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She loves the attention of 4 men at the photographers.

"Neither am I, it doesn't matter. Stop wasting time Nathan. Hurry up and strip," Matt commands.

I'm scared, I can't help it. No one has ever seen me naked. Not any girl let alone another guy. My hands are shaking hard as I grip my belt, fumbling to undo it and my pants. I have no choice. Maybe he only wants to humiliate me. I wonder absent mindedly if he will punch me if I resist. He is so much bigger than I am it would be all to easy for him to force me. I let my pants fall to the ground wonder what is happening, and what will happen.

I won't look at Matt anymore.So it surprises me when his hand smacks the window next to my head. My eyes fly open as I feel his forehead lightly brush my own.

"Do it yourself," matt says directly into my ear before pulling back and grasping my chin making me look him in the eyes.

I don't know what he means, and my confusion must be present on my face because he drops my chin, and feel his fingers trailing up the inside of my thigh before lightly brushing my cock through my briefs.

"Here. How do you usually play with yourself?" Matt whispers. "Let me watch you masturbate."

If I masturbate, will he let me go? Probably not. I realize, wondering what exactly I have gotten myself into.

Matt pulls me away from the window so suddenly that I pitch forward tripping over my pants which are still around my ankles. He lifts me and places me on top of a desk, as if I weighed nothing at all. He grabs my right wrist, and I feel something cold bite into my skin there. Looking down I see that he has handcuffed me to the desk.

"It was just in case you decided to run Nathan," Matt tells me reaching down and yanking my pants off my legs. "Hurry up and do it. You do know how right?"

I have no other choice I slide my fingers up to the waistband of my underwear letting them slip inside reaching in for my cock.

Without warning Matt grabs the hem of my t-shirt and lifts it up. "I can't see the important part," Matt explains. He holds my t-shirt up to my mouth, "Here, hold it with your mouth," He says shoving my shirt into my mouth gagging me.

With his hands free he runs his fingers down the arm that is still in my underwear. When he reaches the waistband of my underwear he slides his fingers alongside mine grasping my underwear and slipping it down and off my legs, pocketing them. My heart rate speeds up. It is pounding so hard, that I can hear it. Matt must be able to also because he smiles. I begin to move my hand. It is a little uncomfortable and awkward, since I'm right handed, and forced to use my left hand. After a couple of minutes Matt pulls my hand away. I glance up at him nervously, stupidly hopeful that I can leave now, but he's staring at my still flaccid cock.

"Hm? What's this? It hasn't even gotten hard, maybe because you are using your left hand," Matt muses, "I guess I'll lend you a hand," He says brightly. His hand grips my cock and begins to rapidly pump. His hand is so large it almost completely covers my small six inch cock. To my horror I can feel my cock hardening. Matt slows down paying extra attention to my cock head, specifically my piss slit. I can neither help the sudden flood of precum, nor the moan that slips through my lips.

"Oh, Ah!" I open my mouth, and my shirt falls out of my mouth.

"Hey, I didn't say you could let go of your shirt," Matt says shoving my shirt back into my mouth, a little deeper this time, making me retch, "Try to be quiet Nathan, I don't want us to get caught." Even though Matt sounds annoyed he looks please with himself.

Matt climbs onto the desk to sit with me sliding his hand up my side to grip my waist, directing my eyes downward. "Look at how hard your cock is Nathan," Matt says into my ear, "You must really be enjoying this." I avert my eyes, ashamed of myself. Matt nuzzles his head into my neck and I can feel the kiss he presses just under my jaw. I flinch. I can't help it, and I can feel Matt chuckle to himself. Matt moves off of the desk coming around to face me. sliding his hand up around my chin.

"You do

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