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Lisa explores, then tells me her story.

She slipped under the bed covers and caressed her self further until the climax shuddered through her and she felt very satisfied and snug in her private world of latex. She was thinking of mentioning her fetish to Allison but wasn't sure how she would respond and didn't want to spoil their close friendship so she wondered how she might be able to bring the subject up and see what resulted. As she was forming a plan she drifted off to sleep curled up and wrapped in the lovely latex, so for the time being Allison would have to wait.

Wendy arrived back at the Grand Hotel around 6.00 as planned to get ready for the big show, the three other girls were already there and arranging the garments to the order to which they would be worn. When they had all the clothes out and hung up on a temporary wardrobe the girls checked each item and those that needed it polished them up to a glossy shine. Ruth explained that the clients would commence to arrive around 6-30 and be served at 7-00 with a light dinner and drinks after which they would be relaxed and ready to be entertained with the fashion show. Tables set for four had been placed in two rows of three tables with about 2 metres between them forming the runway, at the end the last two tables were further apart forming a circle around 5 metres. The two end tables were specially reserved for Rolf Muller, his wife Helen and their companions and their friend, eight in all with the best view as the could see the girls walk down the runway towards them, walk around the circle in front of them and then walk away back down the runway. Altogether there would be 32 guests at the show, so Ruth was hopeful of a sizeable order book for her designs; she knew Rolf would purchase several outfits for Helen and his friends also should be forthcoming with orders.

The guests began to arrive and shown their tables by the waitresses and ordered pre dinner drinks, shortly afterwards all the guests had arrived and were seated. Ruth came out onto the catwalk, introduced herself, welcomed the guests and explained how the show would be presented and what was expected of the guests as the girls showed off the garments. Ruth said it was fine to feel the latex of the dresses but not to touch the girls themselves unless they gave permission, she explained that this is a high-class parade and not a sleazy nightclub gathering. The show would commence very shortly and continue through whilst the guests were having their meals, no one was going to miss anything as the girls would be on the catwalk for 5 or 6 minutes for each garment and there would be two at the same time wearing the same garment but in different colours although always one of them would be black as that is the most favoured colour.

Back behind the partition Wendy and Shelia were putting on the first of the dresses which were long evening gowns with high necks and three quarter sleeves, the gown reached the ankles and flared out for the bottom 30cm.

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