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An open door lets a couple watch their friends fuck.

One man was fucking him in the mouth and one in his arse. There was a pool of opalescent semen beneath him reflecting the dim light and the sounds were that of very sloppy and well used holes. I was jealous.

I continued to watch and gently stroke my twitching cock as the small man was thrust back and forward between the two men their cocks seeming to be a skewer, which he was being slid back and forth on. My mind raced, I'd only imagined such debauchery when stoned and beating my cock, now it was real! The two men fucking began to pound his holes and then the one in the arse stiffened and shoved his 6" erection fully in and held it there. I could see his arse cheeks twitching as he emptied his balls as deeply implanted as he could get.

With a stationery target the other man went wild and just became a blur below the waist as he furiously pounded the open throat before him and soon joined his fucking partner, ejaculating hard and deeply into the young man who had just kept moaning throughout the action.

They both pulled out at the same time and the youngster wobbled, about to sag to the floor but the next two in line took him by the hips and ears smoothly entered and were soon repeating the dose of male skewering he so seemed to like. A gush of semen spilled from his arse adding to the pool beneath him and almost making me cum.

They also clearly enjoyed it, being more vocal than the last two and began calling him all sorts of filth. This seemed to excite all three of them and they began to fuck with even more abandon and noise than before.

I let my cock bounce free before I shot my load everywhere and moved on, their collective sounds in my ears even above the background of lust that is the maze.

I continued to explore the dark corridors finding glory holes, slings, bondage areas, a mirror room and even a motorcycle! I imagined being bent over the seat and routinely fucked by all who passed, but restrained my urges and kept on exploring.


The Main lounge still had some 'soft' pron running and about a dozen or so men sitting about yarning, the two who'd just pulled out of the young man in the maze were having a drink at the bar and the one who'd fucked his mouth nodded towards me as I strolled past. I smiled, rather nervously and continued my exploration, my erection tenting my towel and leading the way.

Of the two far doorways one lead to a video room where the screen showed two black guys spraying cum over each other, the contrast between their dark skins and juice making it all the more erotic. The other was the entrance to the 'private room' area and the movie room.

I quietly moved on and watched some of the movie through the doorway. A group of men around a pool were joined in a sexual chain, each sucking and/or fucking as he was in turn fucked or sucked. A small group of men were spread along the tiered seating benches in various stages of sexual involvement, from watching the movie or other action to one who was lying back, legs over the shoulders of a man on the lower level sawing in and out of an offered arse with a huge thick cock.

The cock involved was maybe 10" long and 2 __" in diameter! I watched enviously as he sawed almost monotonously on in and out, in and out. The bottom obviously had experience because apart from an occasional stroke of his cock he watched the screen almost oblivious to the monster impaling him.

I felt a hand on my towel covered arse and pushed back against it, offering myself.

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