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Doc meets young girl.

Meredith knew what was coming and she screamed, "No, no, please no."

I said, "Shut your fucking mouth, you unfaithful whore" and I drove my cock into her tight ass.

She screamed, "Don't, for gods sake please don't, you're hurting me."

I laughed (an evil mean laugh - not a happy one) "Good! Suffer you fucking slut and think about how much it hurt me to find out what you have been doing behind my back."

Normally when Meredith and I have anal sex I spend a good deal of time working on her ass with thumb and fingers and a lot of KY and then went slow and easy until her "Easy baby, easy" turned into "Yes, yes, oh god yes." This time however it was ram it to her as hard as I could right from the start. It took me almost five minutes to get my nuts off and she was still screaming and begging me to stop. I pulled out of her and walked away. I took my shower, got dressed and when I left for work Meredith was still lying on the bed crying.

When I got home that night dinner was on the stove, but Meredith was no where in sight. I knew she was home because her car was still in the garage so I went looking for her. When I got upstairs I found that our bedroom door was locked and I called to Meredith to unlock the door, but she didn't. I called a second time and still nothing happened. What I did next was foolish since I would have to fix it, but I was pissed. One of my favorite movies was the Quiet Man with John Wayne and in one scene where Maureen O'Hara had locked him out of the bedroom he kicked the door down and said, "There will be no locked doors in this house Mary Kate" and I did the same thing. I kicked the door down and found Meredith sitting in bed reading. I said the John Wayne line - substituting Meredith for Mary Kate - and then I went downstairs and ate my dinner. After I cleaned up the dishes I went into the family room and turned on the TV.

Half an hour later Meredith came into the room and sat down in one of the chairs. Her face was drawn and her eyes were red and puffy, probably from crying. I ignored her. If anything was going to be said she was going to have to start the conversation. When she did it caught me totally off guard because she started out by trying to make me the bad guy.

"How could you say you love me and then do what you did to me this morning?"

Like I said, she caught me totally off guard and I sat there with my mouth hanging open for several seconds before I broke out laughing. As soon as I got myself under control I said, "How can you profess undying love and devotion for me and then go out and fuck Mike and Stan behind my back? And why would you think that when I found out about it I wouldn't be mad - maybe even enough to punish your whorish ass."

Even though I'd caught her coming home freshly fucked she hadn't known that I knew whom she'd been with and the surprise showed on her face.

"What's the matter? Surprised to find out that your husband isn't as stupid as you thought he was? You maybe expected to get away with it forever? You thought maybe you could make me feel bad for punishing you and I would be so ashamed that I would just forget about you being an unfaithful whore and everything would just go away and go back to being the way it was before? Sorry lady, it just ain't gonna happen that way. If that is what you were thinking when you came into the room you need to leave. Come back when you are ready to face up to what you've done. Until then you sleep in the spare bedroom - I don't want you in my bed and if you don't like that you can just pack a bag and leave."

Meredith left the room and I started channel surfing.

It was a typical night; 58 channels and nothing on but drivel.

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