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Trudy turns to father-in-law for a wild time.

They left giggling, so relieved that at last they had someone to look after them.

Both girls sighed their relief once they'd removed their clothes in Charlotte's room. It was so much nicer to be naked like they always were inside. Charlotte's laptop chimed. She clapped her hands together to see a notification from their favourite website and logged on.

"Oh this site is so cool" sighed Charlotte.

"Yeah, its so cool...and so pink."

"Yeah its so pink...and so cool."

They squeezed together on the one stool and stared open mouthed at the screen. It had been a long and stressful day however and they soon found their eyelids drooping. After a few minutes both were deeply asleep, their arms round each other and their heads resting together.

Some hours later Rosie was wakened by the ringing of her phone.

"Hi, its Professor Dessad. I'm sorry its so late but I've managed to get a group together and we've made some progress. Can you come round to meet us?"

Rosie wasn't really paying attention. She was more interested in watching the rise and fall of her tits as she breathed. "Sure, prof, we'll be right round." She put down the phone and turned to her friend. "Charlie, we have to go... oh your boobs are really really lovely!"

Her friend's transformations had continued during their sleep. Her hair was more golden, her lips (both head and cunt) plump and luscious, her bum asking to be fondled, but mainly it was her boobs which commanded attention. What had been melons were now beachballs, big, no BIG beachballs. Despite their impossible size, they stood out proud and firm, topped by those delicious tits that said fondle me, suck me, worship me!

"I do don't I? But you look really really pretty too."

Rosie looked in the mirror, squealed and clapped her hands in joy. Her body was changing in the same way as had Charlie's. She looked really really pretty!

The girls pulled on their shirts, but had to stop half way. They stared at each other, puzzled. Neither one fitted. They were far too small.

"This is weird, they fitted earlier." Charlie pulled hard at her vest and with a loud rip the seam gave way. She stared at her friend, tears brimming in her eyes. "What will we do Rosie. If we can't go out we'll starve to death."

"I'll phone the professor. He'll know what to do." Rosie picked up her phone. "Prof, you'll have to come round here. We haven't got a thing to wear."

His voice sounded cross. "Really Rosie. Now's not the time to worry about your wardrobe. Nobody will notice whatever it is you're wearing."

She fought down her panic. She didn't want to make him cross. "No, no. Its just that our clothes don't fit. They must have shrunk. We're stuck here."

"Oh, right. Its pretty late. I'll see what I can find to make you decent and I'll come round."

Charlie had forgotten her panic and found a tape measure. They spent the next few minutes comparing the size of each other's boobs. It was really hard. The numbers were really big and they didn't have enough fingers to work out the difference. They were still trying to count up when there was a knock on the door and Professor Dessad walked in. His transformations too had continued. He stood tall and broad shouldered, his hair slightly too long and with dark shadow covering a firm jaw. His piercing blue eyes commanded attention and it showed that he was used to getting it. The girls jumped up unconcerned at their nakedness as he produced two identical dresses. They were bright pink. The backs plunged so low that they revealed a good inch of bum cleavage, the halter necks swept into a narrow material that just about covered their areolae and then continued down to a tight waistline which flared into a pleated skirt ending scarcely two inches below their pussies. They could hardly be less dressed if they were naked.

The girls squealed their approval.

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