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Couple is finally able to let loose.

She started spreading the gel.

Tammi jerked and started to shake. The joy and pleasure she found being with her daughter was overcoming her. Though it wasn't sexual in her mind, her body was responding as if it was. She felt her thighs tremble as Mindy's fingers rubbed the gel into her hair, into her skin and between her legs. The coolness pressed against her warmth, tickling her body into excitement.

Mindy dipped the razor into the water and started to shave, all the while her free hand was rubbing the gel deeper into her mother's loins, her fingers slipping in and out from the love between her legs, just enough to tease then quickly retreating as if entering in error. She could hear her mother panting, her nipples hard on her heavy breasts.

"Mom," she looked up at her mother. She could see the excitement on her face. Mindy had never touched a woman before and as much as she could feel her mother's excitement, hers was building even greater. "should I take it all off?"

Tammi just nodded yes. The thought of her bare pubic area disgusted her, but the feeling her daughter was giving her couldn't stop. She wanted to keep being touched like this, so gently and methodically. Not sexually, yet bringing her to the brink of orgasm. She could feel her hips greeting each touch of the razor or the warmth of the wet towel upon her freshly bare skin. She let out a soft moan of pleasure.

"Do you want to see?" Mindy leaned over to grab a mirror from her mother's night stand as she finished and placed it between her mother's legs. "I hope you meet someone so you can see how sexy men think it is!"

Tammi looked away then slowly down at the mirror. She had never seen herself before or any woman like that for that matter. The thought of looking both nauseated her and intrigued her. She wanted to look away but she couldn't. She looked down and saw herself for the first time. Her body now bare, nothing was left covered. She felt more naked than she had ever felt before.

Mindy reached up and squeezed her thigh lovingly. A massage that was telling her to relax and be comfortable. She could see her mother's eyes filling as she looked in the mirror. She could smell her lust growing. She knew her mother was excited. Mindy herself was excited. What was happening? She wanted to help her mother get a date and now instead she wanted her mother's love. She shook her head.

"We should start picking out some lingerie," Mindy slowly broke from her thoughts of lust. "Even if you don't, you know, you want to feel sexy."

Tammi never wore lingerie. It was uncomfortable both physically and mentally. It made her feel wanton to try to look sexy. Made her feel like she needed sex when in truth she only accepted that her partner needed sex.

"Why wake the sleeping bull," her mother would tell more than ask her, "don't show the bull the cow and he rests all day."

Mindy looked at her mother. She was still young. Still beautiful. In a way she hoped that her mother would go out and find a man. To enjoy his company. She deserved it and it would make her feel better. Most of her, though, enjoyed the power. The power she was wielding over both her mother and her brother. The power that was always bubbling just beneath the surface of her love for her family.

"How about this?" Mindy held up a bra and panties, "you always look great in red."

Tammi looked. Was she going to wear these things? Could she say no? This was the first time that she could remember enjoying her daughter's company in a long time. It was best just to go along with her? Mindy knew how to bend men with her looks, maybe she could too?

"Okay," Tammi smiled, the sexual excitement in her bare loins, gratefully, slowly diminishing.

Mindy handed her the panties and watched as she pulled them on.

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