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Who ya gonna call?

In their glow the woman's naked body shone, her red hair was lustrous, her smile was smug as she sat on the settee facing him.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?" he demanded,

"My name is Korri," she answered sweetly, "but you can call me Pura Dai."


"Pura Dai," she repeated slowly. "In my Romany tongue it means something like 'old mother', but is a term of utmost respect. And you will show me respect, won't you?"

Tugging futilely at the cuffs again, he asked, "Just what is your game?"

"Oh, it is no game. You are to work for your room as you agreed. Now come here," she said, pointing to the floor at her feet, "come here and kneel before me, sweetling. You know that you want to."

She tilted her head a little, so that he saw the smile in her eyes as well as on her lips, and strangely he did feel that he wanted to kneel before this woman, surprised himself by slowly stepping forward, then lowering himself to his knees.

"Good, I think already we have trust and obedience," she said. "But come a little closer. I won't bite. Not yet, anyway."

He shuffled forward on his knees until she reached out to touch a finger to his forehead, stopping him.

"Kiss my feet before we continue, show Pura Dai the respect she deserves," Korri told him, and when he was too slow to do so she gave a slight frown. "Please, don't make me force you. I don't want to beat you yet. I want to start with the small torments first."

Her words were hypnotic, like the perfume from the candles they dulled his senses, and as she spoke the finger she had touched to his forehead traced across his face, stroked his eyes and cheeks, gently caressed the back of his neck. Slowly his head fell, though the pressure of her fingers was only slight his back bent and his shoulders slumped to bring his lips down to her feet. He kissed each in turn, rested his cheek against them a moment, then kissed them again, running his tongue between the toes.

"Good boy," she said, and her legs parted, stretched out to either side of him. "And now a little higher, sweetling. Pleasure Korri, if you are to earn a bed for the night. Please Korri and there might be a reward."

Slowly he lifted his head, ran his lips along her smooth calves, and then to her firm thighs, planting kisses along the inside of each. Both her hands were now on his neck, the fingers kneading his flesh, thumbs brushing his ears, and he began to ache for her, to hunger for her.

"Slowly, sweetling! Slowly!" Korri said, holding him fast when he tried to bury his face in her groin. "Pura Dai will take her pleasure from you slowly."

Inch by inch, only as she permitted, he kissed his way up her thighs, licking at them, nipping the flesh lightly between his teeth, all the while feeling the warmth of her cunt drawing closer.

"I think I am wet for you now," Korri finally told him. "Will you taste me, sweetling?" she asked, her hands drawing his face further forward.

His nose nudged her cunt, as musky and fragrant as the candles which perfumed the room, he felt how moist the lips were and tilted his head a little, stuck out his tongue to lick along them.

Korri shivered and sighed, said, "Ah! Yes! And now you may work with a little more fervour."

His mouth wide as if to devour her, as if his hunger for her was insatiable, he fastened his lips on her cunt and washed his tongue across it, first lapping at it, then probing inside it. His body twisted and writhed as he fought to get deeper inside her and Korri raised her legs to wrap her thighs around him, gripping his head in the tightest of embraces. Having to gasp for air had him licking all the more avidly at her, his teeth were grazing her cunt and she could hear him sobbing as he sucked at her, lapping thirstily, his saliva mixing with her juices.

'"That's it, sweetling," Korri said. "Drink me, drown in me, make me come all over your face. Now! Make me come now!" she demanded, and her body twisted on the settee, taking him with her, turning him painfully so that his cries filled her cunt.

Her body bucked against h

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