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Following the love lives of two lovers, later four.


"What would they be?"

"Oh, various types of photography. Across the whole range, really. I could show you some examples, but first may I ask you a few questions?"

"Of course."

Frances reached for a file from the desk. took out a sheet of paper and attached it to a clip board. "We have the basic details - name, address, telephone and so on. No need to go through those again." She looked up with a warm smile. "How old are you, Penny?"

"Thirty-nine." No point in dissembling.


"Thirty-eight, twenty-eight, thirty-eight." More or less, she thought. It was a while since she'd checked.

"Thirty-eight D - would I be right?"

Penny nodded. Frances made a note.

"You are married?"



"Just one."

"Scars? Stretch marks?"

These were hardly the questions Penny had anticipated but there was no backing out now. "No. None. I keep in shape."

"Yes, I can see. How would your husband feel about you agreeing to model for us?

That would depend, Penny thought. She could foresee a situation that would meet with his wholehearted approval but nothing remotely close had been suggested yet. "Is there a reason why he shouldn't agree?"

"It depends on the person. We have had difficulties. Jealousy mostly."

"I would have to discuss it with Mark. And I would need to know what was involved." Where were these questions leading was what Penny really wanted to know.

"Of course." Frances made another note then looked into Penny's eyes. "Lingerie photos, for example. Not all husbands would be comfortable with their wives posing in lingerie."

"As I say, I would need to talk to Mark?"

"What are your own tastes in lingerie?"

When Penny hesitated, reminding herself that the black knickers and bra she wore were among her more expensive purchases from the heady days of Carla's boutique, Frances said, "Please don't be embarrassed. These are standard questions we ask all our potential models. If there are any you prefer not to answer, please say so."

Penny remained silent. Although she felt the questions were becoming unnecessarily intimate she was curious to know where the interview was heading. Wasn't this reminiscent of how things had started with Carla?

After a pause which she seemed to take as approval to continue, Frances prompted her again on the subject of lingerie.

"I suppose you could say I like a range, everyday wear and - well, certain things for special occasions."

"Would you have a problem with being in front of the camera in lingerie?"

"It would depend, I suppose. If that was what was required or ..."

"How about posing nude? Would you do that?"

Penny decided enough was enough. She simply couldn't fathom Frances Stertori and she was beginning to suspect that she could end up being exploited for basic commercial reasons. Not what she had in mind at all. "I would need to know a lot more," she said. But thinking that she had sounded prudish, she added, "It's not that I have a closed mind. It's just - "

"Please don't apologise. We are all inclined to be wary about anything unfamiliar, aren't we? The thing is, we get a number of requests for people of your - style. Attractive, normal women. Not what I call manufactured models. And I believe you would fit the demand perfectly."

Was it sincere? Or mere flattery? If she wasn't to find here what she'd been secretly hoping for, she might as well settle the matter once and for all, get the woman to put cards on the table. But she was pre-empted. Before she could respond, Frances went on, "I think you have reservations and that's no basis for us to proceed. So I'll tell you what we'll do." She picked up the phone from the desk. "Alex will let you have one of our sample DVD's. It will show you the kind of work we do, and then you can make up your mind. Have a look at it and then we'll chat again."

On the way out Penny collected the DVD.

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