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Julie composes herself, then finds out about Susan.

She withdrew her finger from between her legs and showed it to Judy. I saw there was a clear drop of my precum on the tip of her finger. Lisa then rubbed it into the side of her calf closest to me, ensuring I would see it.

Judy said, "I think he is ready to cum any minute now."

Lisa said, "Yep, he looks ready."

Lisa stopped jerking my shaft with her fingers and reached up placing both of her hands along the outside of her calves pushing them in tighter squeezing the head of my cock. She began to jerk them up and down at a faster pace. As she did this she said, "Come on baby! Cum into my legs, cum all over my legs.

I felt Judy flex her ankles up and out pulling my balls away as she continued to wriggle her toes. She then began to squeeze my tight balls gently between her fingertips as well.

The amount of pleasure I was experiencing was incredible as my breathing was turned into desperate gasps. I felt my heart racing. I jerked my body out of control, up and down and side to side. Lisa and Judy were relentless in their efforts never releasing me. They concentrated all their efforts on what they were doing to me. My attempts to keep up with Lisa's jerking calves were in vain as I threw my body up and down on the bed causing the headboard to pound loudly against the wall. It was obvious the girls were enjoying themselves as they smiled and continued to comment back and forth as to what they were doing to me.

I watched as Lisa and Judy continued to work over my groin. Judy kept squeezing my balls with her fingers, and wriggling toes beneath my nuts. Her actions brought about the first sensation of rising cum inside of me. Each time her toes pressed into the area beneath my nuts I could feel the cum rise into my throbbing shaft. My body shook and quivered each time I felt her toes do this.

They both smiled at me as Lisa said, "Tell us when you cum."

Lisa began to jiggle her calf muscles against my throbbing head saying, "I can feel his cock twitching."

She slid her right calf up against the sensitive underside of the head of my cock, pressing and rubbing it hard up and down holding my cock upright with her other leg. Her calf felt incredibly smooth against the swollen head of my cock.

Lisa smiled down at what she was doing commenting on how tiny spurts of cum shot into her leg as she stroked me.

That was all it took as I felt Judy's fingers gently squeeze slowly and deep into my balls rolling them against her toes.

I threw my hips up in orgasmic rush shouting, "Oh my God!! I'm cumming, I'm cumming."

Lisa said, "Yessssss, cum, cum into my legs now."

Judy shouted, "Here he cums!" as I felt her fingers perform another firm squeeze causing my first load to explode from me. I groaned long and loud.

Lisa squeezed her calves tightly around the head, covering it completely just as I released my load. She said, "Wow! I felt that hit hard into my legs. It feels so hot and thick!"

She released the tension of her calves and stroked the head up and down some more as I felt the second load rise inside me. Judy flexed her ankles up even further, her toes pulling up on my balls causing me to arch my hips up from the bed. Every muscle in my body tensed and I shook uncontrollably. The wave of excitement overtook me as I watched the stream of my cum shoot out above Lisa's legs and land onto her smooth shins. My third load shot out and did the same. After a while I saw small rivulets of my cum slowly run down the side of Lisa's calves. The sharp contrast of my white cum against her dark tanned legs looked magnificent.

Slowly the shuddering of my body began to subside as Lisa soothingly milked the remainder of cum from me with her smooth legs. Judy removed her toes from my nut sack and began to gently fondle my aching balls between her fingers, she cooed looking down from above her knees, "That's it sweetie, your nuts are all spent and tired now, nice and lose in their sack."

Lisa smiled, "His cock is all shriveled between my calves.

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