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Day 3 of the Big Weekend: Sunday.

She ran her mouth back and forth slowly a couple of times over his hardening flesh making him groan and clutch her hair.

She felt his arms reach under her armpits and let herself be lifted back onto her feet. When she stood in front of him the two smashed their lips together in a hard kiss. She felt him clutch her shoulders as he turned her around and pushed her to lean forward, her hands grasping the window sill. She looked out at the quiet street, one woman walking on the sidewalk off in the distance. She tried to see who the woman was but the glass fogged from the hard breaths escaping from her mouth that was close to the glass.

Her mouth opened wider as she yelled, "Oh fuck" as Matt sank his cock into her depths.

"Oh God, you feel so good," she panted as her head dropped, and she clutched the sill hard, pushing herself back into Matt's thrusts.

Cindy raised her head to see the smiling face of the woman as she paused to stare at the sight of Cindy's glazed eyes and wobbling breasts through the window from the thrusting motions of Matt.

"Oh Fuck," groaned Cindy as she pressed harder back and dropped her head again.

The two slammed into each other as Cindy's knuckles turned white on the sill, and Matt's held tightly onto the thrusting hips of Cindy.

Cindy's panting grew faster as she felt the pulsing feeling grow in her stomach, and her legs started to tremble as the orgasm hit her. As she was shaking uncontrollably, Matt's hands clutched tighter as he stopped and, with a groan, erupted into the latex sheaf deep inside Cindy. As the two came to a stop Cindy sank to her knees against the wall. She looked out the window to find the street in front of the house was empty, and the woman walking away farther down the street.

Cindy turned to look at her panting boyfriend. She reached out and pulled the condom from his cock and leaned forward to bathe his sticky flesh with her mouth.

Matt groaned and stroked his fingers through Cindy's raven hair as she cleaned him.

Cindy rose up to hug Matt tightly, "Oh, you can fuck me in front of the world any time you want to my love," she told him before kissing him deeply.

Later Cindy sat at the kitchen table after a delicious breakfast cooked by both of them and watched as Matt rinsed the dishes in the sink. Matt wasn't nude in the house often, so Cindy enjoyed the rare view of Matt's well shaped backside.

She purred in delight as Matt leaned over the counter to put away a plate causing his ass to flex.

Cindy couldn't help herself; she quietly got up from the table and kneeled behind Matthew. She pushed her face into the cleft and bathed the flesh with her tongue as her right hand reached between the startled man's legs to grasp his jerking soft cock. The flesh grew quickly as she stroked harder.

Matt's arms spread out on the counter as he held tightly to the curved lip. His legs spread wider as he shifted his feet apart more.

Cindy purred into the flesh of his ass as she settled deeper into the space between his legs, her mouth pressing deeply into his skin, her tongue darting.

Matt gasped at the strange feeling of her tongue pushing into his ass. He dropped his head to watch the blur of her hand as it stroked.

Matt felt a tingling build in his groin right before his cock jerked in Cindy's hand as he erupted onto the kitchen counter and sink.

As Matt stilled, Cindy sat back on her haunches and smiled as she looked at Matt's shiny, wet ass.

She looked up at Matt's face as he turned and grinned down at the sight of her sitting on the floor nude with her legs spread.

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