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And a helping hand for my landlady's friend.

The class continued. Mr. Marcello could not help but to snick peeks at her pretty pussy. Jada could tell that Mr. Marcello was having problems paying attention. He gave them several short, in class, activities to do, so he could just sit and watch Jada.

Finally, the class was over. Jada put her stuff back into her book bag. Mr. Marcello was talking about a poem earlier and said if anyone wanted a copy of it, he would make sure they got one. She decided that the poem gave her an opportunity to stop and talk to Mr. Marcello.

Most of the people were clearing out of the classroom, but there were a few stragglers left in the room. One of them was the other hot guy, which she found out that his name was Blake.

Jada approached Mr. Marcello and said, "Mr. Marcello, I would like to have one of those poems."

"Certainly, Miss Trenton, but you can call me Tony. I would bring it in on Wednesday, to our class," he softly answered, not taking his eyes off hers.

"You can call me Jada. Is Tony short for Antonio?" She asked interestingly.

"Yes, it is," he answered inquisitively.

"Then can I call you Antonio? I like that much better," Jada said. "If you would like, that is fine," he answered.

"Well, Antonio, I am hear until late this afternoon. I could meet with you later and pick it up," she responded. Giving him a look of the promise she was implying.

"Well, where will you be in about fifteen minutes?" Mr. Marcello asked.

"Well, I usually study in the closed off section of the college. You know, where they are remodeling? It's quite there and I go there when the workers aren't there," she answered seductively.

"OK, I will bring it to you in about fifteen minutes," he responded.

Jada walked toward the door, and glanced over to Blake then back to Antonio. "See you in fifteen then," she sad smiling and turned and walked out the door.

Mr. Marcello did not waste any time and quickly left the room. Blake looked over to his friends and smiled. "I'll meet up with you guys later. I have something to do first."

His friends smiled and one said, "You mean someone, don't you?"

A slow, wicked smile spread across Blake's lips. "Well, what ever."


Jada could not wait until Antonio and Blake showed up. She had to get her party started without them. She opened her purse and pulled out her carry along play toy. She then went over to the plastic covered couch and pulled back the plastic and sat down with her legs spread wide. Jada lifted up her skirt to give her easier access to her wet, hot pussy. She reached down to spread her cunt lips apart and started to rub her clit.

God she was so fucking hot and horny. Where in the hell was Antonio? She knew he understood her offer. She turned on her little vibrator and rubbed it against her hard nipples while she pulled against the ring in her clit. She then lowered her buzzing toy down to her pussy and rubbed it against her aching clit. Jada was really getting into the vibration when she heard Antonio softly calling her name.

"Jada, where are you at?" He repeated.

Jada did not answer. She knew he would find her, so she continued her assault on her clit.

When she opened her eyes she saw Antonio standing there watching her. A slow, sensuous smile came across Jada's lips. "What took you so long? I had to start without you."

"I had trouble finding the poem in my rush," he answered.

"I don't even like that poem, I just used it as an excuse," she confessed.

Antonio dropped the poem and walked toward Jada. Jada lowered the dildo and inserted it into her throbbing pussy. The sight of her masturbating set Antonio on fire. He lowered himself to his knees and ran his hand across her smoldering hot pussy.

"Yes, oh yes. Antonio would you like to taste me?" She asked.

He did not reply; he just lowered his mouth to her clit, and started to lick the harden tip.

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