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A moral horror. Darkly satirical and sickly sexual.

Brenda was in charge of outfits for the girls - she laid them out on the bed so each could choose their own. I Dream Of Jeannie costumes with puffy pants cinched at the waist and ankle, but slit up the entire length of the legs. Tiny cropped tops, elasticized under the breast with long sleeves that matched the pants cinched at the wrist and puffy at the shoulder but slit up the sides. Another piece of silk to wear across the face hiding the nose and mouth leaving only the beautiful bedroom eyes revealed. Each girl barefoot with painted nails and a ring on two or three of the toes.

At 7:45 the girls hurry to be ready - brushing each others' hair, chilling the wine, lighting candles and preparing the music for the girls dance.

Finally - eight o'clock arrives - Dora points the gentleman in the right direction toward the 'room.' Brenda takes his arm and leads him inside - it is his fantasy as he looks around, the candles flicker, the scent is gentle, like a woman's touch and he is handed a glass of Pinot Grigio.

"Sit," she tells him, "here on the pillow." And he thinks of how uncomfortable it will be to sit down there on the floor but it is actually quite nice as she puts another pillow behind him and a smaller one for his feet to rest on. She removes his shoes and socks, massages his feet for a moment then places them on the small pillow.

Brenda leans in and whispers "Are you ready for the girls?" He replies with a nod of his head at which time Brenda signals the girls by turning on the music.

Through the door come the gorgeous, young women - each one a vision - golden blondes, long haired brunettes, a redhead - he counts them as they come out dancing - one, two, three, four...five, six, seven. Seven - plus Brenda -- eight girls for his pleasure alone! Their hips move as a Hawaiian Hula dancer - arms slinking up and down, the sound of bells as they wiggle and jiggle around the room, around the bed, around him. One girl at each corner of the bed, grabbing the post and rubbing her body against it - up and down. Two rubbing against their fronts - two rubbing their backs, bending down, lifting up - swinging their bodies in a mock pole dance. The music slows and the girls gently sway; their costumes a mix of exotic colors as they keep time to the women's repetitions.

Finally the music comes to an end, the girls scurry back through the door. Brenda takes him by the hand again..."Time for bed now," she says - "the girls need you".

She leads him to the bed and quickly three girls dash through the door and come to him - Wendy unbuttoning his shirt, sliding it over his arms and she leans in to taste him, kissing his neck, his chest, sucking in one nipple then the other. Crystal unzipping his jeans, sliding them over his hips, down his legs, then his briefs go the same route until they are cast aside and he lays naked before them. She also leans in for a taste of his calf, tongue running upwards and back down again taking a moment on each leg. Linda comes up on the bed and stretches herself next to him, her fingers tickling over his chest, under his arm, down his side leaving behind a wave of goose bumps. Finally, they tell him to turn to his stomach - time for a massage. Linda licks the side of his cheek, gives him a wink and moves from the bed.

Lisa pours the oil in her palm to warm it.

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