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Hope relates how the Chevy came into the family.

There were three new buttons though, and the fly of the shorts had been extended, and when they were fastened, one button would be over her clit and another would be against the rim of her hole. My dick was as hard now as it was when she had stripped before her shower.

Her taught legs slowly closed and fastened the lowest button, pausing between the lowest and the next to push the button into her hot juicing box a couple of time, moaning softly the entire time. Her fingers played up her wet slit and she softly strummed her clit before closing the next button. With her throbbing honey pot covered, she kept closing her legs slowly and the top two buttons were fastened slowly. Her legs were straight up in the air when she finished, and she slowly bent them at her knees until they touched her exposed ass. She spread her knees apart slowly and the crotch of the shorts drew up into her cunt, the thin strip of material between the last button and her ass disappeared completely. She rubbed the crotch of her short which were rapidly turning a dark blue from her juices, and sighed each time the buttons over her clit and in her hole were bumped. Her feet descended slowly to the floor and she stood with her feet spread a little, the junction of her thighs exposed and her lips devoured a little more of the denim. She wasn't quite covered enough to pass in public, and she'd get indecent exposure if anyone called the cops. My eyes ran up her body across her abs, up to her perky tits with their erect nipples and on up to her face. Her beautiful eyes were staring into mine, and they had such a look of passion on them I would have cum right then if I could have again so soon.

Her eyes had a sparkle in them among a devilish glow and she pulled her shirt on over her head and shook her hair out. She peeled and stretched the thin fabric down over her tits and pulled it down as far as it would go. The front of the shirt covered all of her ample tits, but it didn't actually touch her ribs or abs. Her pink nipples barely stood out on her tanned chest under the shirt. Chrysta smoothed the shirt down her sides and her hands teased down her abs, causing ripples of goose bumps to erupt across her skin. Her thumbs hooked into the waist of her shorts and the barest hint of red pubic hair could be seen peeking over the top. The entire room smelled like her pussy.

My mouth had gone dry again. I just stood there and took all of her in and looked her from top to bottom and back up again.

"Well, were we going to go out, or were you just going to stand there and stare all day?" she giggled. I shook my head quickly and started looking around for my shoes. She slipped her little feet into her sandals we took off.

Chrysta opened the door to the room for me and waited until I left to shut it. She jogged ahead of me to push the elevator button, and I happily watched her breasts bounce with each step. Her nipples hadn't softened any and she was smiling beside the elevator as she waited for it.

"I don't think I've ever seen anything as sexy as you," I said right before the elevator dinged and the doors opened. She blushed and I smiled at her. She followed me into the elevator and the doors closed.

"So where are we going, Jim?" she said happily, the silky tone of her voice mingling deliciously with the huskiness of her horny condition. "I'm not really dressed for any place fancy," she giggled.

"Chrysta, you're not dressed for any place at all. I've seen swimsuits with more fabric than this," I said and I pushed the button for the first floor.

"Don't you like it, Jim?" she asked pouting. Chrysta took a step forward and started rubbing my still rock hard meat through the fabric of my pants. "It feels like you like it," she breathed huskily. My cock twitched hard in her hand. "It feels like you like it a lot," she said and backed against the glass wall of the elevator. She wiggled her hips at me and bit her lower lip seductively. A wide grin crept onto my face as I adjusted my cock in my pants.

"First of all, we're going to get y

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