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After 15 yrs of marriage, she likes the taste of semen

street, I would have thought straight off that he was out of my league!

As the evening wore on Suzy coaxed me into conversation with her and I tried hard to be cool and not be a prat. She was very friendly and funny and just, well nice! After a while the guys were bored and decided that they were going off to look for some action (that meant starting some aggro somewhere). Not everyone wanted to go so the group split up, leaving me, Suzy, Ricky and Denny in the Wimpy. Kim, Suzy's friend went off to her boyfriends' house.

After another short while we decided to leave too and walked out into the street. A short discussion on what to do next ended up with Suzy inviting all of us around to her parents house for a coffee. Ricky had his bike there too so he gave Denny a lift and Suzy climbed on behind me, I felt her warm body snuggle up behind me, it felt so good, I was rigid in my jeans. Neither passenger had crash helmets so we weaved around the back streets to avoid the coppers until we got close to Suzy's and then parked the bikes in an ally (her parents didn't allow her to go on motorbikes!).

Suzy lived in a council house on a long road. Suzy's parents were very liberal, her Mum was an ex-Hippy who still dressed in those kind of clothes, her Dad was a quiet longsuffering man who in all honesty looked just like Mr.Potatoe-head! - Big ears, glasses and a bald head, I was amazed this ugly man had such an attractive daughter!

We sat in the family lounge for while in an uncomfortable atmosphere with the TV on. Surprisingly early in the evening, Suzy's parents left us alone to go up to bed. When they had been gone for a time, Denny got out his baccy tin.

'Alright to skin one up?' He asked.

'Alright, but just a small one, don't stink the house out.' Said Suzy. 'Then you can go, alright?'

'Sure.' Agreed Denny as he set about constructing a small joint to go round.

Denny and Ricky were sat sank in two armchairs either side of the fire and Suzy and I were on the sofa under the window facing the road with its pulled curtains. Suzy smiled at me and moved closer, I was nervous as I slipped my arm around her slim warm body and pulled her close to me. We kissed and I felt her hot little tongue intrude into my mouth to twirl with mine, I was uncomfortably hard inside my faded jeans.

The little joint ended up being passed back and forth between Ricky and Denny as Suzy and I were busy with each other as we kissed and cuddled on the sofa. I got braver and risked sneaking a hand around to cup her pert little breast. She didn't stop me. I caressed it and felt it in my palm, it was so nice to do that, I was so happy. All the signals I was getting from Suzy said go further - so boldly as we kissed I slowly slipped a hand down to her jeans covered crotch and cupped the fly in my hand, she left it there. Then Suzy reached down and popped open the button of her jeans. I took the hint and slid my hand down, inside the waistband of her both her jeans and her knickers.

My hand cupped her furry little mound - I was very excited, although I had seen several girls pussies, this was the first time that I had actually touched one! I was amazed at how hot it felt. I moved my fingers, exploring within the confines of the restriction of her tight jeans. I found her hot crease in the middle of the firm mound, the lips of her labia were so soft and malleable. I felt her hand run over the crotch of my jeans, feeling my hard cock straining at the material inside. Now Suzy had her head back and her eyes closed, a smile on her face. I pushed and delved inside her knickers, seeking to get my finger inside her. Suddenly it found its way and slipped in! My goodness! I was amazed at how hot she was inside, like a furnace and so soft and wet too. My mind was blown, reeling at finally doing this, something I had wanted and dreamed of for so long. Suzy moved close and breathed in my ear:

'Stop teasing me. Play with my clit.'

Now, I knew that girls had a clitoris, and I knew that you were supposed to rub it to make sex nice for them, but what I didn't

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