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Cousin Micheal comes for a visit.

I knew where she was though. It seemed every time I got involved in something or with someone I'd hear the sweetest giggle. Of course I'd have to look up, and there she'd surrounded by a crowd of admirers. Someone would say something and she'd roll her pretty eyes and laugh; I admit it, it made me jealous.

Around 11:30 p.m. she found me and told me she had to be home by midnight, and that we should go. I was surprised she even remembered who brought her.

Now it just so happened that I was driving an old S-10 pick-up in those days. It was clean all right, but it had old fashioned bench seats, thank my lucky stars. I started to drive her home when she slid over next to me. She turned up her head, she's only about 5'2", light as a feather, and back then after a summer in the sun brown as a berry with bright flashing blue eyes. I'm 5'11", not that anyone cares. Well she whispered, "Did you see me tonight?"

I smiled, "Yeah, I saw you."

She rolled down on her back, pert little breasts undulating under crisp blouse, and put her head on my lap, face up. She giggled, "I could get any boy I wanted tonight."

I kept smiling, "I don't doubt that."

Then after batting her long lashed eyes at me about a hundred times she said, "You saw that?"

"Yeah, I saw," I said.

Then she drilled me; lifting a tiny hand up and wafting it across my cheek, right out of left field she asked, "Why'd you take so long to ask me out?"

Damn! Stunned! K.O.'d, I replied, "I don't know. Never thought about it. You're kind of immature you know."

"Chase," through puckered ready to be kissed lips she whispered, "I've been waiting. I've done everything I could to get you to pay attention me. You must know how I feel."

I didn't know about that, but I knew what I was feeling, and I knew my rapidly hardening 'John Boy' was certainly in for a dishonorable discharge later when I got home. Just the same, I knew a line when I heard it. I said, "Now that's some horse shit," I knew about horse shit. I'd mucked a few stalls.

She abruptly sat up, "Look I'm a virgin." She grabbed her breasts and gave them a squeeze, "a lot of guys have played around up here." Another button popped open!

Then she reached down and, Jesus she put her hands down in camel toe country. Oh was I squirming! Then she said, "But this is virgin territory. It's waiting for just one man."

Suddenly she climbed back over and wrapped her arms around me. Things had gotten so bad I had to pull over. She finished, "Just you Chase, just you."

I was incredulous. I was squeezing my legs together! I exclaimed, "Who are you bull shitting. Not me, that's for sure."

She abruptly retreated back to her side of the seat. Crap; she felt warm, her hair smelt of fresh hay, and her breath, oh my God! I wanted her to stay where she was. She looked out the window and muttered, "OK, take me home."

Oh shit! Thank God I was wearing loose fitting black jeans. Anyway, just what I figured, a cock tease. I drove her home. We got in front of her house. She didn't wait for me to help her out. Out of the truck, door still open she announced, "Unless it's with you, this is my last date-ever. Ever! If you don't take me out I won't go out! You just watch!"

I said, "OK."

She closed the door and ran up the steps to her parent's front porch, she turned and yelled, "You're the last one!" She whipped around and ran inside, slamming her parent's front door.

Did I believe that shit? Hell no, but within a few days I started to get calls and visits, mostly from a girl I knew named Ariel Frazier. Ariel was Angela's best friend, had been off and on all their lives. Ariel would call like on a Friday night, "Why don't you call and see if Angela's home?" or I'd get a visit while I was in town, that's Waynesboro, "Have you seen Angela out anywhere. You know she's waiting for you."

So I waited. It took me almost a month, but curiosity finally got the better of me, besides some the guys I knew had a case for Angela and had started talking to me, or more often glaring at me.

OK, I had her home number, Ariel had given i

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