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This turned my boyfriend on, so we continued to walk towards them. When we got close to them, we could see the girl on top of her man bouncing on top of him as they had sex. This turned my boyfriend on. He said, "you guys look like you are having a good time."

The girl just smiled at us, and continued to moan. I decided that I would do something to please my boyfriend. So I went down on my knees and pulled his shorts down. I looked up and him and said, "I'm gonna suck your dick while you look at them fuck you dirty bastard."

He laughed and said, "Go ahead and start sucking bitch." As others walked along the beach, they couldn't help but look at both couples do their thing. I was getting so turned, decided to finger bang myself as I sucked this cock.

The girl next to us said that my boyfriend had a "huge fucking cock."

And my boyfriend said, "thanks my girl appreciates it."

When my boyfriend was going to get off he pulled back so that he could cum on my tits. The girl and guy next to us laughed as they saw me get a cumshot. I licked it off my breasts, savoring the flavor of his cum and making a show out of it for the couple. The smiled at me as I gave my boyfriend a couple more sucks before we left.

As we continued to walk we saw a large crowd ouutside a gate with some really loud music playing there. We went towards the music and found a huge dance club. We paid to get in and went on inside. This place was packed out. There was plenty of drinking going on and there girls wearing hardly anything. I was enjoying it a lot.

We sat by the bar and got some drinks. I loved having people stare at my huge tits. To let them know I was taken I would caress my boyfriend's cock as we sat at the bar. I love to feel his hard cock and to see girls jealous as they see the size of it in.

As we began to make our way on the dance floor I could feel many guys grabbing at my ass and brushing against my breasts. Instead of getting mad about it I took it as a compliment, enjoying other guys wanting me. When we came to the center of the club we saw two girls with no tops on making out with a crowd of guys around them. They were hot, and the crowd was loving it. I was loving it to. So we watched them for a while. They were so into it, it was making me hot.

Then they stopped said something to each other and began to leave the crowd around them. It looked like they were in a rush, as they headed towards the bathroom. I decided I might as well go to before I started dance the night away.

When I arrived in the bathroom, I saw one of the girls sitting on top of the sink with her legs, while the other girl was on her knees eating her out. This caught me by surprise but I ended up leaning against the wall to watch them. It got me so horny see her lick her pussy right in front of me, not caring about the other girls as they walked in and out of the bathroom.

A girl came in and said to her friend, "look at those sluts going at it." Then they both looked at me and saw that I had my hand down my thong, caressing my pussy as I watched. She gave me a dirty look, and I flipped her off.

I loved wathing these girls, they acted like this was their place and they could do whatever they wanted. I wanted to be like them. I enjoyed hearing the moaning as she was being licked and licked in public. She said "keep licking me you little slut, you know what I like."

She got louder and louder until she got off. I decided that I should go ahead and use the restroom. When I came out of the stall to wash my hands I told them that they "put on a great show outside, and I enjoyed the encore presentation in here."

One girl said that "I looked really hot, and that she wouldn't mind eating me out too."

I told her "maybe another time."

She said that "there is a dance competition going on for $1000 on the stage in fifteen minuets, and that they were going to enter together."

I said that was "cool."

Then they invited me to "go up and perform with them."

I said "sure."

When I walked out, I kissed my boyfriend and grabbed his ass ha

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