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have a suggestion for you guys if you'd like to hear it?"

"All suggestions are welcomed especially if it will make running the plant and production better," Paul told her.

"Well, you need to move preparation back by receiving. All the supplies we use come from there. Plus, if you made a holding area for each line, preparation could stage the parts for that line according to what was being produced for that day. Then each supervisor could come to their staging area to get their parts for that days production. There would be no more trying to find the right cables or wire in amongst all the other cables made that day. That would save a tremendous amount time. Send down the next days wire and cable needs to receiving so that they can have all the parts needed at preparation the following day already staged and ready to go."

"Trisha that is a fantastic idea! Duke get busy measuring out how much room we will need to move the whole department back there. Get Jim down here to start working on electrical. Once we get it mapped out and all the electrical put in we will transfer the whole department over in a weekend."
For the next couple of months Trisha worked closely with both Paul and Duke in setting up her department. They had spent many nights sharing a late supper at a nearby restaurant when they had worked late. It was at one of these shared suppers that Trisha teased Duke about one of the employees infatuation with him.

"Come on Duke, what is wrong with Jane? She's a knockout, even has some brains to go with those pretty looks of hers," she teased.

"Just not my type dear, looks nor brains aren't everything you know," he teased back at her.

" Mercy! What is your type then? You guys have been here six months and I've not heard either one of you talking about a woman. Your not going to tell me that after two failed marriages for you Paul and none for you Duke that you two are gay!"

"Hell no we're not gay! We both love women, enjoy the hell out of them in fact!" Duke answered back with conviction in his voice.

"And what about you Miss Trisha, you never talk about a man in your life and your always putting that Jack guy in his place when he makes a pass at you at the bar, are you gay," Duke asked her?

"Nope, I like men, in fact, I too enjoy the hell out of them!"

All three of them were laughing uncontrollably at her answer.

"So what kind of man attracts you," Paul asked her?

"One who smiles with his eyes, loves dogs, likes to laugh, still likes to listen to good Rock-N-Roll, blues, and is honest," she replied.

"That's the generic traits one looks for in another person, what about sexually," Paul asked her?

"Well, if you can find the generic traits first then you go about looking for the more intimate traits your looking for in a partner. Just having some things in common doesn't make for a good relationship unless your both on the same page sexually," she told him. "Personally, I think that if couples were more open and honest with each other in the very beginning they would save themselves a lot of time and energy in the long run,"she added for good measure.

"What do you mean by that Trisha," Duke asked her?

"Ok, lets say that one of the partners thrives on sexual intimacy. He or she wants that to be a big part of their everyday lives while the other feels that once or twice a week is plenty. One of them is happy while the other is miserable because they require more from the relationship. Better yet, let's say one of them loves the BDSM lifestyle and the other doesn't. Do you think they would stand a chance in hell of making any kind of relationship work when neither of them want the same thing? How long do you think it would be before that relationship ended in divorce," she added?

"So your saying that they should talk openly about their needs and desires before entering into any kind of relationship, especially marriage is that right," Paul asked her?

"People just aren't that open Trisha and you know it as well as Paul and I do," Duke said.

"Well they should be, maybe there would be less divorces

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