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The story of a young lady's love of exhibitionism.

Slowly, your lips move down my jaw to my neck to that spot ...right... *there*, that makes me moan and squirm, guaranteed. I move against you, eager for more, more of your touch, your lips, your love, just MORE. You move to lay atop me, cradling your hardness in the welcoming valley of my thighs. I moan softly, grinding my hips against yours, and a thrill runs through my blood as I hear your low growl in response. I wrap my arms around your neck and caress your skin, running my fingers through your hair. You kiss and nibble your way down my collarbone, working your way to my breasts ..oh so slowly.. Finally you reach them, first flicking your tongue over one nub and then the other, as I gasp and clutch you closer. Your tongue circles my nipple, closer and closer, until finally you make contact with the tip, growing pebble hard as you suck and nibble and pull on it. I writhe beneath you as you move back and forth and back again between my aching breasts.

One hand slowly trails down my skin, reaching down between us to cup my mound... rubbing gently... a whole new set of sensations rushes over me as I grind against you, and your thumb slips in between my lips to circle my clit... around and around, making me wild with want. You slip a finger inside me, then two as your thumb tortures my clit... my hips seem to move of their own will... urging you on, my moans soft and gasping... my nails in your back, urging urging....You need none, you are in control, and you continue to let the waves of pleasure build slowly... wonderfully.. A third finger slips inside me and you pump them as your thumb rubs and flicks my hard clit.. I throw my head back as your touch works its magic on my body, pumping your fingers in and out of my body. Wave after wave of pleasure takes me higher and higher, small mewls and purrs of pleasure escaping my gasping mouth. You raise your head from my breasts to watch my face as you whisper just one word.... "now..." and the tension releases.... the orgasm rocks my body as I shudder with the pure joy of release... Your fingers slowly massage as I come back to earth, my body languid and relaxed, but no where near sated. You pull your fingers from me, and present them to me. I dart my tongue out eagerly and lick and suck my juice from your lean strong fingers... Your eyes darken further and I shiver in anticipation of what is to come.. you move slowly off me, your hard cock grazing my thighs.... and you kneel on the bed, gazing down at me... tousled from sleep and passion... lips swollen from your kisses, breasts heavy and heaving as I regain my breath, thighs wide, revealing the drenched lips of my shaven pussy. You smile as your eyes darken with lust and desire....

"On your hands & knees, little one." I recognize that tone... and a shiver of pure lust and love traces down my body as roll over languorously, and draw my knees up, spreading them slightly, raising my ass up in the air. I wait eagerly.... still unsure which venue this will take. A stinging slap and I hiss in a breath as your palm meets my ass cheeks with force. And again... and again... I whimper briefly, but make no other sound... Knowing I have done nothing wrong..this is no punishment.. this is simply for the pure pleasure of it... Your pleasure in doing it... my pleasure in receiving it... The warm glow from the brief spanking suffuses my body and I squirm as my I feel myself getting wetter.... As if reading my mind, you slips a finger inside me... chuckling....

"Your a naughty girl, little one..." One more stinging slap to my ass. I nod mutely... purring slightly as you stroke me slowly... You move closer to me.. and I can feel the throbbing as you brush your hard cock against the flushed cheeks of my ass. I shiver, unconsciously moving my hips back in eager anticipation. You pull your hand from me, smacking my ass, light and playful this time....

"Oh you want it, hmm little one?? You want it bad.

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