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First meeting with a girl who wants to become my suck slave.

I had noticed a couple of women going down there around some rocks about a week previous, and then not appearing at the other side. I didn't think much of it at the time, but on this day I saw one of the most gorgeous women I have ever seen - with curves to die for - and she also disappeared behind the rock. What was going on? I wondered.

I decided to venture over some rocks, around the secluded bay and behind the rocks where she disappeared for a closer look. I couldn't see a thing to indicate where she could have disappeared - no cave, and no path other than the well-worn one around to the next beach.

Then I noticed slight signs of wear heading straight up the large rock pillar.

Could she be up there? She had to be. I perused the landscape and realised there was a ledge, above the platform on top of the pillar. I walked up the beach to see if I could figure out how to get to that ledge. When I looked back on the scene from further down the beach, I could see that houses lined the top of the cliff.

The only access to that ledge was another five-minute walk further up the beach, and then along the backyards up to the top of the cliff. My heart was already beating fast with nervous adrenalin. Would something ruin my plan of making it to the top of that cliff? Would I be embarrassed walking through someone's back yard?

I couldn't let anything get in the way, there are just some things you must do in life. I reasoned that if any one stopped me, I would tell them I lived just a few of houses up and didn't think anyone would mind me cutting through their back yards. I thought, Woo hoo, lets go!. The adrenalin was making me feel so alive.

Cutting through the back yards was easy, not even close to a problem. What I forgot to think about was how I could stand in someone's back yard looking over a ledge. Each step that I took made my fear of failure subside. I could see that there were hedges between the house I was headed towards and the cliff. Luck was on my side - as it often was when I had steely determination.

There I was in my own little sanctuary with a surrounding of hedges, vine-covered lattice, flowers beds, and concrete seats situated in an arc, as if waiting for an audience to watch the sea. The spot was shaded and hidden from the outside world, and when I sat on a seat, the concrete was nice and cool. I just hoped the owners wouldn't see me and call the police.

From where I sat, the view was magnificent - miles of deep dark blue water, capped by white where the waves broke on the beach and around the sandstone all along the coastline. Below me was an even more spectacular sight, a goddess laying east to west, waiting to be adored.

She was facing the water, which meant I could admire her with no chance of her looking my way. What a sight she was, with her long, smooth, brown legs that ended in a black g-string stretched around her glorious curves. Her stomach was flat with no tone, and her sides pulled in to a narrow waist, which accentuated her hips and her breasts even more. Her breasts almost looked too full, covering almost every inch of her chest and spilling over her sides and collarbones. I could tell by the way her wide tits moved that they must have been heavy. To add even more to the illusion, her nipples and the almost non-existent halos were the smallest I had seen.

Not only was her body the best I had ever seen naked, the sight further accented by a shiny anklet and leather wristbands, but she was also beautiful. Her long wavy hair was as black as a raven, which just seemed to fit so well with her coffee skin and g-string.

Then I realized, Wait a second, I know this woman.

When I was at school, she used to flirt with me and I used to flirt right back.

Fuck, I was hard. My instincts told me to go down there, say nothing and just fuck her until I couldn't fuck any more.

I needed to calm myself.

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