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Does Mommy Leslie have a new Baby Boy?

He glanced at me, still smiling at the flush on my face and I returned the smile happily. "So beautiful," he said watching me a moment, and I melted inside a little more.

"God, I love you so much", he said softly and there it was, six words that turned me into emotional goo. Those beautiful dark eyes, the loving adoration in his voice, the absolute sincerity in his smile ... the butterflies in my stomach decided to mamba as I stared lovingly into those gorgeous eyes, wishing for the hundredth time that we could just stare into each others eyes for eternity. I felt the slight swell of tears in my eyes, just so overjoyed at how much I loved this man and saw the reflection in his face. A long moment passed without words, because we needed none. We rarely do. Finally he tore his eyes away and fastened his seat belt while I settled back happily, and off we went for our drive.


To this day I couldn't tell you where we went, as in don't ask me to point it out on a map or give you street or town names. I have no idea. I spent most of the drive in a warm, pleasant haze, distracted by my own desire, the cuffs on my wrists, the chain between my legs, the music on the radio and most of all, his occasional caresses and light touches whenever he felt I was not distracted enough on my own.

What I can tell you is there were a lot of trees, it seemed utterly isolated with no passing cars or houses in sight, and it was a fairly obscure clearing down a long dirt road somewhere heavily wooded. Isolated enough that the little voice in the back of my mind that always thinks of the most bizarre and inappropriate things started wondering when we'd hear the theme to deliverance and someone saying, 'You got a puurty mouth...', or a chorus of Ch Ch Ch Ah Ah Ah or some other horror movie trope. The more sensible part of my brain told me that he'd never put me in deliberate danger so he probably knew exactly where we were, ok did know since he drove here, and obviously knew exactly how safe it was because he'd never risk my getting hurt. Still, sometimes I do wonder where the hell my mind conjures these thoughts up from. I have to note, these things are buried in my hind brain, they skitter through my mind like unruly children and have little to no distraction on my actual thoughts or activities, I just recall them later and think to myself, girl, you are truly odd.

He pulled the car off the packed dirt road and into the clearing, and I was more than a little relieved that we were no longer driving painfully slowly over a very bumpy surface that made me slide and bounce around on the seat a little. I was slightly dazed by the time the car stopped, nearly entirely focused on not cumming on my seat and incurring even more punishment. He watched my heavy breathing for a moment, clearly amused. "You doing ok, angel?"

I nodded, not trusting my voice and he frowned. "Are you sure you're ok? Use your words."

He always speaks carefully and clearly to me when he knows the elevator no longer reaches the top floor and the only voice I'm going to hear is his.

"Yes Master ... am ... alright." I half moaned and he grinned, comprehending my problem. He unfastened his own seat belt and turned to me. Reaching over he pulled the zipper of the hoodie down to my waist and deftly gripped one hard nipple between finger and thumb, pulling and twisting it lightly.

"You do not have my permission to cum," he said clearly, continuing to tease. He switched his attention to the other nipple as he unfastened my seat belt. I stifled a groan, sliding lower in the seat to take a bit of the pressure off. He leaned down and flicked his tongue over one tortured nipple, making me gasp, before grinning again and getting out of the car. My brain swam in a red haze of want and need, focused on not letting it overflow. I barely heard him open my car door until I felt hands on me helping me out and, more to the point, leaning me against the car so my knees didn't buckle.

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