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A friendship between two co-workers flares up during NYE.

"Great. Now, place it over the tip of Kent's penis, and roll it down." She did, and the rubber covered Kent's cock.

"Great. Now, do either of you want to leave that on?" Neither of them spoke up. "Alright, I'll take that as a no, so you can take it back off, Sofia." She pulled the condom off, and threw it away in a nearby trash can.

"Alright," said Ms Sharon. "Now on to the good stuff. There are many positions you can have sex in, and in a later class we'll be covering many more, but today we're only going to demo one: the reverse cowgirl. I picked it because it's great for showing the penetration to an audience, which will be a perfect way for me to explain what is going on. So, Kent, please lie down on the table, with your legs pointing towards your classmates."

Kent lied down, and his cock pointed straight up in the air.

"Perfect. Alright, now Sofia, you're going to get on top of the table, and straddle Kent, also facing your classmates. I'll help you get up there."

Ms Sharon pulled over an empty chair, and took Sofia's hand. Sofia stepped onto the the chair, then the table, using Ms Sharon's hand for balance. Sofia put her left foot over Kent, then lowered herself down to her knees, straddling Kent, with her pussy over his belly button.

"Great, Sofia," Ms Sharon said. "Now, I want you to move forward until your pussy is right next to his cock." She slid forward a few inches, until Kent's cock was resting against her pelvis. From this position, I got a clear view of how deep he would go inside her. It was a good 5 inches at least.

"Good," Ms Sharon continued, "Now we need to make sure you are both ready. For Kent, that means his cock should be hard. For you, Sofia, that means your pussy should be wet, and ready to take in Kent's cock. Let me check and make sure you two are ready."

Ms Sharon first grabbed Kent's cock. She stroked it a couple times, before smiling and saying, "That's great, Kent. You're cock is very hard." Then she slid her hand between Sofia's legs, and rubbed her pussy a little. "Sofia, your pussy is still a little dry. Kent, can you help me fix that? Just reach between her legs, and rub her pussy."

Ms Sharon left her hand there, and Kent reached around Sofia's body and added his. They both rubbed Sofia's pussy. I couldn't tell from where I was sitting, but after a little bit, it looked like Ms Sharon stuck a finger or two inside Sofia.

Finally, after a few minutes, Ms Sharon pulled her hand out, Kent followed her lead, and Ms Sharon said, "Alright. I think you're ready, Sofia. Whenever you're ready, you can start."

I watched as Sofia did as she was told. She lifted herself up a little bit, and grabbed Kent's cock, lining it up with her entrance. Then she let herself slide down onto him. She let out a small sigh as Kent's cock impaled her. Then, without being asked, she started hopping up and down, and I saw his cock slide in and out of her, as her tits bounced up and down.

"Great, Sofia," said Ms Sharon. "That's exactly right. Now Kent, in this position, you have a perfect angle to reach around and grab Sofia's tits. I'm sure she'd love it if you did that."

Sofia smiled at the suggestion, and leaned back a little. Kent did as he was told, and reached around her body. He grabbed a hold of Sofia's large breasts and they stopped bouncing. Sofia kept fucking Kent, as he squeezed her tits, with her nipples between his index and middle fingers.

The reverse cowgirl position was a great way for us to all see what was going on, but it also had a downside. After Sofia leaned back, a few thrusts later, and Kent's cock popped out of her. Ms Sharon saw it happen, and without saying anything, she stepped forward, grabbed Kent's cock, and aimed it back at Sofia's pussy, and they were immediately back at it again.

Ms Sharon watched Sofia and Kent fuck for a few more seconds before turning to the class.

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