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A young man visits his step-mother's mother.

Again with the count, this time "Two Master."

Now Robert rubbed her ass gently, caressing it. Sherri's eyes closed and her smile widened.

Lisa managed to close her mouth and walked forward slowly. She was just a few feet away, watching carefully as Robert delivered five and six and again with the caress. After seven and eight, Lisa's hand moved forward a few inches, reaching for her friends ass, and she stopped herself. Nine and ten were delivered, and this time Robert watched her for a moment, and then reached his own hand out to caress the ass.
Lisa backed away and sat on the couch afraid her knees would fail her. Lisa watched Sherri recover, raise her pants, buckle the belt and turn again to face him and assume her kneeling before him, her ready position.

"Thank you Slave, you have done well, and I am very proud. What color are you?" asked Robert.

"Green Master, very green." was the reply.

Robert handed the whip to her, and said "We are done, go to your friend." and then Robert rose and walked out of the room. Sherri rose at the same time, and went to Lisa.

"That was.... The strangest thing I have ever seen." said Lisa.

"It made me horny." said Sherri.

Lisa looked at her and then blushing said. "I almost reached out for you, to see if your ass felt as warm as it looked."

"It was, and the caress turns the stinging into a nice warm comfortable feeling." said Sherri.

"Like when you rub something you bang, like your shin?" asked Lisa

"Yeah, something like that, but the warmth lingers, and migrates." Sherri told her.

Lisa blushed. "I've never seen anything like that before, you were so comfortable with yourself and the situation."

"Yeah, it was strange being in the room with you, I just relaxed and left it to Robert. He is the one in control, I don't need to worry about things, he does the worrying for me." said Sherri.

They talked well into the night, about boyfriends, how they had gotten where they were, and future dreams. Sherri told Lisa about her old dream, of being a powerful lawyer on Wall Street or in Chicago, but everyone is so phony at that level. It's like the guys in the bar have mutated or something.

At midnight, they parted, Sherri went to Robert, and Lisa went into Sherri's room and closed the door.

In the morning, Sherri had a smile on her face that told the whole story. Lisa shook her head and at breakfast said "I may not understand it, but you two are happy, and I guess that is all that matters."

"It is to us, and should be good enough for anyone." Sherri said.

Lisa took her leave of her friends, and went back to her own apartment. She told them she had the rest of her life to figure out and should probably get started. She promised to be at work Monday. Robert said no problem, if you need some time, let us know.

The rest of the day for Sherri and Robert was one of comfortable company, and sex. They hadn't used the basement in over a week, and they tried to make up for lost time. They kissed each others new nipple rings. They loved on one another, and cuddled afterwards. On Monday, it was back to work, and Sherri called to check on the incorporation progress. No news, but that was expected. The Secretary of States office would be going slow. The papers didn't come back that week, but did the next, and Sherri set about putting all the businesses under Roberts Corporation. Two weeks later, she was finally done. She was up to the anal jewelry, and quite happy with her progress. She knew that soon he would take her that way.

Once all the businesses were under the corporation, Robert called and invited everyone to a party at his house. He arranged a caterer, and scheduled it for a Sunday so the most people could attend. Some 100 assorted employees were invited. They were he explained the only family he had.

Almost all those invited showed up.

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