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She explains distinctive etiquette of her contrary display.

I quickly reached down and slapped one of her huge breasts, then the other one.

With a shocked look she said "what did I do, Sir?"

"I told you to take off everything but your jeans sweater and shoes at the airport and here you still have socks on."

"I am sorry, Sir. I forgot I had them on." came the reply.

"This has earned you a spanking when we get to the room," I told her.

"Thank you, Sir," was all she said. About that time I heard the restroom door open.

I took her jacket and jeans, scooted her shoes towards her and said "come on" as I opened the stall door. There was a young man, about my slut's age standing at the urinal. I told her to wash her hands and her pussy. At this the young man spun partway around, pissing on the wall on the way. He watched as she first washed her hands, then taking soap and water, she spread her legs and washed her shaved pussy, patting it dry with a paper towel. I helped her put on her jacket and stuffed her jeans into the trash can. She started to button it and again I told her "No. Leave it unbuttoned. You can put your hands in your pocket and hold as much of it closed as you can, but that is all."

We left the rest room and went back to our table. I told her to get her overnight bag. In order to do this she had to take her hand out of her pocket and allow her jacket to gap open. She picked it up and jammed as much of her hand as she could back into her pocket. The jacket gapped open about an inch or so. If you were right in front of her you had a clear view of her pussy, which was rapidly becoming swollen and the lips were pushing into view. Once at the elevator I pushed the 25 button for our floor. I then located the security camera, placed my slut opposite of it and had her stand with her hands behind her head. This caused her jacket to open, exposing not only her pussy but also her rounded belly and breasts. I told her not to move until we reached our floor.

Two stories up the elevator stopped, the doors opened and a middle-aged couple stepped on. The man saw my slut first and grinned from ear to ear. The woman turned around after punching the 7 button and gasped. "Well I never," she exclaimed.

"If you had, life might be more interesting," I responded.

"Damn, that is the truth," the man said. The woman just stood and glared at him until the doors opened and they left. I leaned over and kissed my slut on the lips, the neck and both nipples for being such a good girl. Ok, we are here I told her. To her credit, she picked up her bag and just let the jacket flop open as we walked the hall, not even covering up as we met the custodian halfway down the hall. I looked at my watch as we passed the soda and ice vending machines and again as we reached our door, filing the information for later use.

Once in our room I took her jacket and hung it in the closet. I then told her to take off her shoes and socks and bend over the table. I slowly rubbed her sweet ass, running my finger between her nether lips. She moaned as I passed over her clit. Then quickly I gave her as a hard swat, followed by 9 more turning her ass cheeks a lovely shade of deep pink. That was for not minding at the airport. The insides of her thighs glistened as her juices ran in a steady stream from between her legs. I dropped my pants, stepped behind her and entered her in one long hard stroke. As I pumped her in long slow strokes I rubbed some of her juices onto her puckered ass hole. I eased one, then two fingers into it, working them to full depth. As I felt myself reaching my peak, I pulled my fingers out of her ass and my cock from her cunt at the same time and quickly drove my 8 inches balls deep in her ass. The scream and the clinching of her ass sent me over the edge. I pumped my load deep into her ass.

"You are such a good slut.

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