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All three Characters are happy.


"Definitely," agreed my lover, and soon I felt glass against my lower lip. I tipped my head back and drank from a glass of excellent white wine.

"I'd like to sit down," I whispered.

"Just a second - someone's fetching a towel for you to sit on, like they do at nudist colonies." I filed that tidbit away for future reference. He gave me some more wine, then led me over to a couch. Someone put the towel down, and more than two hands guided me down to it. I clenched a fist, wondering who else was touching me.

Several cushions were arranged behind me so that I could relax comfortably with my hands behind my back, and I settled in with a sigh. Another couple arrived and took the spotlight off us, showing off their costumes. Nobody choked on a drink for them, I don't think.

I felt his arm drape across my shoulders, warm and reassuring.

"Are you doing all right?"

"I'm fine. I'll be all right," I said, enjoying the warmth of the wine.

"Oh, yes - you're fine, all right," he chuckled, stroking a fingertip across a nipple. I tensed, but the hum of conversation around us flowed on uninterrupted. I crossed my ankles.

"More wine?"

"Yes, please."

After another glass, I told myself to stop worrying so much about the people around me. There were probably fifteen or twenty people at the party, and no one tried to engage me in conversation. I felt a little self-conscious at times, but the hood helped - at least I didn't have to look anyone in the eye as I sat there naked on the couch. I began to wonder if my lover had not gone a little "over the top" with my costume - perhaps the whole room was shunning the both of us for our display of bad manners, or some such.

"Don't overthink this," he whispered in my ear. He was reading the set of my mouth and my body language perfectly, as usual.

"No one is upset, horrified, or aghast. More than a few are openly admiring your courage, in fact - mostly wishing they could get up the nerve to do something like this themselves."

I rolled my shoulders and made an effort to relax. I started to speak, but he kissed me.

He put a lot of thought and effort into that kiss, and I felt the last little pangs of concern shatter in the back of my mind as I returned the kiss with interest. He caressed me, and I leaned into him, losing myself. After a long, long moment, we came up for air.

"Keep that up, and I'll need another towel soon," I whispered.

Another kiss - I felt his hand glide across my belly, my hip.

Someone sat beside me on the couch, and it took me a full five seconds to come out of my haze and begin to think about who it might be.

"Some sweets for the lady?" A male voice, very deep. My lover chuckled, and I suddenly smelled strawberries.

I blushed, licked my lips, blushed again, and opened my mouth tentatively.

Nothing happened.

I cursed myself for being self-conscious, opened wide, and tipped my head back.

"Exquisite," rumbled my benefactor, and I heard a murmur from the people closest to us. I felt the strawberry brush my lips, and I bit down slowly, not wanting to bite any fingers.

The strawberry was fantastic - especially followed by another sip of wine. I got used to the idea, and Deep Voice fed me a succession of strawberries, pineapple chunks, and cherries. He began to tease me, brushing my lips with bits of fruit and pulling them away before letting me have them.

When I tried to sit up straighter, my lover slid halfway behind me and wrapped an arm around my waist. Hooking his elbow around one breast, he gripped the other and started kneading me. When a cherry brushed my lips and I craned my neck to capture it, he slid his other hand up my inner thigh.

A few thoughts of concern or embarrassment bounced around in my mind, but the experience was just so sensual that my doubts drowned in my racing blood.

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