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I recognized some of her friends from school, but none of them were my students. I wondered if any of them noticed they were sitting near a teacher. From their carefree attitude, I felt that they were too oblivious. At least they didn't recognize me. I leaned over to my right side and asked Heather what time it was. The movie would start in just a few minutes. I couldn't wait.

Nothing unusual happened for a little while. The lights dimmed and the show started. Autumn hadn't paid me any mind after sitting down, and I was almost starting to feel okay about it. There's nothing she can do anyway, what am I so worried about? The first strike came when she brought her arm down on the shared armrest between us.

I was already resting there, and the length of her skin laid down along mine. The sudden touch startled me and I jerked my hand away. She did the same and whispered, 'sorry'. Okay, harmless accident, no big deal. I tried to concentrate on the movie. Even though it was dark, I could still see the faint outline of her legs in the seat next to me. I had a hard time restraining myself not to keep catching peeks at them.

As the movie went on, she stretched out both her arms until they were taut for a few seconds, then re-shifted in her seat. When she brought down her right hand, she lazily let it drop down into my personal space. Her fingers grazed across my thigh and then shyly shot back to her lap. Now might be a good time to mention that I changed into shorts before I left to the theater...

The feeling of her fingertips was a shock. I gave her an irritated glare (which probably just looked confused), and she made a silent but exaggerated frown as if to say 'oops'. I turned back to the movie, even more flustered than before. Honestly I thought maybe that'd be it. There are only so many times you can accidentally touch someone, you know? What I didn't predict was that she'd drop the pretense.

It was an older place and the seats didn't have built-in cup holders. She was handed a large drink from one of her friends and she took a big sip. She then leaned down to place it on the floor, between me and her. I tried to keep my eyes on the screen, but I couldn't help watching her every movement. And I couldn't fucking believe what happened next. Once she put it down, she boldly traced her fingers up my calf as she leaned up and back into her seat. She brushed me all the way up to my knee before she let go and resumed her natural position.

My stomach flipped and my eyes peeled wide. Holy fuck. Did she really do that? First I looked at Heather; she was thankfully absorbed in the movie. Then I looked again at Autumn, who pretended like I wasn't even there. I swallowed hard, my mouth going completely dry. This is insane. How can I stop her? What if someone sees?

At this point I don't think I was even registering what happened on the screen. My mind was racing like I was some inexperienced kid about to get caught doing something wrong. She's my student for fuck's sake! Why is this happening? It didn't take long until she went for it again. She rested her arm at the base of her seat and reached her hand over to me under the armrest.

You could barely see what she was doing unless you looked. I was of course. God, not again... Her hand reached to the underside of my knee. With two or three fingers, she tickled my skin there. It was so sensitive that it sent waves up my leg. My body tensed in mortification. I was afraid to just grab her arm; someone would see. But she didn't stop. Oh no... it feels good...

I couldn't deny the gentle touch was having more than a ticklish effect on me. Whether it was just what she was doing, or whether it was because of everything else, I started to get hard. My heart sank at the realization. I finally managed to shift in my seat, pushing my legs away from her. She drew her hand away. Silently, I breathed in a huge sigh and looked over at her.

She brought her fingers ba

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