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Two Greek asses in hand are better than one in the bush.

2 points to me." Was her reply, while she laughed slightly.

"Oh, great." Was all Jackson could say, becoming sad, with a fake smile.

She'd tricked him. It was that stupid game again. The accusation of him being gay was all so she could get him right where she wanted him- where he was now. Little did Amy realise that to Jackson it felt somebody had stuck a knife in his gut and was twisting the blade. He left her room after that.

The next day...

Amy was out with her friends while Jackson was home working in the garden. It was almost 4 o'clock when she finally breezed through the door. Today she was wearing tight Denim shorts which were frayed at the legs with a close fitting blue tank top.

"Hey Jack!" She called to him from the back door.

He walked over to her and inside.

"Hi Am. How was your day out?" Jackson replied walking past her.

"It was great thanks. We went shopping, got some lunch hooked up with a couple of guys..." Her voice trailed off in thought.

Upon hearing this, Jackson's head snapped to look at his sister.

"Hooked up? With guys?" Jackson croaked.

"Yeah, they were nice and they gave us their numbers. They were cute as well." She replied happily.

"Good. You said you wanted to be with someone and now you can be." He croaked again, beginning to feel queasy.

"Yeah," Amy replied locking eyes with him "but it's hard to find good guy." She continued seriously and slowly.

"I guess it is huh?" Replied Jackson, beginning to smile.

Amy returned his smile and the two started laughing, only lightly. They walked into the kitchen to fix themselves something to eat. They sat in the kitchen for the next couple of hours listening to the radio, talking, eating and so on.

"J, how comes we aren't as close as we use to be?" Amy decided to ask.

"I don't know. Maybe it's because you went an' got all pretty on me? Or maybe you didn't want to hang out with your big brother?" Jacksons reply was unguarded. It just kind of slipped out of his mouth.

"You think I'm pretty?" Amy asked with sincerity.

"Well yeah, anyone who thought otherwise is stupid." Was Jacksons reply, just as sincere.

"That's, that's the nicest thing you've said to me J." Amy replied softly.

"Well, you are beautiful sis." Continued Jackson.

During this exchange the pair had moved closer to one another without realising.

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