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Julie composes herself, then finds out about Susan.

"Oh my god stop stop" she waved her hands at them "please stand up I am no Queen"

Have these people lost their minds? Werewolves, Kings and Queens and festivals what was wrong with these people?

They stood and I found myself in the most luxurious sleeping gown running my hands over the fabric and I gasped.

"Silk my Queen, Lord Adonis said nothing but the best" the young one seemed proud of her work. "Did you make this?" I asked her.

She nodded "of course Celeste helped me" Celeste curtsied I fought everything in me to roll my eyes.

"How many of you are there?" the seemed confused with my question "peop- err uh werewolves?" they shared a giggle

"All, madam we are all werewolves" the young girl answered again. I sighed "kay well how bout you do your best and give me a head count off the top of your head"

"Over 200 and that is just at camp here" a deep

voice beat her too it.

We all turned to see who answered me and there stood the most gorgeous man alive he wore tight fitting fabric pants but was completely shirt less I fought the urge to run my fingers down his chiseled tan chest.

I looked back at the women they had both dropped to their knees I looked back at him he had an amused look on his face.

I pointed at him "you must be King Adonis?" he smiled and I forgot the smartass remark I had for him.

He nodded "leave us" he called to them.

They both rose and curtsied and murmured "yes my lord" I watched them leave with jealousy, Celeste was so right I couldn't be his ... hell me and Justin barely got to second base.

"You seem nervous my love is there something I can do to calm you?" he had made his way to the makeshift bed and sat down as he unlaced his boots.

"Uh yeah let me go home kidnapper" I screamed at him. His calmness worried me he had no intention of letting me leave. His face smoothed over with anger.

"How dare you speak to your King in such a manner" he roared at me he dropped his boots and walked over to the basin and washed his hands. I laughed and it sounded more like a scoff "you are not my King you bastard I have rights!" the sound of his hand connecting with my cheek was the only thing you could hear ring throughout the tent.

I heard the gasp of people behind the flap.

He staggered back; my face felt like it had just sprouted flames. Tears fell from my eyes.

"By the gods I am sorry" he placed a cold rag on my cheek I jerked away from his touch. "Please no I am sorry do not fear me" I looked up at him he was genuinely beautiful his light jade eyes seem to glow against his tan face which was slender but very intimidating.

I reached up and brushed the dust from his brow, his sharp intake of breath warmed me in places no one had ever touched.

His nostrils flared and a sexy smirk grew on his face with the tip of his index finger he brought my chin closer to his face I closed my eyes and awaited his assault that my body seemed to long for.

"I can smell you getting wet for me" his lips brushed against mine and his words worked wonders on my body. Small moan slipped pass my lips, I bit my bottom one as my hands found their way to the back of his head I tried to pull him closer to me. He kissed his way down my chin to my chest he bit down lightly.

"Ahh god yes Adonis" I couldn't help the way I was acting.

His chest vibrated with a growl, I climbed into his lap I wanted more of he had to offer, he looked a bit taken back by my boldness as I ground my hips against his erecting cock causing him to moan louder than I expected.

I rotated on him he tipped his head back in pleasure giving me good access to his neck. I licked my way up to his chin and bit his shoulder grinding faster on him. He grabbed ahold of my ass making my movement less erratic and I moaned "oh god come for me Adonis come please" he groaned and shook.

I came in my panties hard biting on his shoulder he was breathing hard I let go of his shoulder shocked to find I had drew blood.

He chuckled and wiped the

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