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Boyfriend to best friend to cuckold bitch.

For the past two months I never got to have intercourse with her on Wednesday nights. I wondered about that but didn't do anything about it since she would fuck me wild on every other day of the week. And I didn't want to press her after seeing the doctor. I didn't know or realize she saw the doctor in the morning. What she did with the rest of that day I didn't ask.

Then one Wednesday afternoon my phone at work rang and when I answered it the voice was female and she said, "Is this Bud?"

I answered that it was and she said, "Well I was wondering if you knew what your wife and my husband are doing right now together at the Marriott?"

I said, "Who the hell is this and yes I would love to know what my wife is doing right now."

I was wondering who this was and what my wife had to do with it. The female voice on the other end of the line said, "My name is June and my husband's name is Carl. You might remember that name from the past Bud."

I almost dropped the phone. Fuck yes I remembered that name. Carl was my wife's old lover. Then she asked if we could meet that afternoon, I immediately told her yes I would be happy to meet with her. I left work and drove to the dinner where she told me she was at already. We met and she introduced herself.

The first time I saw June I had to admit it she was a breathtaking beautiful young woman. She stood about 5'10"almost as tall as I was. And she had a firm body with fairly small breasts that's sat up high. She was thin and had small hips and almost no stomach. Her legs were very long and looked athletic. I found out later on that she ran and swam. She had an ass that would stop traffic if she had on a short skirt but even in slacks that she wore that day I could see how nice it was. But it was her face that really got me! June had a face like Helen of Troy; she too could launch 1,000 ships!

Then as we talked I found out she was an assistant athletic director and had just turned 22 years old. Oh and June had a smile that made me feel like I had died and gone to heaven. While she didn't smile much that first day, she was really quiet astonishing! June wasn't just beautiful she was very smart and very friendly, very open, an extremely sexy female. I couldn't help wondering why her husband would risk cheating on her, especially with my older wife.

As we ordered coffee we began to talk about why she had asked to meet me. We talked for over three hours almost as long as our spouses were fucking in the hotel room that day. I found out a great deal about her and I liked her. She was straightforward yet sweet. I also found out that day from her that my loving wife Ann had been seeing Carl once a week for two months. She had been cheating on me again with that big cock bastard. Ann was fucking him again!

As we talked June told me that a big cock wasn't all that great all the time. Sometimes she would hurt for two or three days after Carl had had sex with her. She didn't like the way he took her either. The discussions we had explored all of the things about our marriages as we tried to figure out why our spouses had been cheating on us. We still couldn't figure it out.

June told me she had just found out about Carl from her friend who had started a new part time job at the Marriott. Her friend apparently took the job since she needed the extra money to help pay for her Master's degree. She had called June when she was her husband walking out of the hotel with a strange woman twice. That woman turned out to be Ann. After June's friend checked she found out that Carl had booked the same room for the past 7 Wednesdays. After chatting with others behind the desk she learned that Ann was the woman's name and she presented herself as Carl's wife.

As it was Wednesday when we met we both sat together in the dinner and waited for Carl and Ann to come out of the hotel. The dinner was across the street from the hotel and sure enough, Carl came out first followed by Ann about 10 minutes later.

As June watched Ann walk away from the

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