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Step-Sibling's bond leads to teasing and then, a confession.

The smell was overpowering; a masculine, virile scent. The taste was just as strong; a heady, dark flavor, salty, but also sweet. Under any other circumstances I'm sure I would have found the scents and tastes utterly revolting, but not today. It was the best, the tastiest meal I'd ever had. I licked the bowl clean when I'd finished, its heavy bulk and flavor filling my stomach so nicely. I must have had about a quart of the caveman's sticky baby batter and I still wanted more.

I felt overwhelmingly tired and fell asleep where I laid, the empty melon bowl next to me, my lips still shiny with sperm. The big, old bastard returned sometime later. I awoke to finding him standing over me in his loincloth. I must have looked pretty guilty laying there with the empty bowl next to me and his baby butter dried and caked on my lips.

All I could think was that I was still so hungry. I pushed up and somehow managed to get up into a sitting position. I reached my hands into his loincloth and pulled free his huge cock, hanging there like a fat salami. I stroked his hardening prick in my little hands as I began placing kisses on the rough, appetizing veins lining the sides of his shaft.

"Please, please... I need your splooge," I told him softly.

The big old son of a bitch got down on the floor of the cave which allowed me to lay down partway in his lap as I took his huge, flared helmet between my lips. His eyes closed as I ran my tongue along his fat tip. I just kept imagining that sweet, warm baby batter, I'd do whatever it took to get that, to be swallowing it down by the mouthful again. My lips stretched wide as I took the first couple inches of his thick, pulsing shaft into my hot mouth. I noticed he kept his eyes closed throughout practically the entire blow job, a look of twisted pleasure upon his ugly face.

The humiliating irony wasn't lost on me that I was orally pleasuring the fat old bastard that had just last night beaten me to the brink of death. It didn't matter, I needed his sticky seed inside me. I could picture myself guzzling it down, his warm cream sliding down my throat in thick streams.

The ugly sasquatch began to stretch and rub his massive testicles while I sucked him. I let his fat cock slip from my lips and went straight to the big, ancient orbs between his thighs. I kissed them passionately, over and over again. I didn't even think of it as the ultimate capitulation to him, I was being truly thankful to them. I wanted nothing more than for them to fill my stomach with their virile, potent splooge. I was conscious only of the thought that they brought me dinner and for that I was eternally thankful.

I wrapped my full lips tightly around one of the fat, ugly mangos and sucked hard, my hands stroking his massive shaft. He groaned as my hot tongue feathered across his huge, ancient-looking testes. I found I was beginning to love even their greasy, salty taste. I shoved my face into the sleazy old yeti's enormous gonads and shook it as though I were motorboating a stripper's tits. I could certainly get used to this I thought as I chewed gently at the loose skin of his scrotum and ran my teeth down both of his large, bulky testicles.

I realized that from the injuries I'd suffered at the over-sized monster's powerful hands, my lips had swollen up. It was like he was getting a blow job from a porn star, not that the hairy old caveman would have any idea what that was. The contorted, pleasure-filled look on his face made it clear he was happy with the overwhelming fullness and softness of my lips at present.

I kissed and licked from his testicles up his beefy shaft and back to the fat, throbbing tip of his monstrous cock. I took his huge helmet into my swollen lips again and sucked hard. My little hands massaged his massive gonads as I rolled my tongue along his tip. He grunted out his approval as I took more of his knobby length into my mouth.

Pre-cum leaked from his over-sized tip down my throat.

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