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A 19-year-old has sex with an older man.

The sight was incredibly arousing to her and she felt a flood of juices to her already soaked pussy. Reaching out for Tom's cock, Valerie bent over and sucked it into her mouth, getting it nice and wet and at the same time realizing that she was tasting Dolores' pussy juices all over it. She found the taste exotic and she made sure that she sucked it all off of Tom's cock before standing up and climbing onto his lap. She positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy and began to lower herself onto it, feeling it stretch her pussy like it had never been filled before. She squirmed her ass around until she finally sank all the way down onto Tom's cock, feeling it throbbing inside of her.

"God, what a pussy!" Tom exclaimed as Valerie started to ride him.

"This one's not bad either," John gasped as Dolores clenched her pussy on his cock, squeezing it with her muscles.

The only sounds that filled the room were the sounds of the two women humping their pussies up and down on the two cocks side by side. Valerie loved the feeling of Tom's cock in her pussy and was even more excited by the fact that John was watching her with a big grin on his face as Dolores humped him.
"Let's make them cum," Dolores gasped as she continued to fuck John.

"Go ahead, I want to watch," Valerie panted, slowing down and watching Dolores really apply herself.

John had a hold of her hips and was fucking her as hard as she was fucking him, his cock pistoning in and out of her grasping pussy. Finally he grunted and pulled Dolores down onto his cock firmly, holding her there as his balls exploded, shooting cum up into her pussy. Dolores used the muscles of her pussy to milk his cock, squeezing every last drop of cum from him before she fell forward onto his chest, worn out.

"Go for it," Dolores gasped at Valerie. "Fuck his brains out."

And that's exactly what Valerie tried to do. She jumped up and down on Tom's cock like there was no tomorrow, her pussy juices just flowing as she came over and over again. Finally Tom could take it no more and he cried out as he slammed his hips upwards to bury his cock completely in Valerie's pussy as he began to spurt cum into her pussy.

"Umm, yes!" Valerie exclaimed as she felt his cock pulsing inside of her pussy, hot cum splashing deep inside of her.

Slowly Tom stopped cumming, sitting on the sofa totally wasted with his cock still buried in Valerie's pussy. She leaned forward and kissed him, a long, deep kiss, having enjoyed very much his huge cock.

"What now?" Dolores murmured.

"Well, I've sure fucked your pussy, and I'd say Tom's thoroughly fucked Valerie," John said. "I'd like to see what we've been fucking."

"That sounds nice," Dolores said with a soft laugh. "I'm too tired to move though."

"Here, switch with me," John said, lifting her and spinning around, depositing her where he had just been sitting, his cock still in her pussy.

"Mmmm, that's nice," Dolores said, lifting her hips and taking his whole cock into her pussy.

John reached down and grabbed both of her ankles, lifting them up and apart, totally exposing his cock sticking into her pussy. Bending her knees, John pushed her feet forward so that her ass and pussy were lifted into the air. Slowly he began to slide his cock in and out of her pussy. Valerie stared as John's cock slowly slid in and out of Dolores' pussy, her pussy lips clinging to the shaft all the way out and all the way in. After several pumps John pulled back until his cock plopped out of Dolores' pussy, leaving her lips spread wide, her hole gaping, filled with cum.

John dropped to his knees and leaned forward and sucked Dolores' entire pussy into his mouth, his tongue diving into her gooey hole.

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