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It had gone by so fast that Kara could hardly believe it. There was so much joy there but at the same time, there was a dark thread that had run through it. Although Kara hadn't recognized it for a long time, there was a very selfish element to their relationship on Kara's part. Her life had continued, maybe not just the same, but she was able to make plans and do things. Kara had a full life in which she found a place for Christine.

For the most part, strong and confident Christine's life was no longer her own. Her plans and her goals were on hold, hostage to her deep love for Kara. When they were together Christine was mostly happy. When they weren't, she ranged from discontented to despondent. Kara thanked her choice of therapists for helping bring this into focus. At first they had focused on Kara's confusion and sorting out what she wanted. But Dr. Welheim wasn't going to give her a free pass on her impacts upon others. Slowly Kara had seen what was going on with Christine in a way that was productive rather than just increased her own confusion and worries. And she was able to do the same thing with her husband. For the last two months, each session had brought her a step closer to sorting out her life.

Finally she was ready to start taking control of her life. Going away to her parents had been the first step. Now she needed to see Christine.

As she parked in front of Christine's house, Kara looked at herself in the mirror. "It's going to be okay," she silently told herself. She knew her life was on the edge of a knife, in danger of going wrong in ways that she dreaded. But being honest was the only path open to her to get off of that edge. She frowned a little at her reflection. Her eyes still showed a hint of how much crying there had been over the last few days. But there was nothing she could do about it, so she got out.

When Christine opened the door, Kara was surprised at how restrained Christine was. Normally being apart was the occasion for a very physical reunion. Today if anything she seemed withdrawn. Kara could feel butterflies in her stomach. She reached out her hand and, after just the slightest of hesitation, Christine took it. Kara moved closer to Christine so their bodies were barely touching.

"It's good to see you, Christine," Kara's soft words broke the silence.

"You too, Kara," Christine replied.

Kara blinked in a little bit of surprise. Christine rarely called her by her name. Not hearing the word baby felt almost like a little slap. Internally Kara sighed. Maybe this was going to be harder than she expected. She looked into Christine's face and it only reinforced her feeling. It was full of open pain that Christine had been hiding up until now. "Well, I guess it really is time," Kara thought to herself.

Before she could say anything, Christine straightened up and put just a little bit of distance between the two of them. "Let's go into the living room. We ...." Christine trailed off for a second and then tried again. "I need to talk."

As they walked, Kara's hand gripped Christine's tightly. It was slightly reassuring to feel Christine's echo the grip. But then when they reached the couch, Christine didn't sit next to her. She instead chose an armchair next to her. Christine didn't reach over to retake her hand either. She just sat on the couch as close as she could to Christine. Kara was almost too nervous to look at Christine but she steeled her nerves and looked up from the floor to see her. She could see that Christine was trying to find a way to start talking. Desperately afraid of what she would say, Kara somehow found her voice.

"Christine, I know you want to talk but would you let me say something first?" Kara's voice quavered as she spoke. Blinking back tears, Christine nodded.

"I'm sorry, Christine.

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