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Things take a strange turn.

I was facing the foot of the king sized bed. The first thing I saw was Nora's black dress, black panties and shoes on the floor in front of the bed.

Nora was lying across the bed with her head on the left, hanging over the side and her arms were extended above her head like she was signaling a touchdown. Her arms were held down on the bed at the elbows by a guy who was throat fucking her. She was naked, bare foot, and her legs were being held straight up. The other guy was holding her legs up and eating her pussy. Both of the guys were tall, athletic looking and naked. The sounds I had heard through the door were Nora's moans. No one seemed to notice me at all.

These two guys were not with the group I had been with earlier but we had met them when we first arrived. They were cousins of Sally. When we met them I noticed both of them eyeing Nora up and down. It was early in the party but we all had been feeling the booze. Nora blushed at their looks but also seemed to welcome them as well. She even teased them a bit by brushing up against them. And why not; she looked hot!

George was the guy on the left. He was average looking with a small black mustache. Luis was the guy on the right. He had a darker complexion and had a shaved head. He was a muscular guy and full of tattoos.

I stared in disbelief and moved to the right. I didn't even realize I was moving. I now had a better angle of Luis licking Nora's pussy. I also saw that Luis had a huge tattoo of an eagle with its wing spread across his entire back.

He was licking and slurping Nora's pussy lips and clit furiously. Alternately Luis took her engorged clit in his mouth and sucked forcefully then licked all around her opening. He was also pushing his thumb in and out of Nora's asshole. She was moaning and thrusting her hips into Luis' tongue. Her pussy was dripping her juices and she was squirting into Luis' face! George glanced at me, smiled, and continued to push his cock in and out of Nora's throat while his large orange sized balls rubbed along Nora's forehead and eyes. She was moaning and gurgling.

George then pulled his cock out of Nora's mouth and still holding her elbows on the bed, started tongue kissing her violently. Nora's pussy was clean shaven and her juices were flowing freely. Her nipples were long and erect and as she repeatedly pushed her clit towards Luis' tongue her breasts bounced and jiggled. George then moved away from Nora. He lit a joint and started smoking it. As he watched his cousin working on Nora he jerked his eight-inch cock slowly with his right hand and smirked.

Luis stood up displaying his now erect nine-inch cock. He grabbed it with his right hand and rubbed the bulbous head up and down Nora's slit. She moaned louder. She mumbled something as her hips quivered. Luis guided his aching cock into Nora's open pussy lips.

As he entered her she gasped and spread her legs wider. Luis grabbed Nora's ankles and started sucking the toes of her right foot. As he sucked her toes he slowly began to increase his tempo and within a few seconds, he was pounding her pussy violently.

The sound of Luis' balls slapping against her ass seemed like the only sound in the room. With each thrust, Nora's creamy juices flowed and were running down the crack of her ass and pooling on the bed. As Luis' shaft worked in and out of her pussy like a piston, she came and came as evidenced by the white glossy gleam on Luis' cock. He held onto both of her feet, his thumbs squeezing into the center of each of them, squeezing harder with each thrust!

I couldn't take my eyes off this scene. I was still fucked up from all the pot and drinking and my cock was rock hard in my pants. But I kept remembering the stages of pot smoking Nora went through from twenty years ago. When will her personality change to that timid embarrassed state?

Luis put Nora's legs on his shoulders and continued to pound her shaven pussy.

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