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Oh man, did I ever love the feel of that big cock of his in my hands. It was so different from my own.

"Okay, Joey, I've got some work to do now. You better go. You've been here more than an hour already anyways." We both looked at the clock and saw that I'd been there about twenty minutes extra already.
"That's okay, Mr. Jarvis. I don't mind staying. Is there anything else you'd like me to do?" I asked eagerly. I loved just being near him and was in no hurry to leave.

"No, not right now, Joey," he said as he looked at me with a warm smile on his face. "I will need you again after lunch though. I think I'll be ready with your next dose of medicine by then."

"Yes sir! I'll be here at one o'clock sharp!" I said enthusiastically. He motioned towards the door and I quietly let myself out and closed the door behind me. We two doses of his medicine warming my stomach, I breezed through the rest of the morning as if I had wings. I constantly ran my tongue all around the inside of my mouth as the musky flavor of Mr. Jarvis's manly seed still lingered there. I was so happy that he was so willing to help me.

I wolfed down my lunch and then took my place on the bench outside his office. I was so anxious, I could barely sit still. At precisely one o'clock, he ushered me into his office and closed the door behind me.

"Take your position, Joey," he said as I saw him start to undo his belt. I instantly dropped to my knees before his desk and looked up at him in anticipation. He fed me another big dose of medicine in the same fashion that we had worked out earlier, my lips clamped down just past his big protruding ridge while his Vaseline-coated hand stroked off his load of medicine right into my mouth. After I'd cleaned off his hand and cock, he gave me some simple filing to do to make up my required hour of work. I kept hoping he would choose to feed me again, but after the hour, he dismissed me.

The next day was Friday and with the weekend approaching, I wondered how I'd do. The reason was that as the senior councilor, Mr. Jarvis had weekends off. I think in the whole time I'd been at Monroe, I'd seen him come by maybe once on a Saturday to pick something up. After breakfast, I reported to his office as usual. He fed my regular dose of medicine straight away and I loved the feel and taste of that thick warm load as he filled my mouth. I did some more paperwork for him and then he told me to come back after lunch again. He gave me two doses in a row that time like he'd given me the previous morning. As I cleaned off his hand and cock after the second load, he just sat in his chair totally content and I was happy to see the soft blissful smile on his face. He eventually dismissed me and I hesitated at the door before opening it.

"I....I guess I won't see you until Monday then?" I said sadly as I looked back at him. He looked at me with a warm comforting smile on his face.

"I think you'll be fine over the weekend, son. You've had three doses of medicine both yesterday and today. All those vitamins inside you should be good for the next two days."

"Yes sir. If you say so," I said sadly and quietly left the room. I felt good with the two loads he'd just given me warming my stomach but I was also incredibly sad that I wouldn't see Mr. Jarvis until Monday. I spent the rest of the day and the evening by myself in my room wondering if he was thinking of me at all.

On Saturday morning, I quietly ate my breakfast with the other boys and then returned to my room. I'd been back about half an hour when there was a knock on my door. I called out and one of the weekend councilors poked his nose into my room.

"Joey, Mr. Jarvis is downstairs in his office. He said he's gotta do some work on a special report or something. He wants you to come and help him with something." Totally elated, I sprung out of my bed and almost flew down the stairs. As I dashed into his office, I saw him sitting behind his looking towards me.

"Close the door,

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