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Office geek runs into secretary, & sparks fly.

I wouldn't just do it with anyone. You just seem to have a certain... it isn't innocence... honesty, I guess. You didn't try to hit on me or anything back at the store. You were charming and sweet," she said.

"Well, I just assume a guy like me wouldn't have a chance with a girl like you so I don't bother with any of that. It's still nice to get the attention of a pretty girl, though, so I talked to you," I explained. She smiled then and I nearly melted. At that moment I was completely in her grasp and I would have consented to the most unimaginable of acts if she wanted me to.

"I'm sure when you say a 'guy like me' you're referring to your station in life, because, honey, you're a hottie," she said and I laughed. We paused a moment, looking at each other, then she took my face in her hands and leaned in to kiss me. Our lips met and we kissed deeply. Her tongue flicked my lips, then slipped past them into my mouth where mine came up to meet it. I eventually tore my mouth away from hers and began trailing kisses along the side of her neck, until I reached where it met her shoulder and sucked it gently. Her hands ran down my torso, finding the bottom of shirt and then pulled it up. She tossed it across the room then shot straight for my left nipple which she circled with her tongue, kissed, then gently nipped. She then darted over to the other nipple and covered with with her mouth, sucking hard.

"Tell me, what's your name," I gasped. She looked up at me, smiled and stood up. She slipped the silk robe off her shoulders.

"Mona," she said, then undid the clasp at the center of her bra. It fell to the floor, revealing her two small white mounds. The undersides curved upwards, her pink nipples standing rigid and pointing slightly upwards. I stood up and took my turn paying her nipples attention. I swirled my tongue around each one, then I began gently kissing the curving underside of her right breast, working my way up to the nipple as I caressed her left breast gently. Then as I nipped down on the hard, pink flesh, I pinched her other nipple. She squealed, then laughed delightedly.

"Come with me," she said and started dragging me towards a staircase in the next room.

"I plan to," I said. "All over those hot little titties of yours."

"Well, I hope you have a lot stored up because I want a taste of your sweet stuff," she said as we reached the top. The whole way up I watched her round ass move rhythmically with each step. She led me to the master bedroom which had an enormous picture window that overlooked the sparkling lake. Next to the bed was a silver ice pail with a bottle of champagne sticking out of it. She turned and dropped to her knees and began removing my pants.

"Do me a favour and open that champagne, will you," she asked. Then as my cock sprang free of my boxers she smiled. "Yummy," she whispered, then gave a long lick from the base of my cock right to its tip. She then began teasing the head with her tongue, dabbing the hole and sucking on it every few seconds before opening her mouth wide and taking half of my manhood into her mouth. Temporarily losing control of myself, I pressed too hard against the cork and it shot out of the bottle like a bullet. Mona jerked, then giggled. She let me slide out of her mouth slowly then took the bottle from my hand. She poured some of the golden liquid into her mouth, winked at me and, tipping her head back, took my now raging member into her face again.

The sensation was unreal as the bubbles popped against my flesh while at the same time, her soft cheeks smothered the sides and her tongue ran up and down the underside of the shaft.

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