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She is left to fantasize while she waits for him.


"Michael, will that be Okay?"

"Jeanne, it won't just be okay, it will be wonderful. I'm going to have some great fantasies tonight."

Abby said, "Michael I believe Mel is correct. You might just be the best husband in the entire world."

We all laughed. After a moment I said, "Jeanne, can I make a suggestion?"

"Of course."

"After we hang up I think you and Abby should take a shower together. You know, to get ready for your party tonight."


Clapping her hands together Mel said, "This keeps getting better and better."

Giggling, Abby said, "I agree."


"Yes really. Ever since I first met you I've wanted to get into your panties."

There was silence. After a moment Abby said, "Michael your wife just kissed me."

"Did you kiss her back?"

"Oh yes and I loved it."

"Mel's right, this does keep getting better and better. Jeanne I think it's time to end this call. You and Abby have some business to attend to before your dates arrive."

"Michael are you sure about this?"

"Jeanne, I don't ever remember being as excited as I am right now."

"I love you so much."

"I know Jeanne, I love you too."

Abby said, "Michael, when you come home maybe the three of us could play together like you, Amy and Mel play."

Jeanne said, "I think he'd also like to watch."

"Is that true Michael? Would you like to watch me eat your wife's pussy?"

"Oh yes."

"Amy, as soon as Michael gets home we have got to visit them."

"Yes Mel we do."

Mel asked, "Abby when we visit could you invite Mark and Bobby to party with us?"

"They'd love that. They like kinky sex games even more than I do."

"I'm getting squishy just thinking about this. As soon as this phone call is over we're going upstairs. I need to get down and dirty." Mel was giggling.

I said, "Jeanne, have you and Abby had dinner?"

"No Michael, we haven't."

"I think it's time to end this call. You have to eat dinner and then you have to get ready for your party."

"Michael, are you going to be okay? I feel like I'm cutting our Saturday evening conversation short."

"Jeanne, you were the one who had a nasty confrontation today. I think I should be asking you if you're okay."

"Michael, I'm fine. I really do think it was a stroke of good fortune. It turned out to be a quick easy way to end the affair with Trent." Jeanne paused. After a moment she added, "Besides, it now looks like I'm about to have a very exciting evening."

"Yes you are."

"You're sure you're okay with it?"

"Do you promise to call me tomorrow while I'm driving to Texas and tell me every seamy little detail?"

"Every single one."

"Then I'm more than fine with it. I'm excited."

Mel said, "Jeanne honey, don't worry about your husband. As soon as we hang up we're going upstairs for a little party of our own. Michael's going to have lots of fun tonight."

Laughing, Jeanne said, "I should have known that I didn't have anything to worry about. Micheal's in very good hands."

Amy said, "And we intend to take excellent care of him tonight."

"Okay. Michael, I love you. I'll call you tomorrow. Amy and Mel, I'll call you tomorrow evening."

Mel said, "We'll be waiting. Abby, it was nice to talk to you."

Amy said, "We can't wait to meet you and Jeanne in person."

Abby said, "I look forward to that too. Good bye everyone."

Jeanne said, "Michael, have fun tonight. I love you."

"I love you too Jeanne. I hope you get to have some wonderful new experiences tonight."

Giggling, Jeanne said, "I already am. Abby is kissing my neck and rubbing my clit."

In a muffled voice Abby said, "Say good night Jeanne. It's shower time."

Still giggling Jeanne said, "Good night everyone." And then she ended the call.

Mel stood up and extended her hand to me. "Come on Michael. I promised Jeanne that you were going to have a very fun night tonight. I intend to keep that promise." I took Mel's hand. She pulled me to my feet.

Next to me Amy popped to her feet.

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