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The game reaches its 'climax'.

She snapped a clip from the bar to the handcuffs, binding him in the kneeling position.

Robyn flicked the end of the riding crop across his nipple, making him cry out again.

"Shut the fuck up, you baby, I'm going to gag you. I don't want to listen to your sniveling."

She reached between his legs and squeezed his balls. As he opened his mouth to scream again, she stuffed the gag into his mouth, tightening the strap behind his head. The rubber gag was shaped like the head of a penis, two inches long, an inch and a half in diameter. She grabbed the end of the gag, wiggling it.

"Suck on that for awhile."

Snapping his nipple again with the crop, she watched his cock twitch.

"You like this you fucking pervert? We will see if you still like it soon."

She took a leather strap from her bag, wrapping it round the base of his cock behind his balls. Two other straps wrapped around each his balls, his balls were separated and held tight. The strap captured the blood in his penis making him swell to twice his normal size, and made him twice as sensitive. She slapped his testicle with the crop. Thomas tried to scream but all the came out around the gag was a groan. She hit the head of his over-sensitive penis with the crop, making it twitch, growing larger, redder, and yet more sensitive. She cruelly stroked the head of his cock with the crop, the light touch causing copious amounts of precum to ooze from the tip.

Robyn put down the crop, reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of clover clamps. She rubbed Thomas's nipple softly, knowing he had very sensitive nipples. She closed the clamp on the tip of his nipple, bringing a tear to his eyes. She smirked at him.

"Does that hurt sweetheart? Good, it's supposed to!"

She snapped the second clamp to the tip of his other nipple, laughing. She tugged the chain that connected the clamps to each other. She pulled a small rubber device, with an undulating shape, from her bag of tricks.

"Do you know what this is? It a prostate massager. Yes, I'm going to shove this up your ass."

Robyn applied a generous amount of lube to the butt plug, and worked it into his ass. He screamed into the gag again, as it slid home. He wriggled, trying to get the pain to go away, soon it was only a warm sensation in his butt. She reached down and started the vibrator, turning the speed on high. The vibrations ripped through Thomas's prostate, sending another generous amount of precum oozing from his dick. She slid the ooze over the head of his cock causing him to draw in a sharp breath.

The doorbell rang. "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back," smirked Robyn.

He heard Robyn talking to someone, the voices growing louder as they approached the bedroom. He panicked, he couldn't have anyone see him like this. Robyn entered the room with her guest in tow.

"Thomas, this is Robert, our next door neighbor. Robert, this is Thomas, my cheating husband. Thomas has a thing for our eighteen year old babysitter. He is being punished for his indiscretion. Thomas, Robert is here to fuck me while you watch."

Thomas moaned into the gag, his cock pulsed, the vibrations now sending sensations to the the end of his cock.

"Let's get you undressed," she said to Robert. "I want to see your chiseled abs."

Robert was the picture of manliness, six foot two, two hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle. He had a tight ass and an eight inch cock, which Robyn had in her hand stroking it to maximum hardness. She knelt down taking his cock in her mouth, sucking him hungrily, working the cock deep into her throat. She pumped his cock till he was moaning, working his fingers through her hair.

"Let's get on the bed, I want you to fuck me now."

She had Robert lie on his back, then she mounted him so she could look Thomas right in the eye while she fucked him.

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