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Cassandra pegs Achilles for revenge in Tartarus.

It was just a few yards into the woods when I sprawled, pushed maybe, in the dirt, kicking out. But lots of panting hands were jerking down my shorts and shirt, pulling and tearing, stripping me open like a Christmas present. I flipped over, flipped back, trying to protect myself. Nothing worked. I just lost every shred. I was a naked white girl squirming in the dust.

Sometimes, you get one of those surges of energy, or terror, and I gained my feet, punching and kicking, broke away, headed for the road. Funny, in a way, because I was stark naked, but the road represented safety, sanity. And I nearly made it, clambering up the slight embankment, so my hands scrabbled at the pavement-and then, they all piled on me, flattening me, so my bare breasts, my belly, rasped on the tarmac's rough edge.

As though from nowhere, or heaven, I heard: "Hey, yo...What the hell are you doing?"

My head shot up. Another black guy. Really tall, long legs sweating with his run, chest and shoulders massive under a brown T-shirt that said "Have A Great Day, Love," and, at that moment, a face that seemed heartbreakingly beautiful.

And then, "Hey, back off, brother. What's going down, here?" And he was reaching down for me and I was weeping. This was a full-blown nightmare and I was stark naked, covered with dirt, my face streaked with tears and probably snot, my tits scratched...

With fearful speed, two of my attackers were on the road, and I heard one yell, "Fuck off, none of your fucking business..." And they were in front of me, blocking my view of my savior.

An abrupt, sickening "thud" and a body was flying over my head into the woods. Next, a scream, flailing of legs, a protest, and a body flew totally over my head. I heard it land sounding way behind me.

He was looking down and in his face was all the kindness and compassion in my world. His hands reached down to lift me and for the first time I thought I might not die.

"We gonna GET you bro," I heard, and behind me was motion. My savior slowly straightened up. And two of my attackers, carrying two others who seemed senseless, were struggling out of the woods onto the road and hurrying away.

And the deep voice boomed back, "Well, come get me, then. But I'm not a girl, so you may have a problem... There are just four of you..."

He was helping me onto the road, hands so gentle--but I was pulling against his grip, like a willful child. "What is it?" he asked, sounding baffled.

"My clothes," I muttered.

"Oh, yes, ma'am."

Back there, where they had stripped me. But I did not try to dress. I knelt there, naked, hugging myself, and looked up at him. He was waiting, watching, a slight frown on his face.

I took a few steps on my bare knees across the grass, till I reached his legs. I put my arms around his knees, I pressed my breasts against him, I lifted my face up-and I kept crying.

His big, dry hand came down and so gently ruffled my hair, drawing his fingers through it. He murmured, "No one, ever, anywhere, should have to go through this."

And then, he said, "You don't have to do this, not at all."

Because my lips were on his legs, brushing the skin and the hair, lost in his odor, my eyes shut tight.

"No," I said, perhaps too softly to hear, "I don't have to...I know...

"You're upset..."

I gave a bark of lunatic laughter staring up into his face. "Oh, I am? Upset" And I went off into a giggling fit. His deep laughter was a balm to me.

And then he said, so easily. "I think you're recovering awfully fast."

Tears ran from my eyes. I know I wasn't myself-or was myself in a way I never had known, or was experiencing PTSD. But I said, "I am nothing but a woman and have no way to repay you but a woman's way...If you want..."

He was shaking his head, frowning down at me.

"Please, let me."

And without waiting, I reached up, my hands so childish on his giant's body, and took the edges of his shorts.

"Oh, no," he said. "Anyone..."

Again, there were tears in my eyes.

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