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A Powerful Drow matron has a dark secret.

He just wanted to see her before he started the battle for her heart. He really had missed her, and he knew he had messed things up when she was in Guam. It took him about three months without her to realize that he had fallen in love with her. It took him another month to realize he couldn't just get over her. Having sex with horny vacationers had lost its appeal. There was only one woman he wanted now, and here she was.

"Leave, Gabe. Go back to Guam."


"No? Well why the Hell not? Do you always have to be so difficult?"

Raine was starting to lose her composure. Not only was it hard to control herself around him, but she was starting to feel a little panic spreading within her at the thought of being unmarried and pregnant. She didn't know how much longer she could keep her cool.

Gabe, on the other hand, was keeping his control on a strict leash. He didn't want to make another mistake with her. Though he had planned on keeping his cards close to his chest, he thought it was time for some good old fashioned honesty. He took a deep breath to prepare himself.

"Raine, I can't leave now because I love you."

That response left her speechless. It was probably the last thing she had expected to hear him say. She had wondered if he was here looking for Morgan. Well, now she knew he was here looking for her. How could he be in love with her? Wouldn't he have had a harder time saying goodbye in Guam? Didn't they have phones there? She couldn't deal with this right now, and the panic kept growing.

"I can't deal with all of this right now Gabe. I need time to think. You need to leave, at least for now. I'm assuming that since you not only managed to find my address but to sneak into my apartment as well, that you already have my phone number. Call me tomorrow. Maybe then I'll be ready to talk."

Though Gabe wanted to stay, he could be satisfied with that. As long as she was willing to talk to him, he could deal. He didn't want to push her too much. He did indeed already have her phone number programmed into his cell phone. It was number one on his speed dial though he had never called it. He left her apartment and took a cab back to his hotel.

The next day he waited until afternoon to call her. It rang six times before she answered.

"Hello Gabe."

"Rae, I was hoping we could go for lunch, or maybe dinner later. I want to see you again. I want to talk some more. Please."

Raine considered his request. After a moment of indecision she decided it wouldn't be so bad. She'd rather meet him somewhere public than have him sneaking into her bedroom again.

"Let's do dinner. Crystale at seven tonight. It's my favorite restaurant."

"Okay, I'll pick you up at six?"

"Fine. See you then Gabe. And it's semiformal, wear a dress shirt and nice pants. Bye."

Gabe heard a click and a dial tone from the other end. Dinner was a start at least. Six o'clock was too far away for his liking, but he would take what he could get. He would need some of that time to go shopping, he needed an outfit for dinner.

Raine began getting ready for dinner at three. She took an hour to pamper herself in the bath tub. She wanted every inch of her skin to be silky smooth in case something should happen after dinner. She didn't plan on it, but she accepted that it was a possibility.

After the bath, she started doing her hair. She wanted it soft and curly. At the beach in Guam it had often been left naturally: not quite curly but not quite straight. She wanted it to look better tonight. She carefully stepped into her dress before doing her makeup. The dress was strapless and form fitting. The hem stopped just above her knee. It was a rich bronze that reflected the light beautifully. It also complemented her tan and her brown eyes. She wore four inch bronze heels to match. The only article of clothing underneath the dress was a silky black thong.

The only thing left now was the makeup.

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