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He's picked up in a XXX theater.


"You can't," and she started to cry.

"Stow the tears you have shown your true colors cocksucker."

"Now get on your knees take out my cock and suck it off and when you're done lick it clean or by the time you got to school they will see what a hoe you are."

"Brad will fucking kill you." Great then you may as well cut your wrist because you will be on all the porn sites with name address showing how good you are. Get it through that pea brain of yours anything at all happens to me even an accident that you had nothing to do with your life is over as you know it."

"I will tell you what I'll send Brad the files with you begging me to fuck you and blow me and see what his reaction is to you in the morning," and I went to my computer.

"Stop don't please you win I will do as you say."

She got on her knees pulled out my cock and I enjoyed another blow job again she was good and I came within five minutes I made her finger herself and she cum at the same time.

"That was adequate my cock sucking slut, you may go to bed."

The next day at school things went by very normal sis turned a bit red when I sat with her and Brad and some other girls. Brad said, "Aren't you a little lost the geek table is over there," pointing to a corner with the geeky guys are.

"No I am not lost sis prefers I sit with her she realizes I am a decent guy not a geek go ahead ask her."

Brad looks at Mary and she said, "Yes Brad he has matured quite a bit over the summer and I am glad to have him with us my girlfriends will enjoy his company I am sure." Marsha looked lifting an eyebrow catching the meaning right away.

On the way home Marsha was striking up a conversation and could catch her glancing at my package but I was looking at her nice shape to she wasn't as cute as sis but close a little wider hips and a bigger bust. We reached Marsha house first we spoke for a minute then we were off. I got home before Sis and was in my lab I think I had the full antidote but needed to test it but not on sis oh now I wasn't done with that bitch.

Chapter 4

I went to go to my room and I heard sis moaning so I opened the door and there she was spread eagle on the bed masturbating. She stopped and tried to cover and I said, "Nope continue slut I want to watch you cum."

Embarrassed and feeling humiliated she knew she had no choice while she was at it I picked up her phone and went to look at the text it was locked

I said, "Give me the pass code." "That's private," she said.

Cocksucker I know you can't be that dumb anything you got or own is not private from me now what is it."

She gave me the code and I looked at all her text Marsha wanted to get into my pants wanted to know how big I was Brad wanted to get a blow job after the game Shawna was talking up some collage guy she was fucking and the rest was just dribble.

I told sis, "You can call Brad tell him to come over now you can service him here rather that out on some bleachers some where I got work to do in my lab anyway and we got that project due I will get started on it and we will work together make sure we keep your grades up to."

She stopped masturbating and had moved her hands away and I had a perfect view of her red lipped pussy. You would do that let me give him a blow job here."

"Why not you gave me two, and your good at it, just don't give up that pussy he may not be the one you got a ways to go yet."

"You do care after all the stuff I said?"

Cocksucker I will be in my lab if you need me I came back a few minutes later she was dressed doing her makeup.

I said, "Here a glass of water for each of you I know how much you enjoy the taste." She through a pillow at me, "go you prick," with a smile on her face.

I was downstairs when Brad rang and I said, "She's upstairs go to it I got to do some lab work for that stupid project we got coming up.

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