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Squealing, the girls took my hands in theirs and pulled me onto the bed. I had mouths on both cheeks, hands on my cock and balls and four very nice breasts rubbing all over me. I was lost in a mound of flesh. Female flesh.

I heard May leave the room, probably to take the boat out and continue on our journey. Anne had her mouth locked on my cock and Julie was moving to straddle my head. I soon had a hot wet pussy rubbing my face as a mouth was driving my cock insane.

I was able to get my hands on Julie's breasts, fingers tweaking her nipples that grew harder with every moment. Her sweet juices were flowing and I was deliriously drinking them up. Anne moved around and I soon felt a tight, hot and very wet pussy engulfing my cock. I felt Anne's breasts against Julie's and I could feel that they must have been kissing each other as they used me for their pleasure.

That thought drove me close to cumming and I was fighting to not cum too soon. I wanted them to have first orgasms. I didn't have to fight too much since soon after their kiss Anne started to really rock hard on my cock and Julie moaned and drove herself hard onto my face. I felt Julie's juices pour out and I was busy drinking them up. Her pussy lips were grasping my tongue as they tried to suck me into her depths.

Anne rocked some more and shuddered through one huge orgasm and then fell off to the side. Julie slipped off of me and worked her way alongside of me. Her hands were caressing my body and soon found my cock. Her head moved down and I felt her lips take the head of my cock in their soft, firm grip.

Anne was still out of it so I began to finger Julie's pussy and ass. I soon had two fingers in her ass and two in her pussy. Julie was rocking her hips in short jerky motions. She had worked and coaxed my cock into hardness again and as she came close to cumming she broke away from me.

Throwing a leg over my body, Julie straddled my cock and deftly placed it at the entrance of her pussy. Looking into my eyes she slowly took me into her. I could feel her slippery hole pulling me in and soon she bottomed out on me.

"God you feel good and hard Bill. I really love your cock. It fills me so nicely."

"Baby, your pussy is so tight and wet. I love the way you feel too."

Anne was watching us now. As we fucked I noticed that Anne's head got closer and closer to where we were co-joined. Soon I felt a tongue on my pubic hair and Julie moaned loudly. Then Anne pulled away and moved behind Julie. I soon felt hands moving my legs outward and a tongue was lightly tracing over my balls. Julie fell forward on me and I could tell that Anne was licking both of us. It didn't take much of this and I started to cum.

As I came, Julie shuddered and came too. I felt Anne licking on both sides of my cock and I realized she must have been licking up our combined juices. Julie pulled up and off of me and Anne took my still hard cock into her mouth and swallowed me fully. She sucked and licked all around me and then moved over to where Julie lay.

As I watched, Anne started to lick and suck on Julie's pussy. Julie moved Anne around so that Anne's pussy was over her head and I had the pleasure of watching these two nymphs go at it.

I watched closely and soon found myself drawn to where Julie was licking Anne's pussy. I put my hand on Anne's ass and began to lightly rub it and brought my head in close to Julie's.

Julie let me have a few little licks of Anne's sweet pussy and then moved back in. I moved up and began to lick Anne's little asshole. Together we brought Anne up and over into orgasm.

I continued to lick and suck on Anne's ass as Julie moved away. I was on all fours and Anne grabbed my arm, pulling my up close to her body.

"Fuck me Bill. Fuck me with that huge cock of yours please!"

I moved up and placing in just on her pussy lips I began to rub it around them. Anne reached back and moved the head of my cock to her ass.

"Fuck my ass Bill. I want it in my ass."

I pulled away and tonguing and licking her asshole some more I fingered

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