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She wakes him you from sound sleep.

He clears his throat and tries not to look at the porn that Ms. Languish is hastily X-ing out of on her computer.

"Mr. Doug Tate here to see Mr. Walters," he announces.

"Yes sir," Ms. Languish's throaty voice was full of sexual need. She tossed her lustrous brown curls over her shoulder as she looked up at him with hazel eyes through thick black lashes. Her breasts threatened to pop open the buttons on her sweater as she inhaled, pouting her moist lips at him and showing just the tip of her pink tongue.

Doug knew that as his regular self he wasn't really anything special to look at. Her sexually-charged behavior could only come from one thing.

This was a young woman in her twenties who was not sexually satisfied.

This was a young woman who WANTED to be satisfied.


was a job for Mr. Sexsational.

Feeling his pants tightening as the onset of his change came, Doug hurriedly inquired, "Where might I find the men's room?"

"Just outside the office to the left," Brianne's easy flowing hand gesture gave further threat to her sweater's buttons, and he could easily see inside to her light and creamy mounds.

Quickly he removed himself from the room, feeling the change come upon him he hurried into one of the bathroom stalls and hunched over.

He was never quite sure how it happened, it had just started one day when he was a young man of 22. Now, almost thirty, he just accepted it as his business suit disappeared, his muscles began to grow and bulge and ripple, until he found himself standing in nothing but a loincloth, leather boots and a long red cape. Taking off his glasses,

Mr. Sexsational stepped out of the stall and grinned, his sparkling white smile blinding in the mirror as he ran a hand through his perfect blond locks.

He moved quickly, speeding around the corner and pulling Ms. Brianne Languish into his embrace, using his Super Telekinesis to lock the doors on either side of the office until he was through with his heroic duty.

Brianne Languish was a very quick young woman and she knew exactly who she was dealing with.

"Mr. Sexsational!" she cried with glorious shock and awe, her sweater puppies finally bursting forth from their confinement. One touch from Mr. Sexsational and her clothes were quite literally falling off.

Sweeping one muscular arm over her desk, Mr. Sexsational cleared the surface easily and laid the buxom brunette down, her legs splayed open in a perfect V.

"OH GOD!" cried out Ms. Languish as Mr. Sexsational swiped his tongue up her sopping slit. She quivered and moaned, her breasts jiggling as she grabbed onto his perfect blonde locks, pulling his experienced tongue further into her needy orifice.

Ever the heroic champion, Mr. Sexsational slurped and sucked, nibbled and nuzzled, bringing Brianne Languish to orgasm after crashing orgasm. She rode his face like an experienced cowgirl, hips bouncing up and down as she screamed her ecstacy.

Finally Mr. Sexsational pulled away, and Brianne Languish's hands fell to either side of her head, her brown curls tousled and spread over the cherry wood of the desk.

"Oh god Mr. Sexsational," she sighed, "I never dreamed it would be so... sensational!"

"And we're just getting started," he countered, in his deep bass voice that sent a pleasurable shiver up her spine. She could almost feel the vibrations of his voice between her spread thighs.

"Just getting started?" her voice was full of awe, and then she looked down her body and gasped as he pulled away his loincloth.

Mr. Sexsational was perfectly proportioned... just long and thick enough to send lust striking through the hearts of the most prudish women, without being intimidating.

Brianne Languish gusted a sigh, her breasts heaving, as this perfect specimen of manhood pressed against her lower body and began to enter her. Her head lolled, eyes rolling as Mr. Sexsational pressed in, stretching open her needy hole with his chosen weapon.

Beginning a steady tempo, Mr.

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