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He revisits his past urges and gets a pleasant surprise.

"So? All I ask is that every once in a while I get a little fuck action from you. You get the Reva contract, respect from Bill and extra cash to treat the missus. No one gets hurt. Admit it, you might even like it..."

"You're blackmailing me with the account, sexual harassment or something..."

"Absolutely. What are you going to do about it?

Chris shut his eyes and shook head. When he opened them Mrs Reva was stood before him, naked. He glanced over her body, her dark Hispanic nipples on her voluptuous breasts, her narrow waist and the black curly bush. He saw signs of aging, the slight wrinkles of her skin, but she was still a fine looking woman.

At the look of resignation that entered Chris' eyes, she smiled. There was a hungry predatory look in her own.

Chris watched as she bent over him and unbuckled his belt. He lifted his body so that she could pull down his pants.

"I like a hard man to please, and you look like you're going to be..." Mrs Reva laughed at her innuendo; Chris' cock was ready for her despite the heartfelt resentment he felt about the situation. How could his body betray him like this?

"I want your cum. Estoy mirando adelante a el."

Chris leaned back onto the sofa and shut his eyes. Mrs Reva straddled her victim and rubbed her cunt over his cock, coating it with her wetness. She reached down and skilfully applied a condom, whispering in his ear,

"I don't know where you've been, after all."

Chris felt indignant at that. He hadn't slept with another woman since he met Jennifer six years ago. At the thought of her he retreated into his own mind. He pictured his wife naked and fantasized about making love to her. The way that she would kiss her way down his body, stopping off to lick his hairy chest and nipples, down to his navel and flicking her tongue in and out. From there she'd tease his cock before finally taking him in her mouth.

Noticing that Chris' mind seemed to be elsewhere infuriated Mrs Reva. She grabbed his tie and pulled his head up.

"Pay attention, you damn boy whore"

Chris groaned, waking from his happy thoughts. Mrs Reva was panting above him as she moved up and down. Her pussy was loose and wet, allowing her to take his entire length easily.

"Estare alli pronto!!!" she screamed. "I'm cumming, aaaaaah aaaaah"

Feeling her cum on his cock made Chris shoot his load into the rubber that sheathed his dick.

Chris lay there deflated, his flaccid cock left exposed as Mrs Reva dressed and left. Finally Chris dragged himself to the shower next to his office and stayed there for a long time. He couldn't make himself feel clean but consoled himself with the thought that he hadn't wanted to do what he had done.


He walked into his house and Jenny pounced on him.

"Baby, I went to the doctor's today. We are going to have a baby!!!" She shouted for joy.

Chris was flabbergasted. His thoughts of Mrs Reva disappeared as he picked his wife up into his arms and swung her round. All night just the sight of her was enough setting him beaming.

Over the next week Chris and Jennifer decorated the nursery, thought about baby names and planned their future as a family. He was able to dispel his memories of his infidelity.


"Jenny, your dad just phoned. He needs me to go over to his house. You know he's away? Well he needs me to do some work on some files, that okay?"

"It's a Saturday..." Jennifer whined but finally relented.


Chris let himself in to the big, expensive house and went to Bill's home office and retrieved the folders. He was just settling down to work on them when he heard a noise downstairs.

Heading down, he was shocked to find a woman in the skimpiest bikini he had ever seen. It simply covered her nipples, her breasts spilling from its hold. The bottoms clung to her mound, leaving very little to the imagination. It left her round ass almost completely exposed.

When he tore his eyes to her face his jaw dropped,

"Rachel?!!! What on earth?"

"Chris?!! God! Bill's an old family friend.

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