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Chris sits on a huge cock and gets fucked like never before

Then, as if she could tell that I was being turned on, she took it to the next level. She began to speak.

She said "How does my hand feel on your cock? Do you like the way I'm rubbing your big cock? I love how hard you've gotten. Is this how you touch yourself thinking about me? Do you like my hand on your cock better than your hand on your cock?" She asked question after question while never breaking eye contact with me. She never gave him a chance to speak. She was in complete control of she was doing.

Still looking directly into my eyes she said "I'm about to wrap my fingers around your cock and slowly start stroking it. Is that ok with you?". It felt like she was talking to me. James responded to her "Please. Please grip my dick and jack it. Please." Then she said "Okay, here ya go big boy". At that time I began to see her shoulders go up and down and it was apparent that she was jacking him off. I was amazed and so very horny. My cock was rock hard and poking forcefully against my spandex. Thank God I was tucked away behind the door.

Inside me I had a burning desire to see her hand wrapped around his cock as she stroked it. I wanted to see her pulling on his cock, making the skin come up over the tip of his head. I wanted to see his balls move forward and backward as she jacked him off. Strangely enough I wanted to see if his cock was bigger than mine and if his balls were as big as they appeared in his tight workout shorts.

That desire was removed rather quickly when Krista began to move her hand around on his ass. I could tell that she was still stroking his cock but at the same time she was caress his ass. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I looked up again and she was still staring directly into my eyes. He didn't have a clue that I was there and yet it felt like she was putting on a show for me.

She was making his ass tighten up even more. It looked like he was starting to fuck her hand. He was moving his hips forward and backwards as she continued to stroke him up and down. Then I noticed something that almost put me over the top. She began running her fingers up and down his ass crack. It had an effect on him also. He went into a permanent flexed ass stance. His was forcing his cock as far forward as he possibly could get it. And she was taking full advantage.

She began to pick up the pace. She was jacking him faster and harder than I had ever seen someone perform. She began talking to him again. "You like it? You like your big white cock being pounding on? You like the way I'm rubbing your ass crack? You want my finger in your ass? Are you about to cum? Look at your balls. They aren't slapping any more. Look how tight they are? Do you want to cum all over my hand? Huh, big boy, do you want your big white cock to cum all over my hand? Is it going to be a big load?" Then she squeezed his ass hard and said "Cum for me. Please cum for me. Close your eyes and think about getting your big, hard, white cock jacked by a hot MILF and cum all over her hand."

He must have closed his eyes because she mouthed something to me. I didn't understand what she said so she said it again. "Are you hard?" Like an idiot I looked down and then back up and mouthed back to her "yes". She gave me the biggest smile I've ever seen and James grunted. "Oh, uh, uhhhh, uhhhhh, awwwww, oh my, oh man, ohhhhhh, yes."

She finally broke eye contact with me. She began watching the cum shoot from his cock. She slowed her stroking down. It appeared as if she was milking him. I couldn't take my eyes off of the way his ass pulsated each time he shot a strand of cum out of his cock. I think she liked it also.

She was looking directly at his cock and licking her lips like she was hungry, and his cock was a delicious looking meal. She was horny, and I could tell. She released his ass when he said "That's the best nut I've had in a long time. Thank you, Krista. Can I make you cum now?"

As if someone had slapped her across the face and gotten her attention, she let go of his cock and took a step backwards.

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