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Boyfriend to best friend to cuckold bitch.

I licked up to the bare top of her breasts while my hands drifted to her bare lower back, just shy of her skirt.

"Oh fuck....yeah, keeping quiet's gonna be hard," Emma got out.

"We'll get to the hard part later," I joked before latching my mouth on her clothed right breast. In reply, Emma grinded herself onto my lap and nearly made me a bit too loud.

"Feels like something I wanna get to now," Emma praised. So she climbed off me and dropped to her knees, tracing a finger over my covered bulge before grabbing my zipper. Instead of unbuckling my pants, she merely pulled down my zipper, reached inside and pulled my cock and balls out.

I knew Emma would ask if this was diminished by her blonde hair at some point. Imagining her red head bobbing up and down on my cock, while I stroked the hair on the back of her head, had been a hot image in my brain.

Yet I quickly remembered that Emma's mouth played a part as well, once she took me completely inside it. She added her tongue to lick up my shaft as her mouth slid upwards, then used her hand to stroke the bottom of my erection. Finally she popped off me and smirked that sexy, knowing smirk of hers -- before rubbing my cockhead over that smirk.

As she rubbed her smiling lips over my tip, she looked up at me and I strained to keep still. Regardless of hair color, nothing could take away from the sight of Emma Stone's wide open, beautiful green eyes gazing up at me while she played with my cock. What's more, she was slowly working her lips on my tip and occasionally batting her tongue onto my slit. I merely breathed heavily, knowing I might scream and get us caught if I did anything else.

"Keep looking at me," I finally said, or probably pleaded.

"Oh, don't worry, I'm not missing this," Emma all but purred before sucking my head back in. She twirled her tongue around it while sucking her lips around the underside, as her eyes never left mine. When I couldn't take it anymore, I placed my hand on the back of her head and slid half of my cock into her mouth. She just wrapped her hand around the bottom of my shaft and sucked me off from there.

Maybe it was best that Emma wasn't a redhead for this -- because if I was stroking her red hair and sensing it near my genitals, I might have cum within minutes. As such, stroking her blonde hair was more manageable, even if it felt even softer than I pictured. Nevertheless, as Emma said, the loss of one striking feature didn't diminish the ones she still had -- like cock sucking, jerking my shaft off and tickling my balls, apparently.

Another few minutes and I might have came too soon after all. So I placed my hand on Emma's cheek and guided her mouth off my cock, for both our sakes. To her credit, she still looked up at me while I got up, took my pants off and was the first to get naked.

"You know I have to return the favor," I promised. Emma nodded and went over to her dresser, then slid her panties down to the floor, lifted her skirt up at the bottom and sat down. I went over to her, anxious to see what her natural hair color really was -- then got taken aback to see her shaved and bare down there. My surprise just made Emma laugh, which was likely the point.

"Sorry, you still have to take my word that I am a natural blonde," Emma quipped. Well, that kind of hair wasn't important to me -- or as important. Besides, I figured she'd be more sensitive if I licked the shaved parts of me, and her raspy but quiet cries confirmed it.

As my tongue inched towards her opening, my hands went over to her thighs before going down her pale, slender legs. Before I put my tongue into Emma, I teased it out by pulling away and nibbling on her inner thigh. Both my hands stroked up and down her left leg like she stroked on my cock, while my tongue just went down her leg.

"You gonna be done with the appetizer soon?" Emma managed to snark out.

"Just about," I played along, licking back up to her thigh -- before suddenly putting my face right between her legs. My tongue then dove right into her pussy a split second later.

"Oh fuck me, fuck yo

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