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Roger and I spend a great weekend of man time.

He didn't see anything wrong with a little pinch. It was a way of showing his appreciation. It was only the feminazi's that spoiled everything. If they had their way everyone would have to walk around in sealed plastic bags.

He stumbled -- an accident really -- and just happened to fall against Erica. It was purely accidental that while putting out a hand to steady himself he happened to cup her breast.

Excitement surged up his wrist as his hand felt the soft globe of her breast beneath her T-shirt.

She wasn't wearing a bra!

His finger brushed against her nipple and he was surprised to find it was erect.

He apologised for his clumsiness and gave her a wink as he moved away. Erica smiled back with less than complete innocence.


Later, he was making a cup of coffee in the kitchen when he felt a little jolt travel up from his ass. Someone had actually pinched his bottom.

Startled, Brian looked around. Erica smiled back at him and winked before leaving the kitchen.

Intriguing. Very Intriguing.

He got his second grope in the tight confines of the filing room. He'd put out hands to hold her sides as he squeezed by, but one had missed and come up against a ripe breast instead.

Normally Brian would pull his hand away, apologize with a rakish grin and then move on. This time he didn't get a chance as Erica's hand came up and trapped his hand against her breast, forcing his cheeky touch into a full blown grope.

Erica sighed and shuddered with pleasure.

Now wasn't this a turn up for the books.

"Men in positions of authority make me so wet," Erica said. "Is there some place private we can go after everyone's left?"

Brian was so stunned he didn't really know what to say.

Still holding his hand against her breast, Erica turned around. She grabbed his other hand and brought it up to rest against the soft globe of her other breast. She flashed him a dirty grin.

"I always like to be on good relations with my boss," Erica smiled. "It makes life so much easier."

She squeezed his hands against her soft breasts.

"The supply room, five thirty," Brian said.


Nancy was hiding at the back of the supply room where Erica had told her to wait.

"The show starts at five-thirty," she'd told her.

"So what exactly is this show?" Nancy had asked.

"I don't want to spoil the surprise," Erica had smiled. "Let's just say we find the most entrenched of chauvinists respond very well to humiliation."


Brian buzzed with excitement for the rest of the afternoon. There was no way he could concentrate on work. Instead he watched the minute-hand crawl round the clock, shuffled papers and read websites in the illusion of doing work.

As soon as the clock hit the thirty minute mark he left his office and hummed as he walked along to the supply room. Erica was waiting for him by the door. She saw him coming and deliberately struck an alluring pose.

Those breasts were something else, Brian thought.

Sensible girl as well, he thought. She knew how the world operated. Keep your boss sweet and all kinds of doors opened up for you.

Erica smiled as she opened the door. They were barely through the door before she gripped the bottom of her tight red shirt and pulled it up over her head.

She wasn't wearing a bra underneath. Brian stood there and stared at her breasts in stunned appreciation. They were enormous. They were perfect.

They were real as well. He couldn't see any scars and they didn't have that hard plastic look of fake breasts.

Brian was a breast connoisseur. He had all the 'specialist' porn. Erica surpassed all but the mutants that fell across the boundary from hot to freakshow. Her breasts stood at that line, firm and proud as they challenged all comers.

"You can touch them," Erica smiled. "I like them being touched."

Brian held out his hand, hesitant at first, caught between the desire to feel that soft flesh and held back by a fear of desecrating something priceless.

His hands cupped around her nipples, eliciting a gentle sigh from his val

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