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At that moment, she wished his cock were deeply planted in her hot pussy. But, she knew she had to control herself. She had made a vow to herself that today was her one and only stray from fidelity to Matt.

"Jason just came in honey," Julie whispered to Matt.

"Shit, I guess we have to stop this, don't we?" Matt responded with a smile at his beautiful wife. She smiled back and kissed Matt long and hard as she kept stroking him.

"Not until he comes our way," she said. And she continued to stroke.

Sitting back in the spa, Julie rested her head as Matt massaged her sweet spot. She imagined that it was Jason doing it, and she came immediately with moans of pleasure.

At this point, Jason walked naked toward the spa with a broad smile on his face. He startled Julie as she was cumming, and Jason said, "Sorry guys, I didn't realize I was interrupting. He started to turn but Matt called him back right away. Julie was mortified that Jason had probably just seen Matt make her cum.

Matt was starting to slur a few words, and Julie was sure Jason had to have noticed. She tried to compose herself and look as though nothing had just happened. "Hop in Jay. I was hoping to see you so I could thank you for taking care of Julie today. You saved me, dude."

"My pleasure Matt. I was hoping to get out onto the lake, and having Julie along made it perfect. But seriously Matt, you've got to get her to get another bikini....she is almost not legal in what she had on today." Jason said as he looked with a big smile at Julie who had to smile in return. Jason was standing naked by the side of the spa as he said this and Julie's eyes washed up and down his perfectly smooth and muscled body, looking for a long time at his huge black cock. This was not lost on Jason and he stayed there longer to tease her.

"Margarita?" Matt asked as he held up his container and an extra plastic cup to Jason.

"Sure, why not?" Jason got into the spa slowly and Julie could see that his black monster was starting to swell a bit. She couldn't believe how horny she was becoming for him again, even with her husband right next to her, and even with the vow she had made to herself earlier that night.

Jason told Matt about the lake and how he had come to know it while growing up. Matt poured another Margarita for himself and was clearly on the fade. Jason could see this and started doing small talk with Julie, when it was clear that Matt was on his way out. Julie was afraid that she wouldn't be able to get him back to the room so she nudged him and said: "Matt we should get going before you spend the night in the spa." He sprang to life for a moment and answered: "Jules, I'm fine, we'll go in a few." Then he rested his head against the back of the spa and pretty much passed out.

"Matt! Matt!" Jason said loudly, but got no response from the sleeping white hunk as he sat naked next to his beautiful wife in the spa. "Julie, I think we better get him outta here, don't you?"

"Yeah, I think so. He's tired and drunk. He wanted to thank you for today." She said with a smile at Jason.

"Yeah. If he only knew!" Jason smiled back. "Look, let me get decent, you do the same, and we can get his suit on and get him back to your room..........unless you have something else in mind." He said we a wide grin.

Julie looked Jason in the eyes and wanted more than anything to suck him off right then and there, but she held onto her last thread of self control and said: "I do, but I can't. I really wish I could."

"Cool Julie, I understand. Let's do him then before he turns to a prune."

Jason stood up in the spa with his thick black cock now mostly hard.

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