she bet forward again and rubbed her long brown hair vigorously. Again her breasts swung and moved so erotically! Then she warped it around her semi-wet hair and walked slowly out of the room.

I hurried to the bedroom window but the blinds were closed. DAMN IT! But wait the sliding glass doors were open no blinds or curtain there. Wonderful, full view of her I was sure. As I moved to the door now I saw her bend forward and finished drying her hair. Her breasts hung down like she was over her lover. I could only imaging how they would look bent over my face as she rode my hard cock slowly and offered them to my watering mouth!

How perfect she was, I loved everything about her. She sat in front of the mirror now and brushed her hair. Then she stood and stretched standing on her toes. Her legs were the most beautiful legs I have ever seen. Her rear stood up high and so round! Jesus I almost came in my jeans seeing how she pushed those lovely breasts out as far as she could as she reached high for the ceiling still standing on her toes.

I could have screamed at the body this woman had and how she was so relaxed with herself.

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