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Blind date.

"Lie down on the bed, on your stomach," you tell me. I hesitate for only a split second, wondering what you have in mind for me. I use the step stool to climb onto the high bed. As I position myself, you tell me to put my hands above my head and to keep them still. I lie flat, legs together, arms above my head.

"I was very disappointed that you were late. You should have more respect for my time. I came here to see you, to spend my time with you.." Your voice is low.

"I am so sorry... I wanted to pick up a few things at ..." Your fingers against my lips silence me.. I can feel the paddle against my ass. I want to beg with you, but I know that will make it worse. The first contact with the paddle makes me squirm "Do not move again. Do not move a muscle." With each syllable of those sentences, I suffer a blow from the paddle. As the spanking continues, I cry out, burying my face in the pillow. I instinctively move my hand to cover my sore bottom. You stop. At first, I am only aware that you stop and I am so grateful.. Then, as I realize what I have done, a low sobbing groan escapes me. I try to move my hand back, but you grab it first. "Please.. I am so sorry... I didn't even know I had moved. It just hurt so much," I plead with you. You pull my hair back roughly and push something in my mouth, silencing me. My right arm is twisted, crossing to my left side. You place a cuff on it and fasten it to the left, middle side of the bed. You do the same with my left arm, fastening it to the right. My shoulders ache from the tension. My ass is throbbing and it feels so hot. You stand at the foot of the bed, admiring your handiwork.

"Spread your legs." Your command is so soft that I barely hear it. I quickly spread my legs as wide as I can. My legs are so tense. I am afraid of what you are going to do. But I feel you caress me. I am so wet for you, as you have taught me well. Your fingers rub against my shaven lips until my juices begin to flow freely. "Like that, don't you... You like the spankings, don't you." I can only shake my head. You pull the blindfold off of me and I can see your beautiful hard cock just inches from my face. I want it so much.. "You want to suck my cock, don't you?" I shake my head yes. You pull the gag out of my mouth and I recognize my panties.. "Not just yet..." I feel your stroking me again. "You are so wet..." Your push to fingers inside me and feel me rise off the bed.

As you withdraw them, I push myself at you. "Open you mouth, taste your juices.." I open my lips and clean your fingers. I suck eagerly on your fingers, hoping that you will want that feeling for your cock. But instead, your fingers find my pussy again. One, two, three fingers inside of me. It feels so good. I know that I could come at any minute... I know that I have to tell you, get your permission. "I feel very close. I'm going to cum.." You pull your fingers away, much to my dismay. I see you pick up the paddle again and I flinch. The paddle connects with my ass again and I cry out, but then I feel the handle of the paddle stroking me.. You alternately paddle me and stroke me with the paddle. They soon become equal and welcome. At last, you tell me I can cum and I feel my body explode.

As my orgasm subsides, you release my hands.

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