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A sequel to 'Happy Birthday, Mrs. Freemont'.

The company could easily replace Rae. Besides, she still had feelings for Tara. It wouldn't be fair to anyone if she started a new relationship until she stopped loving Tara Myers. She took another sip of her wine and resumed staring at the outside world. "What are you doing out here?"

"Looking for you," McAllister stated.

Rae turned suddenly, her eyes narrow and sharp. "You've found me."

Erin lifted her hand to Rae's shoulder, her fingertips gliding over her sleeve. "Beth told me that you broke up with your girlfriend."

"Yeah, I'm sure Beth couldn't wait to share that news," Rae grumbled.

"It was the right thing for you to do," McAllister stated calmly. "You wanted me way too much to be tied down to someone else."

Rae was just drunk enough that she did not flinch at Erin's words. "You're awfully full of yourself."

Erin's fingers danced over Rae's cheek. She leaned forward and pressed a kiss to the executive's lips. Rae was impassive at first, but eventually started returning the kiss, their lips moving against each other in rising hunger. Erin finally pulled back, her fingers still cupping Rae's cheek. "Are you denying it?"

"Nothing has changed since Jackson. Being gay is still not good for your career."

"One thing has changed," Erin whispered, stretching toward Rae for another kiss, this one more intimate than the last as the singer's tongue danced along Rae's lips. "You are no longer involved with someone else."

"I still have very deep feelings for someone else," Rae replied in a husky voice.

"Maybe I can help you forget those feelings," Erin insisted, her lips moving against Rae's neck. Rae tilted her head and sighed softly. "Your body wants me to help, doesn't it?"

"My body has seldom been the best judge when it comes to decision-making," Rae laughed, cupping Erin's arms with her hands. Her palms glided over Erin's cool flesh as she wrestled with her rising desire and moral convictions. "This isn't a good choice for you."

"So you keep telling me, but pretending I'm not gay for the paparazzi doesn't make me any less gay, and there are no cameras here."

"You make a very good argument."

"Of course I do." Erin trailed her fingers over Rae's flesh until she reached the woman's hand. "Come on, you owe me a dance." She took hold of Rae's hand and tugged gently toward the house. Rae picked up her wine glass from the railing and drained it before following the talented, beautiful singer into the house.

Erin weaved among the dancers in Beth's house. Rae did not look at the faces of the people she had known for a long time. She kept her eyes riveted on Erin's firm butt and long legs and their joined hands. Erin stopped in the center of the room and spun herself into Rae's arms. She glided her hands over Rae's shoulders and pressed her body into the other woman's. Rae's hands went to Erin's waist as the singer's arms slid behind her neck. Rae could feel Erin's breasts pressing against her body. She moved her hands to the small of McAllister's back, their hips sliding against each other casually, and then dipped her hands to McAllister's bottom. She could smell the sweetness of Erin's perfume and the scent was intoxicating. She pressed her face into Erin's neck and inhaled deeply.

Erin tilted her head back, exposing the flesh of her neck, her fingers combing into Rae's short brown hair.

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