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A Turn of Events.

my wheelhouse and I'm going to love to tempt him, hook him and from what I heard about him, fuck him!"

Harm laughed; "If anyone can do this Sarah, its Lt. Singer. Just make sure of two things, first you get it all on audio and video so there isn't any he said, she said."

Loren looked at Harm; "And the second thing Sir?"

"Loren, don't fall for this guy. He's slick and we don't want this blown."

She laughed; "Oh I think he'll be blown, but I won't BLOW IT Sir!"

They all laughed and getting dressed Harm walked Loren out to her car, giving her a hug whispered; "Good night Loren and good luck tomorrow!"

"Good night Sir and thank you for your confidence in me." She gave him a peck on the cheek and drove away.

Loren arrived at the base gym around 4:30 AM and was working out when she sensed someone else was in the workout room. She continued on the treadmill, her long single braid bouncing back and forth across her tight ass. She was dressed in a pair of tight grey running shorts and a t-shirt under a tight sleeveless muscle shirt. Loren could feel a pair of eyes on her tight ass as she walked fast on the treadmill. Stopping the treadmill she looked behind her, standing there watching her tight ass wiggle on the treadmill was Ken Brown. She looked startled, even though she knew he was going to be there.

"Oh my god, you scared the shit out of me! I thought I locked the door behind me." She smiled to herself, knowing damn well she left it open, hoping he would come in to join her.

"Sorry Ma'am, I normally work out here every morning, but never this early. I saw the lights on and thought I would give it a try. I hope I didn't startle you and I hope I can work out along with you. It would be nice to work-out with some company for a change."


"Sorry Ma'am, Seaman Brown, Ken Brown." He reached out to shake her hand.

She looked at his large meaty hand and reached out with her tiny slim hand and smiled weakly; "Lt. Singer, Loren Singer. Nice to meet you Seaman Brown, and no I don't have a problem with you working out along with me. I believe it will be safer in case I strain myself or can't handle the weights."

He smiled inwardly know he now had his foot in the door. "Sorry Ma'am, I didn't know you were an officer."

"Don't worry about it Seaman, while we're along I'm just a female naval personnel working on keeping in shape and I hope you treat me as such and I will do the same for you, is that okay Ken? Please call me Loren, Ma'am is so formal."

"Yes Ma'am, I mean Loren."

They both laughed and she resumed her treadmill exercises. Paying him no attention, not wanting to flirt too much the first day.

As they exercised Ken kept on checking her out and she loved it. Her pert breasts bobbed up and down on her tiny upper body, her long braid danced back and for which caused Ken to stiffen.

Loren casually noticed this, but made no acknowledgement of this. She was nearing the end of her workout and sweat was evident between her breasts and her inch long nipples began to spring to attention.

Walking over to the weight bench she looked over at Ken; "Ken, would you mind spotting me?"

He moved over to her before she could change her mind.

As she looked up and back she was staring at the considerable bulge in his shorts. Once again she ignored this and he was staring to get frustrated. Usually by now the women were staring outwardly at his thick bulge, but Loren made no such move.

Scooting up to the bench, Ken lifted the bar and Loren grabbed it.

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