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Story about my girl being forced to submit to a coworker.

It created a slight tickling that forced Alex to cease his gentle persuasion upon her lips. He shivered as he sucked in a breath, lightly laughing at his weakness. This time when he looked into her eyes, he saw a completely different story. Along with her confusion, he could see a glimmer of hope and utmost appreciation. His earlier thought of her frailty returned to him and he thanked his self control for kicking in when it did. Alex's smile, a rarity until this radiant beam of light came into his life, made another appearance as he leaned in to kiss her again.

Ready for it this time, Brianne instantly began to move her lips against his. Without an ounce of haste, Alex began to run his fingers through her golden hair even as his mouth worked diligently against her own. Breaking their kiss once more, Alex sighed. Then he kissed her forehead and laid down on his side, still cradling her in his arms.

Brianne snuggled against his warm, hard body then suddenly planted a small kiss of gratitude on his lips. With a sheepish smile, she settled herself against his chest again.

"Try and get some more sleep," Alex whispered as he stroked her locks of sunshine. "It's going to be a long journey to Spain." He felt her sigh, and resented to following his own advice. Ignoring the throbbing in his groin as best he could, he dozed off into a light slumber.


The sun was peeking through the drapes on the windows in the princess's bed chamber. She stubbornly clenched her eyes and turned her head to evade rays' prying fingers. Rene was wrapped in a very tight, very warm blanket and she was not eager to start the day. After all, she still had to pack...for something. Her befuddled brain was trying to put the pieces together. Where was she going exactly and why was she leaving?

Despite her desperate attempts to return to sleep, Rene's eyes snapped open. She ignored the blinding light as her memory of the previous evening came flooding back to focus. She quite literally gasped as she remembered everything from the incident in the dining hall to Blake carrying her back to her room. Rene's breathing calmed; she was not wrapped in a blanket after all.

Blake was lying sound asleep and snoring softly. He had encased the princess in his powerful arms. The embrace was protective and caring, albeit somewhat possessive; but it soothed the young girl as she lay beside him. The knight's dazzling smile was subdued as he slumbered, without a care to the world around him. For a moment, Rene allowed herself to soak up his warmth and cherish his shielding presence. But as it always does, the cruel knowledge of reality stopped her daydreaming in its tracks.

Sighing, the princess frowned as she tried to pry his arms away from her body so she could rise. However, even in his sleep, his body held three times the strength of her own. She wriggled around to face her bodyguard as he held her close to his body. Instantly, it reminded her of the day they met; wrestling in the leaves, his playful grin as he kept her beneath him with absolute ease. Rene smiled.

"Blake," she whispered, "it's morning." But his breathy snore droned on. "Blake," she said a little louder. "Wake up." She twisted a hand between them to touch his face, patting him a bit on the cheek. When he still didn't awake, Rene puckered her lips and leaned close to him. She kept her hand tucked around his jaw and very softly, blew on his face. To her delight, he distorted his features and wrinkled his nose. Finally coming to consciousness, he opened his eyes and smiled sleepily. Instead of releasing her, his hug intensified.

"What a dream you are to wake up to, my lady." Rene smiled and withdrew her hand from his face. He caught it at the last moment and placed a tender kiss upon her slender fingers. She blushed, biting her lips to lessen her smile only to find that she couldn't hide it in her eyes. Blake's own smile grew and he squeezed her hand.

"Did you sleep well?" he asked her.

"Very much s

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