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Reflections on life and love.

She left the baggy tee, which only made the sight stranger. Susie was skinny, almost flat-chested and short, so her cock was raised up underneath the shirt, draping it up around her. "Hold on, I mean, we just met. I haven't even unpacked!"

"What are you, sheltered?" Susie asked, looking a bit annoyed. "This college is like 70% cocked girls, and I don't know how much you know about us, but we need to cum regularly. You're my roommate, and this is how I get to know someone. So get over here!"

Lilly didn't move, but this time it was mostly out of fear. Susie had suddenly snapped and shouted at her. "I'm sorry, it's just...I just got here, and I don't know you yet. That's all. Just...just give me time and -" But she was cut off as Susie suddenly lunged forward. "Ack!"

The Asian girl was surprisingly quick as she moved forward and grabbed Lilly by the back of her head, fingers curling into her brown locks and pulling her forward. The pale nerdy girl stumbled forward, yelping as she was yanked off of the bed and onto the floor, landing on her knees. "Open!" Susie directed, but her roommate tried to back up. With a small but strong palm on her head, the over-sized girl-cock was mashed into her lips anyway. "Open!" Susie repeated, and soon the tip of the prick made contact with Lilly's lips. With a little force, she pushed the mushroom-shaped cockhead all the way inside those pursing lips. "There we go..."

Lilly immediately smelled soap - it was clear that Susie was fresh from the shower. The next sense that was invaded was her taste buds, as the cockmeat slide further into her mouth until it was stuffed to the brim with the Asian flesh rod. Her jaw felt contorted - while not an experienced cocksucker, she had a few in her mouth before and this was by far the largest.

"Look up at me," Susie said. Gone was the gentle young freshman roommate Lilly had met a few minutes prior. Now was firm, sawing her girl-meat in and out of her fellow student's maw. Lilly had to move her head back in order to see Susie through her glasses. "Good. Now that you're where you belong, let's get something clear." Susie slid forward again, her cock disappearing into the open gullet of Lillian. "We can be friends and you take care of this cock when I tell you too, or we can be enemies, and I'll turn you into my ass-licking puppy without thought. You got it?"

Of course she got no response. Susie was no longer pumping herself inside the open mouth, instead just holding her cock inside the warm confines of Lilly's throat-box. Some spittle drooled out onto the chin of the spectacled girlie-girl as she struggled not to choke on the width. When Susie finally pulled her hips back, it had to be the slowest movement Lilly had ever seen - it felt like it took forever for that long dick to slide all the way out of her mouth and give her the room to cough.

As Lilly sucked in a big breath, she was increasingly aware of Susie's Asian cock resting atop her forehead, mashing into her glasses. "Well? Friends or enemies?"

"Friends!" Lilly choked out immediately. Maybe it was fear. That was certainly part of it - she didn't want to end up like the girl she had seen earlier, getting butt-fucked in the hallway in front of passer-bys. But there was also the fact that honestly, she didn't hate sucking on Susie's hot pipe. It was rough and certainly a bit painful, but it tasted delicious and there was no denying that heat stirring in her core. "We can be friends! I'll be good, Susie! I'll be good!"

"So nice to hear, roomie!" Susie said cheerfully - like she turned the 'bitch' light switch off instantly. "Take your shirt off so I can see those titties."

Susie didn't stop waving her cock in front of Lilly's face as she moved her green shirt up and off of her slender torso.

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