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A sequel to 'Happy Birthday, Mrs. Freemont'.

Odette' had cautioned me that I may want to do that even when she had given me the pass code for the web cam. And, I had quite a bit of work to do. And, finally, I knew that eventually one of the three women would give me all of the details. And I could savor and enjoy the eroticism at that future time.

I spent the next couple of hours taking care of some business. I also finished off what was left of our joint from earlier, knowing we'd buy more weed when we were out that evening. As I was getting dressed for the evening, there was a knock at my door. I checked the peephole, and there was a bell steward with a girl in some form of uniform carrying a .package. The bell steward explained the package was being delivered from Aunt Sophie's Closet, and asked I had ordered it. Security was quite tight at the time, and the hotel was being extremely careful, and it seems the shop had ordered the delivery girl to deliver it personally. I was a bit flabbergasted for a moment, having not ordered anything, when I realized that the name was that of Odette's little boutique. I figured she sent me over some more appropriate clothes for the evenings as she had a pretty good idea of what I packed for travel, and I hadn't packed to party.
"It's fine," I said, as I unbolted the door and allowed the delivery girl to enter. As she entered, the girl turned and said, "I'll give you your tip when I leave," and giggled. The bell steward turned and left before I had a chance to grab a couple of Euros. The girl entered the room and headed for the bed, where she dumped her packages on the bed.

"Hi, there," she said in a delightful Boston accent.

"Whoa, you're from Boston it sounds like."

"Oh, yeah. Cambridge exactly."

"That's where I went to school."

"I know. Odette' told me."

Talk about a continuous stream of surprises. I knew my being stoned made it more difficult to integrate all the information, and I was definitely in information overload.

"Ok, so why don't you start at the beginning? Why are you here? And what are these packages?"

She laughed and smiled. "My name is Joanne, and I work for Odette' doing odds and ends for her. I sew, tend the shop, run errands and generally do whatever she might ask me to do. She pays me a little bit, I get to live with her, and I get to enjoy the benefit of living in Holland. And, Ilse, her daughter, and I are roommates at school. That's how we met. And these packages. She sent them over for you. Boy, are you in for some fun over the next few days. I will truly be impressed if you use all of these things in four days, but she told me to pack them. You are so naughty!"

I blushed a bit, "Naughty? Why what did you mean?"

"Why with all the things in these packages? You can't have ordered all of these things without having naughty thoughts. I know what's in here. I packed it."

I laughed, realizing that Odette' was really getting into this whole thing, as kinky as her mind was and was setting me up for one wild trip.

"What's so funny?"

I laughed again, "You see, I didn't order anything at all. Odette', your delightful employer, created the shopping list for me without consulting me. When you arrived outside my door, that was my first hint that there were packages, and I assumed that she had sent me some clothes for my trip. I take it these packages do not include any clothes?"

Now understanding the humor of the moment, Joanne laughed. "You mean you haven't got a clue as to what she sent you?"

"Nope, not a clue!"

She blushed then, realizing that there had to be some deeper connection between Odette' and I than she'd originally thought, having assumed I was just a customer. "So, how do you know Odette'?" she finally asked.

I contemplated teasing this poor young girl a bit more, but let her off the hook, "Odette' and I were quite an item several years back, and she clearly has a pretty good memory of my likes, packing me a gift package like this.

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