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Becky puts her devious plan into effect.

" Harry immediately turned to address his staff, leaving James unable to respond. He ordered the three ladies to stop what they were doing and get the furs. As James had instructed they took them to the front entrance. Harry was about to follow them, but then paused and looked directly at Helen. In full view of James, he looked her up and down with his eyes and then moved on"

"Now wait a min.." Helen had grabbed James's arm and looked him directly in his eyes. Shook her head, then smiled. Not the broad smile she gave out to everyone else, but a quiet small smile, which said 'I love you and it doesn't matter'.

The furs got burnt the press had a field day and James and Helen were heroes for a day. They went home.

*** **** ***

The next evening, Saturday as it happens, Helen and James were driving to a city centre bar. It was a hang out for bikers, students and nurses until about 8pm and then started to fill with night club goers looking for a pre bop drink. It was the former group who made up Helen and James's Fur action group so it was the ideal venue for a victory party.

Helen was in a bit of a mood. The credit card, the telephone and the gas bill had all arrived that day and James had hit the roof. He claimed that their money had all gone and they were going to have to cancel their short trip to the mountains, which had been scheduled for the last week of the summer break.

Helen was not too impressed with this. As far as she was concerned she had spent the whole break so far sitting outside a store in a sleazy part of town, just so he could be a big man for his friends. She told him how she felt and he tried to comfort her and love her, but the argument had left them both cold and they couldn't shake it off.

Helen also had a problem with the stuff she didn't tell James. She loved him very much, but it annoyed her that he was a well paid research scientist when she met him, but he gave it all up and became a poor teacher, because it gave him more time to be political. A social conscious was important, though so was a holiday, and a good credit rating.

They arrived at the bar at about 8pm. Their fight had delayed them, but neither one would have missed this party. It was their moment of triumph. They started to mingle at once and it wasn't long before James had his usually gang of fawning fans round him, listening to his every word.

Helen drifted off to a quiet part of the bar and tried to pretend she was young free and single. She had dressed with that thought in mind, her argument with James spurring her on. She wore her skin tight black cotton trousers and white low cut top that showed off her ample cleavage. She felt a little cheap or a bit like a buxom bar maid and this excited her a little.

She went to the bar and was about to order a drink when the barman signalled to her. He had a Champaign cocktail bought for her by the man sitting on the bar stool behind her. She picked up the drink with every intention of throwing it over the man, but once she turned and saw him, she just couldn't. The only thing left to do was stand their smile and take a blooding good swig. The man was remarkably good looking. He was about 40, lean, tall and broad. His face had character with scars and wrinkles, that looked good on him. He had black Italian hair and a dark exotic complexion. His appearance was good, but what caught Helen's eye, was the immaculate attention to detail of his appearance. His suit & shoes were expensive and of the finest taste his watch gleamed with diamonds.

She had accepted his drink so he felt comfortable enough to wonder over and speak directly too her.

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