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Your workplace fling ignites...

A knock at the door interrupted the pleasure trance Gwen had begun to succumb to, as Max quickly got to his feet. "Don't want to keep them waiting!" he said, with frustrating enthusiasm. He pulled the comforter up so that the edge just covered Gwen's nipples, and he quickly crossed the room to the door. Gwen tried to pretend that she was asleep, but knew she must look ridiculous, spread out in the middle of the bed. She kept her eyes closed, and hoped that Max would get back to her quickly. She finally heard the door close, and opened her eyes to see Max standing beside the bed with a tray, and an amused expression. "Did you fall asleep? And I thought I was waking you up!" he teased.

"So funny," Gwen managed to say, in a voice still trembling with excitement. She felt tears threaten to fill her eyes, in her excitement and frustration. Max set the tray down on the nightstand, and slid his pants off quickly, and set the ice bucket next to the foot of the bed. He pulled the comforter off before climbing back onto the bed between Gwen's legs.

"Now where was I?" he teased some more. "Right here..." he said, as he kissed her pussy again. He spread her open with his thumbs, and took a long, deep lick, from her drenched pussy, to her swollen clitoris. Gwen let out a moan so loud, it startled her, and thrilled Max. Encouraged, he teased her opening with the tip of his tongue, and flicked at her clit several times. He explored her folds with his tongue, and shifted his weight so he could hold her open with one hand, and slide a finger inside her with the other. Gwen's back arched, and her hips thrust up at the penetration. "Mmmm, you like that," Max said, in a husky, sensual tone. He probed her tight hole with one finger for a few moments, before adding a second. He kept flicking and stroking her clit with his tongue, as he explored her sex.

Without warning, Max stopped licking and fingering, and slid back on the bed, away from Gwen. She gasped in shock at the abrupt absence of him, and surprised herself with a moan of deep disappointment. Looking down between her legs, she could see Max leaning to the side, reaching for something on the floor. In her sexually fogged mind, she couldn't imagine what he was doing, until she felt sudden, shocking cold against her labia.

"What... what're... oh gods, what's that?" she stammered, as Max slid the ice cube along her slit.

"Just a change of pace, my Dear," he assured her, as he sat up, and moved to the side of the bed. He let the ice cube drip freezing water onto her left nipple, as he reached to circle the right nipple with another cube. Gwen sucked in a shocked breath at the sting of the ice, and felt her hips grinding slowly. She bit her lip softly, as Max caressed both nipples with ice, feeling the cold water dripping down the sides of her breasts, and down to her back. Max leaned forward, and drew her cold, left nipple into his mouth, sucking gently, and warming the tender skin with his tongue. "Put your legs down," he instructed, as he moved to straddle her. He suckled at her right nipple for a moment, just as he had the left. He alternated ice and kisses for many long minutes, feeling her hips rocking gently beneath him as he lovingly tortured her nipples. Gwen was panting and moaning in blissful arousal, wondering if she could have an orgasm just from nipple play.

Max eased himself off of the bed, and picked up a fresh ice cube.

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