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Gentle Nostalgia.

But I had a few hundred bucks tucked away, so, I booked for a half hour, after explaining what was going on.


Meeting someone for the first time in a situation like that is a bit tense, I had a vision in my head of this young girl, short and skinny, that is what she sounded like anyway.

And that voice? Wow, she sounded like a little kid.

Opening the door at my knock, here stood this woman about my age, her eyes were level with mine and I am a solid six feet tall. She wore a white T-shirt, black shorts, her arms were bare and they put mine to shame.

Pretty in a way, not what anyone could call beautiful, average appearing, ok looking would be the word.

"Are you.. uhh.. Julie?" I asked.

"You must be Dan. Come on in." With a big smile, she stood aside to let me in.

In short order, after a few questions, she asked me to undress and get on the table. Then she walked over and sat down in a nearby wooden chair.

I looked at her, she looked at me.

I hesitated, did she expect me to...? Clearly, she did.

"How much.. uhh .. do I take off?" I asked.

"Everything. I need to be able to reach all of your body." She gave me another big smile, and just sat there.

Peeling off every stitch in front of someone you only just met is not an easy thing to do, but I managed it. I looked at the table, there was just the bottom sheet and a towel maybe big enough to cover my junk and that was it.

When I got to my briefs, my dick was doing a mild reaction all on it's own, which embarrassed me even further. I turned my back, took a deep breath, down they went.

I hopped on the massage table and laid down on my tummy, trying to hide my dick under my body. She told me she was going to step out for a second to wash her hands. I heard her as she opened the door, heard water running for a few moments. Then it was quiet for another couple of minutes.

I used the time to glance around, on a nearby table was some glass jars, those were full of what appeared to be rocks. Hanging on the wall was a display of what I was sure ere Thistles, which is a local plant with stickers all over them. I was thinking that this lady had a few loose screws.

But soon she was back, and Standing at the head of the table, she put her hands on my back and began to work. I could not see her the way I was laying, but her hands felt good so I just relaxed and closed my eyes.

After perhaps 10 minutes or so of her working my shoulders and down to the small of my back, I opened my eyes and looked up. There, right in front of me, not six inches away was a completely bare pussy!

"Uhh..?? " I managed.

Julie giggled.

"I didn't expect..." I managed to mumble.

"Well, since you have to be nude, it's only fair that I am also. Besides, it's good for business." I glanced up higher, yep, both tits bare too, nice full ones, capped with soft appearing pink nipples. Needless to say, my fairly young and virile cock was showing signs of interest. So much so I had to lift up some to let it swing around to a more comfortable position.

Julie by now had moved around to my side, and was rubbing my legs and up over my ass. I turned my head that way so I could watch. Her tits swung back and forth nicely as she ran her hands up and down my side.

Once at the foot of the table, I could no longer see her, but I sure could feel her. She let her hands run up the back of my legs all the way to my balls, then allowed her fingertips to trickle down between my legs, repeating the whole thing over and over.

Then I felt her weight as she hopped up onto the table and straddled me as she was back to working on my upper body again. I could feel my cock being pressed against the table. Julie lifted up and set one knew down between my legs, I swear I could feel the dampness of her against the back of my leg.

"OK, when I lift up, I want you to turn over, OK?" She said, in that same tiny little girl voice.

I did as she asked when she lifted up onto her knees, as soon as I was settled, she dropped back down, sitting with her bottom just above my knees.

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