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Dave handed the doctor the check. 'Well, this should really help you out and when I get back to Miami I'm getting more of the team to help. Most of them like helping small places like this. They can come and really see the good things that are being done, not like just sending a check and never knowing if you're really helping or not.' Dave said giving the doctor a firm slap on his back and he turned to go back to the kids.

The doctor opened the folded check and fell against a wall when he saw how much Dave had given the hospital. He walked from the room with a white face. 'Ladies and gentlemen!' He said in a loud, excited voice. 'We need to give a very big thanks to Miss Leona and her wonderful friend Dave Gannon. He has just given us a check that will cover 'all' of our operating cost for the next five years. I have never seen what ten million dollars looks like until today!' He said seeing the shocked and excited faces of the small staff of the hospital.

Loud cheers filled the room as each person thanked Dave for his generous check. They were all happy for his help. It would mean the small kids would be staying where they lived and not being sent to the other children's hospital in the city, plus they would keep their jobs.

Leona stood with a shocked look on her beautiful face. She walked towards Dave. 'Do you have that much money?' She asked looking into his eyes. 'I can't believe how much you gave them,' she added feeling tears of happiness running down her face. 'Now they can hire Mandy to read to them.' Leona said when Ken and Mandy came to thank Dave for his gift.

'No!' Dave replied with a firm voice shaking his head. 'I'm telling the doctor not to hire either one of them,' he added seeing a hurt fill all three of his friends' faces. 'You can't work here. It would be to long of a drive from Miami every day,' he said with a big smile trying to hug his three best friends.

Leona looked up to him. 'Are you kidding?' She asked hoping Mandy and Ken could live near them and find goods jobs.

"Nope, I'm telling the truth!' Dave smiled to the girl he wanted more than anything in his life. 'He has two weeks to get back into shape before he starts playing on the team and Mandy is going to be right next door to us so you girls' can spend all the money you can.'

'What?' Ken said with excitement. 'Me starting center for Miami?' He asked with shock and excitement in his deep voice. 'Oh yes!' He yelled grabbing Dave for a giant hug of thanks.

'How can we afford to live next door to you if you own a big house on the beach?' She asked seeing that Ken's excitement quickly fade away. 'He'll never get as much as you do for playing,' she added giving Ken a big hug.

Dave leaned to kiss Mandy. 'You can since I own my house and the one next door,' he smiled to his friends' and saw a look of relief on their faces. 'Let's get going. You guys need to get a few things and we'll get some movers up there as soon as we get down to Miami,' he added giving Leona a deep, sensual kiss.


Dave sat out on the massive porch looking out to the ocean when he felt two warm hands slowly run down his bare chest. 'Oh yes!' He moaned turning to hug Leona's neck. 'Want to come and sit on a very horny guy's lap?' He teased holding her hand as she moved to sit on him.

'Oh boy!' Leona giggled when she sat down and felt his full erection pushing into her panty covered behind. 'I love it when you're hard like this,' she smiled caressing his handsome face. 'I can't wait to feel it deep inside me,' she added kissing him, thinking of Dave's big, long cock deep inside her, using her hard and fast.

Dave's hands roamed over every inch of her body. Under the thin night-gown, down to her wonderful ass and supple thighs. 'I hope I live till next week!' He laughed hugging her body to his. 'Do you think we could go play like we did that time in my room?' He asked with a pleading look on his face, hoping Leona would. He was in pain and needed her now, not on their honeymoon.

She guided his big ha

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