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Who killed all the past queens and may now be hunting Anna?

Like, if I wasn't your sister, would you then do it?"

Wow, my younger sister had some tough questions for me this evening. I thought about it for a moment, then said, "Sure, if you were the neighbors girl and you were interested, I guess I would. You're cute, you're intelligent, you're sexy," I mused.

Amy smiled, her eyes shining when she heard that. She hugged herself closer to me. "Then let's do it please? I don't think it's really incest. I mean, we're two girls. It's not like I could get pregnant from you or anything."

I sighed, "Yes, but that doesn't make it right, hon. Even if it's between two sisters, society thinks it's wrong."

"Then fuck society," Amy muttered, "This is a private matter. What I do in private shouldn't be anyone's concern. Not if it's between adults and they do it willingly."

Her strong remark had me chuckling. "Gosh Amy, you're too much," I said amusedly, "Trouble is, you're actually making sense."

Looking into her expectantly upturned face, I thought this through for a moment. "Alright," I then said, "let's say I agree and we really go through with this. Are you sure that's what you want, honey? Because what's done is done. This may change everything. We wouldn't be normal sisters anymore. And there would be no going back."

"Yes," Amy whispered firmly, "I know it could change things, but I don't mind. Like I said, I love you and I trust you, Sis. I just can't see how there could be any harm if we made love."

Amy looked up to me with sparkling eyes. I realized she firmly believed in what she was saying and that she obviously had thought this through. So I just put my hand onto her cheek and bent my head down until our lips met. I heard her sigh softly when we made contact, and that dissolved the last reservations I had.

As our kiss increased in passion, we turned on our sides. Amy fleetingly let her fingers travel across my upper chest exploring the soft curves of my breasts. I felt the familiar tingle in my nipples and clit, announcing the moistening of my pussy. It still seemed a bit unreal for me, but my cute little sister actually got me hot.

When I let the tip of my tongue trace her closed lips, Amy opened her mouth and let me in. She sighed sexily when I entered the hot wetness and touched her tongue with mine. Amy moaned softly as our tongues intertwined and that was getting me so hot, a little gasp of pleasure escaped my throat.

Amy's exploring hand had enclosed one of my naked tits and was gently kneading the soft orb. It felt absolutely divine and I wanted to return the favor. So I had Amy briefly sit up and hurriedly pulled her pajama top over her head.

Her breasts were absolutely beautiful. She wasn't as busty as Mom or I, at least not yet. But they were more than a handful and rose firmly from her chest. We didn't lay back down on the bed when I tossed her top to the floor. Instead, we sat across from of each other on the bed and admired each others softly jiggling breasts.

Amy's nipples were as erect as mine. They were pink, unlike my dark brown ones, and stood from her small aureoles like cute little pencil erasers. We looked into each other's faces and smiled. Amy's eyes glimmered with passion. My hands cupped her soft mounds, gently pushing them up. When I squeezed the warm flesh gently, Amy closed her eyes and sighed softly. Only moments later Amy's exploring hands found my voluptuous orbs.

We gazed into each other's eyes and sighed excitedly as we caressed each other's breasts. I leaned in and pressed my open lips to my sister's hot mouth. Only seconds later Amy welcomed me in. When she returned my kiss, she was very enthusiastic and passionate.

All the kissing and groping soon had me burning with lust. I could feel my pussy oozing girl juice. So I grabbed Amy by the shoulders and pushed her firmly down onto the bed. She actually gasped in surprise when I was handling her so forcefully.

When she was on her back before me, I wasted no time and pulled down her pajama bottoms.

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