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He's involved in hot threesome with Steve & his sister.

"Sure, why not?"

As we walked over to the lounge, she chuckled,

"Come here often, big boy?"

That got a laugh out of me and I began to feel at ease in her presence. Over drinks our conversation renewed.

"So, she said, you have no way of contacting her now?"

"No, but I gave her my phone number. Her husband confiscated her cell phone but if she could find a pay phone, she could call me collect. I don't know what her reluctance stems from but aside from that, there is no way I can talk to her."

"Well, she said with a long sigh, she probably does not want to get in too deep simply because she does not see any future in the relationship. She had a good fuck from you and in spite of what you may think she feels, that is probably all she wants. She is completely controlled by her husband and probably is unable or unwilling to leave the relationship with him. Does she have children?"

"Yes, four young ones."

"Well, buster, that's reason enough to remain a little distant. I recommend you find another outlet for your sexual frustration. You are obviously not going to get any more from her."

I let the finality of that statement sink in. I finished my drink and ordered another.

She continued,

"You're not a bad looking man. I should think you can find someone right in your own backyard, right there in KC."

"You may be right about that. It was just serendipity that we met in the first place. I wrote an erotic story and submitted it to an erotic story site on the net and she sent me a nice comment. That's how we met."

I looked at her as she finished her second drink. Her jacket had slipped open and the size of her breasts was even more apparent. This woman was truly stacked! My mind began to stray away from my cyber friend and images of this woman started to flood my brain.

"Well, let's take another look at the board. I'm afraid of what we might see."

Sure enough, our flight had been cancelled. The ticket counter was mobbed by people trying to make other connections. The thought of spending the night in the lobby of an airport was not so depressing, however, given the fact that I now had a most alluring companion to spend it with.

"I have a suggestion, she said. Let's get our luggage and catch a taxi to a hotel."

I looked at her in slight amazement. She wagged a finger at me and said,

"Don't get any ideas, big boy. I have been down this road before. In a few hours every room in the area will be booked. "

We got our luggage and headed for the taxi stand. Outside the blizzard was in full force. We told the driver to take us to any hotel that might have a vacancy. He said they were nearly all full but took off into the white night and turned onto the freeway.

"There's a B&B a little off the beaten path, he said. It's a little pricey but they may have some vacancies."

"Sounds good to us," she replied.

I had the distinct feeling that this "take control" woman was controlling me to some extent. I am not used to that although I am not a domineering male. It made me feel a little uneasy and excited at the same time. I was not na__ve enough to think that this was going to result in a night of unbridled sex but my writer's imagination was working overtime.

We arrived in a suburb, not too far from the airport and pulled up to a large, brick home. I volunteered to go in and see about rooms. We were in luck. They had two rooms left on the third floor. We paid the taxi and I dragged the luggage up onto the porch. The elderly couple that ran the place had us sign in and ran the credit cards. Up and up the steps we went until I thought I was going to have a coronary attack. Catherine's room was somewhat larger than mine and had a private bath. My room was smaller and my bath was down the hallway, to be shared with whomever was in the third bedroom. I was so exhausted and wiped out by then, I didn't care. The couple left us there and I turned to go to my room when Catherine said,

"If you want to use my shower it's ok.

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