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TT does Maggie a favor, and is rewarded.

His erection was warmed by the liquid.

Ted could only say, "I want to get inside your cunt." But then he added, "I like to call my penis 'Sir Richard', don't really like the word 'dick'.

"Later you can enter me, I have another treat for your constant companion," Brenda stated.

She reached for an ice cube and put the ice into her mouth. Another ice cube was left in her hand. Ted's cock was soon in her mouth and was cooled off with the melting ice cube. He still had his erection but it was smaller. And cooler. Brenda held another ice cube against Ted's balls. His balls became smaller from the cold.

"There is both pleasure and some pain from the ice. 'Sir Richard' is not wearing a coat -- -- of any type."

"You can call you penis by any name you wish. I could call it nice and wonderful. But right now your 'hot rod' has changed into a 'cool rod'.

Both look at each other. They smile and softly laugh.

"I am going to get your balls warm." Brenda said.

Caressing Ted's manhood with her soft hand, Brenda lowered her mouth toward his balls. First, she gently sucked one ball into her mouth and applied gently pressure -- then released. Gentle pressure, then release -- often. Then she sucked the other ball and gave it equal attention. Both balls soon were cover with the moisture from her mouth.

Ted said, "That was wonderful, Sweetheart. Very pleasing. I need to provide some similar attention to your pussy. Lay down on your back on the floor and spread."

"How wide do you want me to spread my legs?" Brenda asked.

"Very wide. So you pussy is completely exposed for viewing and touching."

Ted reached for an ice cube. In moments, the ice cube was pushed into her cunt lips, Ted kept his hand pressed against her lips as the ice started to melt.

"Oh, that cold is painful. But also a pleasure," Brenda said.

She moved her body in an attempt to shake the melting ice cube out of her vagina. The ice remained inside her, gradually the cold water ran down her pussy lips.

Ted lowered his head. Using his fingers, he spread her pussy lips and looked at her pink treasure. He flicked out his tongue and touched her clitoris for a minute or so. Then he rubbed his tongue on her inner pink lips. But soon, his tongue was making the round trip -- frequently -- between inner lips and clitoris. His saliva and her natural lubricant mixed.

"Oh, Ted. I want to be fucked."

Brenda sat up, but ignored the water running from her vagina and the damp spot it created on the rug, A condom was opened by Brenda and held in place with her mouth on the head of his manhood --- she unrolled it partway down the length of his shaft using her mouth. Her fingers completed the unrolling. 'Sir Richard' was dressed and ready for action. Penetration. Deep Penetration.

"I enjoy that condom unrolling with your mouth." Ted said.

"I thought you would appreciate that type of attention."

Brenda laid down on the floor, a firm pillow under her ass, her legs -- with the thigh high black hose -- spread wide. She was ready to be fucked.

"Playtime is over, it's time to get serious. I am yours -- for sucking and fucking," she said. "Possess me!"

"I like a woman who is direct."

Ted was on the floor in moments, his mouth covering her genitals. He kissed, sucked, and licked her treasure again, for a few minutes. His cock grew larger. Ted moved forward, his large erect cock pointing at her moist cave. First, the head passed though the spread pussy lips and easily entered her cylinder. The shaft soon followed -- inch by inch -- until the entire shaft was inside her moist hole. In, and almost out. In, and almost out. Often!

Ted moved her legs, but 'Sir Richard' continued pumping her cunt.

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