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Story feedback from a reader leads to a meeting.

He knew that she liked the nickname, but felt it was no longer appropriate. Last night you told me you were mine and you made love to me. You made me feel whole and more importantly like a man again. To attempt to hide something so wonderful would not be right, could not be right. So from this moment on, to everyone I know you are Leanne. She smiled. He grinned and kissed her softly. Ending the kiss he whispered, but in bed and alone, you will always be Artsy my personal muse. Hearing that, she pulled him back to her lips and this time it was not soft or gentle. It was strong, it was full of heat and meaning and need. They were soon back in Leanne's bed exploring the depth of its meaning and their mutual need.


A couple of weeks after moving into his new loft, Dan arranged to meet Laura after work via email. They met at the Starbuck's near her office. As Laura was in a hurry to get home that night she had made it very clear that the meeting would have to be very brief. Dan greeted her as he would have greeted any wife of a friend or a colleague. He smiled, gave her a chaste hug and kiss on the cheek. Laura was surprised, but happy that Dan was not trying to push her or interrupt her time as Greg's wife. Dan acknowledged that she had little time and quickly presented her with a number of documents that required their joint signature. Dan told her that included in the documents were power of attorney's so he could manage their insurance and investments without having to interrupt her time with Greg. She quickly signed them all before leaving she gave him a soft kiss on the lips and thanked him for thinking of her and letting her enjoy her other husband. He sat there smiling as she rushed out the store and into her car.

The next day, Dan selected a real estate agent and put his old house on the market. Because his interest was in a quick sale, his asking price was $25,000 below the market value. He also called Interior Decorator and arranged for all of the art he had collected to be moved from the house to his new loft. That weekend Leanne and Dan

jointly determined the location of every piece. When then were done half of the loft looked very livable, while the other half looked like the Guggenheim. Dan was really quite proud of it. It was only later, after making love to Leanne did he realize, he didn't even miss the two paintings of Laura. With a sigh and soft smile he rolled

over and went to sleep.


As detailed elsewhere Laura's and Dan's life continued to go their separate ways. Laura settled into the role of Greg's domesticated wife and Dan found continued success at work and in his art collection. During the ensuing months Dan did not contact Laura nor did she find a reason to contact him, until the holidays arrived.


It was the middle of October when Dan picked up his cell phone and was surprised to hear Laura's voice.

"Hello Baby, do you have a minute to talk?"

"What about?"

Dan sounded like himself and Laura knew she had made the right decision. "Baby, I wanted to talk to you about how we were going to handle Thanksgiving this year."
Once again he was amazed at how often Laura could surprise him. He wondered if he ever really knew her at all. "Laura, I didn't think there were any plans to make. I was going to tell my parents we wouldn't be visiting this year due to other commitments and assumed you would to something appropriate with your family."

She couldn't blame him for thinking this, but Dan was her husband and this was a long standing family tradition. "Don't be silly, Thanksgiving is a Dan & Laura tradition. It's part of our relationship." After a short pause she continued. "I thought we could fly out to my parents Thursday morning, rent a car and drive to your parents on

Sunday and fly back on Tuesday."

When he got home, Leanne was waiting for him as she had been every night since they

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