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She meets you in person for the first time.

It was hard to tell who was in control of our fucking. I had to make sure.

"No." I pulled away, withdrawing completely. She whined and chased me with her pussy, but I just rested farther back with a wicked smile.

"Please, T." Her eyes changed from passionate lust to pitiful sorrow.

"You'll take what I give you. Do you understand me? Whore."

"Yes." Again she tried to find me with her pussy. Again I pulled away.

"What was that?"

"Yes, sir."

I smacked her ass, bringing a yelp and while she was distracted I plowed all the way in with full force. Again she squealed, but rather than looking back at me, she kept her head turned forward. I could only imagine what she looked like. Perhaps her eyes were closed, mouth open, a look of absolute pleasure on her red face, her sweat-soaked hair plastered around the frame of her visage.

I pounded into her with all I was worth, and even some I had to borrow from my reserves. I was going to give it to her with all I had.

"Take it, bitch!" I forced it out. I hated calling my sweet sister a whore or bitch, but here we were. She twitched at that one.

"Oh, yeah...Yes, sir."

"What are you?" I demanded, pounding into her.

"I'm a whore," she whimpered.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you!" Louder this time. More demanding. In control. She whipped that hair around again, peering at me over her shoulder. "What are you?" I asked again.

"I'm a whore!" Such passion!

"Whose whore?!"

"Your whore." She was losing energy, her eyes rolling. I had to pull this climax out of her pussy.

"Your brother's whore." At that, she moaned and shuddered, her head dropping. "Say it."

"Oh, god. I'm my brother's whore," she whimpered, but it was clear as day. She was just jarred by my thrusting and her hips began to convulse. It felt like she pissed on my shaft and balls as she came. I was covered in liquid heat. This was about all I could take.

"That's right," trying to control myself, let her know who was doing the fucking and who was doing the taking. "Your brother's about to cum, whore. Where do you want it?"

Again she shivered and convulsed, her voice strained as another flood burst onto my balls. "Anywhere, brother. On my ass or pussy, tits, face, fuck! I'm your whore!"

That was it! I pulled out just as my first blast of heat escaped. My jizz streamed onto her convulsing cunt, immediately washed by another flood. The second arched up onto her back. Stacy continued to lurch as my seed spattered her rosebud, another shot onto her pussy and as I began losing force, I moved forward to drip the final shots onto her ass crack, where I watched it dribble down toward her pussy.

"Fuck, Stace," I muttered. I was out of breath and completely exhausted. I rested back on my heels and Stacy fell forward, still convulsing as she came down. Her legs were quivering. I looked straight down between us and the quilt was covered in a puddle about the size of a dinner plate.

"Mmmmm. That was sooo good, T." She didn't even move, just mumbled into the pillow. I made the move to crawl up beside her and to wrap my arm around her waist. We were both slick with sweat and coconut oil and it felt amazing. I immediately began to get hard again.

"What's that?" she giggled.

"I guess I'm not as tired as I thought." I ran my palm across her nipple.

"I don't know if I can keep going," she sighed.

"There's only one way to find out." I rolled up and kissed her.

"MMmmfff," she mumbled into my mouth, but only for an instant. She quickly returned my kiss. I continued to grope her tit, my hand still slick and smooth against her skin. Her left hand made a slight move to grab and pull on my cock while her right hand reached over to cup my head as we kissed.

It wasn't long before she rolled me over and straddled my waist.

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