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A pair of friends decide it's time to cross the line.

And Karin was lying next to her in her blue polka dot bikini and she looked so hot and young in her thirty-year old tennis player body that Kate felt like murdering her. And Jess was wearing a hot red bikini top that barely covered her perfect tits and a thong bottom that showed off her absolutely perfect ass. And Kate wanted to murder her too. But Chad clearly wanted to mount her as soon as possible. He was like a fly on shit around her and so were the other two guys too, like adolescent chimps hanging around the swollen pink rump of a mature female in heat.

There was one point in the game where Chad turned around suddenly and found himself chest to chest with Jess, though he was so much taller than her that her tits were more at his stomach level. He'd kind of pretended to lose his balance in really the most adorable way and ended up hugging Jess to keep from falling over and then pulling her down in the water on top of him while she laughed and pushed her tits together for him, practically right in his face.

The game ended and Jess came jogging up toward Kate and Karin where she'd left her towel. Kate eyed her up and down as she dried herself off, with as much displeasure and contempt as she could show, and Jess noticed eventually and looked uncomfortable and a little surprised and hurt. Kate tore into her.

"Look. If you're going to fuck him, then fuck him. I know I said you couldn't but honestly it would be better if you fucked him in private in your bedroom every night for the rest of the trip than to flirt with him like a fucking teenager in front of the other kids. It's going to fuck up the chain of command and then we're not going to be able to do our work. And I'm here to work and I thought you were too."

Jess and Karin were eyeing each other warily, rooted to the spot.

"It's fine if you fuck him if you do it discretely and if you enjoy it and if it helps you do your work. But if you're going to be flirting with him all day half naked with all the other kids watching then I don't know what to tell you. It just doesn't seem like you're very serious about what we're trying to accomplish out here."

"Jesus Kate, I get it, okay. I'm sorry. I get it."

Kate sighed and rolled her eyes. She felt bad now.

"Look, I'm sorry too, okay? It's just that Roger the fucking boring guy was just telling me all these nightmare stories about the chimps and I'm nervous that we're not going to get the results we wanted and it's stressing me out. Sorry. But I mean it: you can have sex with Chad. I understand. You can do whatever you need to at night to make sure you're at your best for the next day. I respect that."

Kate stood up and unbuttoned her white linen shirt and then slid it off her shoulders. She'd taken the yoga pants off when she first got back from her hike. She stood there in front of Karin and Jess looking every inch the alpha woman in her black swimsuit and her full, ripe body.

"Really, Jess, it's fine. No judgment. I think it's great, actually. Just make sure to use protection. And try to keep it down. We're all sharing one cottage, and Karin and I need our sleep."

She turned her back on them and walked straight down the grassy slope to the lake, noticing that most of the undergrads had kind of stopped what they were doing and were trying to watch her without getting caught.

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