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Fiona loved her mums soft and smooth, milky white, flawless skin. As Fiona moved down Sadie's graceful neck to her generous but firm tits, Fiona licked and nibbled at her swollen nipples. The dark circles of her aureus seemed to get darker and harder as Sadie moaned and urged her daughter further down her body.

Marvelling at her mothers, flat and muscular stomach Fiona's tongue traced @around her belly button and on to the swell of her mothers mons. Reaching up to tweak Sadie's nipples she moved between her mothers legs. As her mums scent filled her nostrils, she felt her own nipples harden as her tongue found her mums slot. Sliding her tongue around Sadie's clit, she relished the taste of her mothers nectar as she sucked and swirled her tongue around the entrance to the pussy that had birthed her.

Pulling back a little she admired her mums lipless pussy, Sadie was close to cumming and pulled her daughters head back down between her legs. Clamping her lips onto her pussy Fiona nibbled and flicked her mums clit, pushing 2 then 3 fingers deep into her mothers sopping pussy.

Fiona was desperate to watch her mother come so when Sadie started to come she lifted her head, pushed a 4th finger into her mum and started to ram her fingers in and out as hard as she could. Her mums legs started to shake as she thrust her pussy up to meet Fiona's fingers, folding her thumb into her palm and making a fist she rammed her whole hand into the soaking hole.

The results were incredible, Fiona watched open mouthed as her mum thrashed about on the bed. Her 1st orgasm was incredible screaming and yelping as her pussy sprayed pussy juice past Fiona's fist and soaked the bed sheet.

Deciding to carry on, Fiona latched onto her mothers swollen clit. As she pummelled her mum with her fist she raked her teeth and flicked her clit with her tongue. In seconds her mum was coming again and as her cunt poured more nectar she slumped onto the bed, bathed in sweat and breathing heavily. Fiona studied her mums pussy as she came down, She was obviously having lots of smaller orgasms as her pussy flexed and contracted, more girl cum poured from her hole.

Moving up to kiss her mum their nipples touched, it was like an electric shock on her sensitive, delicate nipples. Adjusting her position she brushed her nipples slowly over her mothers, groaning Sadie rolled her daughter over and sank between her legs. Sadie had always been bi-sexual, at one point in her life preferring girl on girl. Spreading her daughters swollen sex lips her tongue found her wetness and clit. Relishing the taste of her she forced her tongue as deep as she could into her daughters swollen pussy.

Fiona could feel the warmth growing in her lower belly as her mum expertly touched, licked and nibbled her delicate flesh. Just as her orgasm started to burst and well past the point of no return she heard a noise at the door. Looking over her Mothers shoulder she saw her father lifting Sadie to her knees. As she came, waves of pleasure swept over her as she cried out in her release.

Refocusing her eyes she watched as her father, Frank, pulled his cock out. It was long and thick, pushing between Sadie's arse cheeks he bottomed out in her soaking pussy with a single thrust. Fiona kissed her mum as she tweaked and twisted her nipples. Sliding under Sadie, Fiona chewed and sucked on her mothers tits. Sliding further down she spread her legs and bent her knees. Taking the hint Sadie dipped her tongue into her soaking pussy and onto her aching clitty.

Fiona watched her dads cock sliding in and out of her mums sopping hole. Reaching up she caressed Dads heavy swinging balls with one hand and gently swirled her mums clit with the other. Slightly disappointed that her mum had stopped licking her she watched as her Sadies taut stomach muscles clenched as yet more nectar ran from her hole.

Just a few seconds later her father groaned and she felt his balls tighten as he poured his load d

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