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Wrongly charged officer finds solace with a traitor.

Both sets of fingers were busy now. They squeezed, they rolled, they pinched the increasingly hard pink nubbins. Sally rasped the lace harder and harder, making her entire body squirm. She always had enjoyed balancing herself on the edge between pleasure and a bit of pain. The lace hurt slightly as she drug it over her skin, but it only made her hotter. She wished that MaryAnn would walk into her office right now, snatch her up and bend her over the desk to do whatever her lover wanted.

Since MaryAnn was on the other side of the country, Sally supposed she would have to do everything herself. She grinned. That was okay too. She lifted her hips, reached down and hiked her skirt up around her waist. The white skin of her thighs, still firm and smooth, showed above the flowered tops of her stockings. So did the neatly trimmed patch of brown curls between her legs. Sally really hated wearing panties.

She ran her fingertips along the tops of her stockings. One finger touched a garter strap. The older woman lifted it and let in snap against her skin. Ouch! That was good. She pushed her legs wide apart and touched herself. She was already wet.

To toy or not to toy? Sally grinned. Maybe both. She swung her legs down. Leaning forward she opened the bottom drawer and rummaged under some papers. Removing a slender silver tube she touched a switch on the base, hoping the batteries in the vibrator weren't dead. A cheerful "Buzz" rewarded her.

Returning to her previous position Sally ran the vibrator's tip over her breasts. She pressed it firmly against each nipple in turn, still keeping the lace material pinned against her nubbins. She traced the edges of the bra cups and then slid the silver bullet between her breasts.

Switching it off, she lifted it to her lips. She grinned, remembering the old joke about a blonde chipping her teeth trying to give a blow job to a vibrator. Sally had given a lot of blow jobs in her life, some to real cocks and some to latex ones but had never chipped any teeth doing it. She closed her lips on the metallic tube and began to pump it back and forth in her mouth. Then she plucked it free, reached down and touched herself between her legs as she flicked the switch back on.

Oh my that WAS nice. She closed her eyes and moved the pulsating tip over her pussy. She pressed it where the hood still concealed her clit, then slid it between her lips, dipping inside of her. She held it there, savoring the feel of the vibrations running through her body. She pushed deeper, her hips rocking slightly.

Not too much now, she grinned to herself. Set things up properly MaryAnn always said and the results will follow. Opening her eyes, she scooted the chair just a bit closer to the desk. Her legs balanced on the top drawer lifted her ass slightly from the smooth leather. She slid the tip of the vibe from her pussy along her perineum until the busy buzzing toy touched her dark opening. She wiggled the base until it lodged in a slight fold of the chair. Cautiously she relaxed her leg muscles. The wet tip pressed against her anal ring which opened just enough to allow the very tip to lodge in her ass.

My, oh, my. What a couple of little batteries will do. Sally shivered as the cluster of nerves around her opening responded to the stimulation. She leaned back. The tip slid just a little farther into her. The woman closed her eyes and her hands returned to her breasts. Now she was even rougher. She squeezed her breasts hard and began to pinch the hard tips, pulling them and stretching her breasts. She jerked them and slid the tiniest bit more onto the humming dildo.

Her right hand dropped between her legs. She cupped her pussy and curled first one, then a second finger between her labia and into her wetness. She pressed the heel of her hand against her no longer concealed clit. Her fingers squelched inside of her as she spread them.

Just as Sally was reaching the point of no return, a gentle rap on the still closed door startled her.

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