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It was a game Karen and I had started; an account for each film we'd been in. Of course the account for 'Dirty Work' was the biggest, because both of us paid into that one. It was also the only one I never touched, figuring that was 'our' money not mine. So now I just enjoyed myself doing a job I learned to love again. Basically it was so simple; just empty all the bins that were scheduled for collection for that day. I didn't have to know why, I wasn't told how, I just did it. I went back to my Blog, the Blog that had caught Karen's attention, and just wrote what I felt. It was very cathartic, although I couldn't bring myself to write down why Karen and I had split. I left all the propaganda to her slime ball manager. It was obvious that I was going to be the bad guy, and she was the one hard done by. I was painted as some sort of gold digger, only out for her money, when in truth I left our house with less than I had arrived with. I was surprised that she had never filed for divorce, or if she had, I had never been informed. It was surprising because whenever she appeared in public there was another gorgeous hunk hanging on her arm, most of them with the vapid expression of a goldfish, and probably the brains as well. I learned to stay away from those pictures, just as I learned to live without Karen again. My new workmates soon tired of teasing me about my short-lived former life and learnt not to say anything bad about Karen too. 'She is still my wife' I would explain, bouncing their heads off the nearest hard surface.

I suppose I was disappointed that she hadn't come looking for me. It was almost as if I wasn't worth divorcing, I could just as easily be ignored. I was saddened by her attitude though. I knew she was more grown up than her years suggested in many ways, but she was still a child in others, especially when it came to relationships. I had seen that she could be easily led and had tried hard not to impose my views onto her. Apparently her manager had had different ideas.


She had finally got her big hit film for a part she took after a very public row with him. He hadn't wanted her to take it, but something, possibly something I'd said, made her want to do it, so she had. She had then fired him too. That was something I found very satisfying, I just wished I could have been there to see it. There had been a court case too, he had sued for defamation and loss of earnings, and she had counter sued for embezzlement. The case had only recently ended with Karen winning. To begin with I had kept tabs on it, but it had become drowned in legalese and even the tabloids found it hard to pick out any scandal.

Deep down though I knew everything was my fault. I could have saved our relationship right up to the moment that I punched her manager and I knew it. Even back then I had known it, for an instant I had wavered and then I had seen in his eyes that he wanted me to hit him. I knew he had set me up. He wanted me out of Karen's life, and sooner or later he was going to get his way, so landing the blow meant I was going on my terms at least. All this had flashed through my mind in milliseconds and I had thrown the punch anyway. He had gone down very satisfactorily.


I still had friends in the movies though.

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