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First-time tranny gets fucked by girlfriend's ex-boyfriend.

The man crawled onto the bed and moved his head between Cindy's legs and running his tongue up her thighs. She had already started raising her hips even before his tongue ran up her slit and circle the tiny nub of her clit. Reaching her hands down, she grabbed him by the hair and pulled him tight against her as she fucked his face hard.

Stubby little cock or not, this guy was doing a good job eating her cause she was going nuts grinding on him. Even on the tiny screen I could see his face glistening from her juices. I watched her face tighten up and then relax as she collapsed back on the bed, much like when I watched the recording of her masturbating.

She paused only a moment after coming and then reached down and pulled him upward. As he crawled over her, she reached down and grabbed his tiny cock and guided it into her glistening wet pussy. He pushed against her, but instead of pulling the cock in and out of her, all he did was kind of rock back and forth. I guess he was so small that he didn't dare withdraw much for fear his cock would slip out of her.

Anyway, he continued rocking wildly, so fast that her breasts began jiggling like water balloons bouncing down a staircase. I was surprised she didn't get sick, being jostled so violently, but whatever it was, it worked for him because in just moments he arched his back and then fell down on her.

He remained on top of her for a bit and then he jumped up quickly looking back in the direction of the bedroom door. It wasn't the first time his face appeared on screen, but it was the only time I saw him straight on before he turned and headed for the door. I noticed a man suddenly rush in carrying a tool or something. While the naked man tried to open the sliding door, the other man reached down and clamped the tool the man's stubby, little, flaccid cock.

The naked man grabbed at the tool, but for some reason he couldn't get it off. After fooling with it for a few seconds, he turned his attention back to the glass door, finally sliding it open. The last you see of the man is his boots clomping across the patio at a high rate of speed.

After the naked man disappeared I watched the other man, a man I recognized as Randy, holding another tool as he screamed at Cindy. He shook the tool, pointing menacingly at her breasts. Suddenly all you could see on screen was his face as the image suddenly went black.

"Son of a bitch, what was that you attached to his cock?"

"An old vice grip I had. They were fucked up... I never could get them to release without taking a hammer to them. I hate the fact that he ran off with one of my tools, but if I was to lose a tool, that vice grip would have been the one I chose, so it's a loss, but not a big one."

"I guess you made him pay."

"Yeah, but what I really wanted was to get his boots. It would be nice to wear them as I walk all over Cindy in court."

"Don't get too cocky man, I've seen plenty of good men get fucked over in divorce court," I said.

"Hell man, this isn't the first time she's done it and I got an appointment with Allison to watch this tape tomorrow."

"Allison Walker/Davis?"

"Just Allison Walker now," he replied, smiling for the first time that evening.

"But she only represents women in these divorce cases. She's cut the balls off of plenty of guys."

"Don't you remember Hank, that's Ally Walker," he said giving me an odd look.

"Oh fuck, Ally! She's the one who..."

"Shit man I took her to prom and everything. She off and went to law school and married some lawyer. Well, apparently she learned her lesson."

"But why all the shit earlier, nearly breaking your foot, acting so fucked up?"

"Ally told me to do that... Ah Hank, what am I gonna do without Cindy?" he said, dropping his head onto the table.

Turning my head I noticed Tilley had come over to the table. "You need any more scorpion Hank?"

"Nah, let us just nurse these a while longer," I said.

As she walked away Randy lifted his head and continued talking, "No

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