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Karen is gang-banged by three guys - or is she?

He knelt between my legs and began to lovingly masturbate me after lubing my cock liberally. The touch of his hand was incredible! Then, he used his other hand to gently massage my asshole. I had fingered it myself many times, but the feel of another man slipping first one, and then eventually two fingers into me blew me away. I twisted around reaching out for his big shaft, and sighed with pleasure when I wrapped my hand around it. It was a moment I had secretly craved for so long; to feel the pulse of another man through his love organ.

He was smiling down at me.

"You can cum if you want to." He said. "You'll be hard again before you know it."

I wasn't sure, but he nodded again "Cum for us, and then we'll do more." The pleasure in my cock and ass was incredible. I wanted it to last, but I wanted to cum for him, too. Cum won out.

Right at the moment that my jizz started to flow, he shoved his fingers in a bit deeper and bent down and wrapped his mouth around my cock as he kept pumping me. I gasped and moaned, my hand pumping his love shaft in rhythm with my own climax.

When he finally lifted his face to me, it got even better. My spunk was dribbling from his mouth, and the look of satisfaction on his face caused me to grab him and draw him up so that we could kiss. Tasting my own nectar on his lips and in his mouth was simply the height of eroticism of my young life.

We kissed for only a minute or so before I blurted out that I wanted him to fuck me.

He shook his head no. "You liked that, didn't you? You liked the taste of cum."

"Oh God, yes." It struck me then what he meant and then I was pulling him up so that I could slide my lips over his slick, shiny shaft. The moment my mouth felt the warmth of his flesh Infelt my own love stick respond to the flood of testosterone that was coursing through our veins.

My hands grasped his ass and I guided him to gently fuck my mouth, gradually taking him deeper and deeper. His climax was magnificent, flooding my mouth with jet after jet of hot cream as he cried out with pleasure. When he finally pulled away, a last dollop of cream pumped out of the tip and ran erotically down his shaft, stopped only by my hand where Ingripped him at his base. I looked up at him and smiled a very cummy smile before licking that last drop from my hand.

I was absolutely rock hard at that point, as hard as I'd ever been. At that moment, all I could think of was if him cumming inside my ass was going to feel as good as him erupting in my mouth had felt.

We kissed some more, passionately sharing the treat from his loins. My legs wrapped around him, squeezing him to me.

"Are we going to fuck now?" I asked teasingly. "I want you to teach me to fuck."

Our mouths met again, and his fingers found my eager hole once more. He was liberal with lube as his fingers went deeper this time. Several times he slipped in a third, which was both painful yet pleasurable at first. Soon, though, it was all pleasure.

Between kisses he whispered hoarsely "I'll get us both ready to cum. You'll cum quick when I enter you, but you'll like it better if I cum, too."

Finally I lifted my legs up over his shoulders and grasped his love shaft and pulled it to my raging fuck hole.

"Fuck me. Get it inside me!" I commanded.

He pressed himself to my hole just hard enough to open my sphincter and allow his thick, purple glans into me. I gasped. The pressure was intense, and a twinge of pain accompanied that first entry. He held there, letting my anus adjust to his size. Our eyes met and held.

"Just move to me when you want more."

I pulled on the back of his head and our tongues entangled as I used the hand that held his cock at my hole to draw him closer.

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