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Kathy meets some new friends.

It was harder than intended - could she keep up with this for another 19 hits? I decided to hold back a bit, at least for the next fifteen spanks; I could always go full for the last four.

Whack! "Two! Thank you Sir!" Whack! "Three!" ...

After ten hits, her ass showed a warm red color; I stroked my hand over it, evoking a shiver. I was worried it would be too much. I knew we had discussed code-words, but what if she wanted to prove herself worthy, and didn't use them when necessary... I told her so: "I think this will do! Stand up!"

However, Anita wasn't willing to go yet. "No, please Sir; I won't feel comfortable with you, I will keep a guilty feeling, unless you give me that what I deserve!"

Another thing that worried me - very much - was her history of self-mutilation. She had used pain, damaged her body before, to ... Well, I didn't even know why she had done that, but could it be that she would never stop me - allow me to cause harm on her body too?

I was very much in doubt. Should I do what I'd promised? In a way, it was giving in to Anita again, but on the other hand, what about my credibility... I remembered some pictures on the Internet, of people that had been spanked black and blue, and the red color of Anita didn't even come close to that. Hence, I deemed it save to continue.

"Anita!" I called for her attention, "do you promise me to stop me - to use the safety code - before it is too late? I don't want to damage you in any way. If that happens, I will never ever do this again. Will you stop me?"
"Yes Sir, I promise!" Anita sounded very resolute. "I think I know what you're thinking of, and I would never involve anyone else in harming myself. And then, I'm done with that anyway - that won't happen again. This is something completely different; the feeling is not the same..."

I was reassured. She hadn't even finished speaking when I brought the slipper down again. Anita yelped in surprise... "Eleven! Thank you so much, Sir!"

At sixteen, I stopped once more. Her ass showed a slightly darker red color, but still no other marks. I scratched my nails over the skin, making Anita shiver again. She was panting, and her moist pussy gave away her arousal. "How do you feel?!"

"I'm feeling good Sir! Thank you! Could you please complete the punishment?"

"Can I use more force for the last four hits?" I informed, and Anita didn't object, so I now used the same amount of strength that I'd used for the first slap. Anita continued counting and thanking me, and nothing indicated she even noticed that I hit harder now ...

After twenty smacks, Anita remained lying on my lap - her legs shaking, her breath panting. "Are you ok?"

"Yes, Sir, I'm fine!"

"Then you can stand up now. We're done!"

Anita waited; seemed to hesitate - I could guess why, but after all it was punishment, so I told her once again to get up. "You may clear the broken glass now, and then I think it is time to start cooking!"

I took my laptop to the garden to check once more my e-mails and I answered the most urgent ones. Then I continued my search on Borderline; I thought a combination with BDSM might be useful, and once more I was surprised by the number of results it produced. Some were outright negative; even aggressive - bad experiences. Others, most of them, were insistent to be extremely careful - their message was that it was playing with matches nearby fireworks; always be alert to what is happening, never lose control, never walk away and aftercare is crucial; never leave until all sparks are safely covered. All in all, I did become more and more comforted that it was not necessarily a bad idea to play this game. But then I realized that I should do more than just reading...

"Are you ok, Anita?!"

"No, I'm not!"

I almost dropped the laptop on the ground - "What's wrong?!!"

"You started something, but I feel like unfinished business here!..."


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