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Who put the man under ice on Christmas Day?

She leaned in to nuzzle his balls...

"He'd, um. He'd hypnotize me." Cynthia was aware she was leaving out a lot of details that would make the story make more sense, but it was harder to tell than she thought. So much of the conditioning she thought she'd gotten rid of was just pushed to the back of her head, waiting to be recalled. She was suddenly very glad she didn't have Brad's phone number anymore. "With his cock, I mean. It had gotten so bad that just looking at it put me under."

Cynthia looked at Alice, trying to get some sense of how the other woman was taking the story, but Alice just looked at her intently. Was that sympathy, or disbelief? Either way, Cynthia decided, at least Alice was letting her finish. "After a couple of years of that, I was very well trained. At least, I thought I was. I don't remember really resisting anything he told me-even when he suggested that I should drop out of school, it seemed to make perfect sense. We were so happy together, and he was going to have a good practice soon, and...I had convinced myself that it was all normal."

Cynthia felt her airway try to close up again as she came to the hard bit. "Until one night, he brought someone home. Her name was Debbie, and she...she looked at me with this weird, hungry look in her eyes. Then she looked at Brad with that same look, and asked him to 'prove it'. I didn't understand what she meant, until..."

The memory pounced on her in an instant. Brad slid his pants off, and he was already so hard underneath them that his cock sprang up like a jack in the box. Cynthia's stare locked onto him, everything else fading away as his erection became the focus of her world. Debbie didn't matter anymore. Nothing mattered but that beautiful, rock-hard cock. Cynthia sank to her knees, her pussy already growing warm and slick with desire.

Debbie sat next to her and pulled her clothes off. She played with Cynthia's breasts as they were exposed to the cool air, tugging and flicking the nipples. Debbie's eyes were hooded with lust, and she kissed her way along Cynthia's collarbone and up her neck to her lips. Cynthia didn't mind, though. She was thinking about Brad's cock. Debbie could do whatever she wanted. Cynthia knew that would be just perfect.

She was their plaything, their fucktoy. It didn't matter how she knew, the knowledge simply entered her mind in a low, soothing tone and she agreed with it implicitly. She suckled at Debbie's breasts, she laid on her back and licked Debbie's wet pussy while Brad fucked her. She tongued Debbie's asshole while Brad pumped in and out of her doggie style, pushing her face deeper into Debbie's crack with every thrust. She spread her legs wide so that Debbie could taste Brad's cum out of her snatch, moaning in pleasure as Brad dragged his balls across her face. The heat, the pleasure of it all overwhelmed her to the point where she stopped thinking completely. All that existed for her was sensation. She was their slut now, their cockslut, and she loved every second of it.

"...until Brad hypnotized me again," Cynthia said. "Um, can I get a glass of water?"

"I'll go get you one," Alice said, patting her on the knee. She went through to the kitchen, and came back a few moments later with the drink. Cynthia gulped it down in seconds.

"Um, so he hypnotized me, and let Debbie.

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