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The erotic pleasures of golden showers.

You tried to move, but your muscles would not react. I smiled at you and introduced the nice looking man to you as Tim. You sat there, as if you were stone. The realization of the things to come began to course through your mind, and those thoughts of the upcoming "events" made you tremble with both fear and........excitement.

Tim sat on the bale next to you, placed his hand on your thigh and looked directly into your eyes. His words came to rest, hard, in your ears and on your mind. "You were a very good girl the other night dear. I should be so lucky to take you again in the near future." You turned your head to look at me. The look on your face was one of guilt, wanting of forgiveness, but knowing something else would come first. My stare was one you had known many times. I looked at you and it seemed as if my eyes reached into your very soul, burning like hot coals burning through tissue. You jerked as Tim grabbed your arms from behind you and I took your legs by the ankles. You struggled, but to no avail, as we took you to the motorcycle. The crowd seemed to quiet, and you heard Bill's voice rise above even the sounds of your own screams. "It's 'Showtime', ladies and gents!"

You were laid out across the seat of the Harley. Ironically, it was that very seat where Tim had taken you only two nights ago. The warmth of the engine, obvious, as your wrists were bound tightly with rope and anchored to the still warm exhaust with cable. Bill held the bike so that it would not tip over and called to a few other men to back two large trailers to either side to support the bike. Your legs were spread by Tim and your ankles bound just as your wrists to the strong railing on the side of one of the trailers. Your only refuge was the fact that your knees rested atop the fenderwell of that same trailer. I leaned down, just above your head and pulled your hair up so that you had no other choice but to be face to face with me. "Did you think I wouldn't find out?" Your lips puckered and as you prepared to spit at me, I wrapped the leather strapped gag around your head, not allowing you the pleasure of the shower you had in mind for me. You hated this particular gag. It held your tongue down and you had to make a conscience effort to swallow while it was on you. You hated the smell, the buckles on the back that pulled at your hair, and the ball with the word "cunt" written on it, that was on more than a regular basis, crammed into your mouth to keep you quiet. The one thing that you could not hate however, was what these circumstances were doing to you. You could feel your pussy getting wetter by the second as your clothing was cut from you and the cool night air found every nook and cranny of your beautiful body. "Damn." was the only thought that currently went through your mind. Had you known what would happen next, that one thought would have been very different.

The crowd of strangers had begun to circle you.

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