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A couple swap bodies whenever they have sex.

She later told me that the shear pleasure of sucking her studly son had been enough to trigger an orgasm bigger than she had ever felt before. I could see drool forming at the corner of her mouth as she held my cockhead steady and let out a groan of pleasure. When she came down from her orgasm, she pulled her mouth off my rod and admired my mammoth penis in all its fifteen-inch glory.

" Just how big is your huge cock, Timmy? I don't think I've ever seen a cock anywhere near as big as yours. " Her hands wandered to my scrotum, where she hefted the huge ballsack in the palms of her hands. " And those balls, they are just massive. They must be the size of lemons, at least! I can't wait to taste the huge loads of sweet cream that they must hold! "

" My cock is fifteen and a half inches long and nine and a three quarters inches around ", I announced, proudly. " I measure it every month. Maybe it's even bigger today because I've never felt so hard before. "

" Holy shit! The biggest cock I've ever had before was only eight inches. That was your dad, and he was the biggest jock in high school. All the other kids I fucked were, like, not even six inches. " She continued to jack me off as she spoke, encouraging me to cum and fill her mouth with my spunk. " That's it, baby! Cum for mommy, I want to taste your boy-cream. PLEASE, hurry up! I can't wait any longer! "

I could not hold on any longer and I felt the first surge of cum pulse along the underside of my cock. A second later and a huge streamer of thick cream erupted from my tip and sailed clear over my mother's head. She must not have been expecting such a forceful blast and so she lowered my penis head in order to catch the next wad. But again, my shot was too powerful, and it just left a huge trail of oozing cum on her forehead and bangers. The next two salvos coated her cheeks and nose with some cum even pooling inside her left ear. Finally, the fifth jet surged into her mouth, splashing against her teeth and down her chin. She open wider for the next cumblast which went straight down her throat. She had to gulp immediately, considering the amount of cream contained in that wad (probably half a cupful) and so missed the next streamer which just exploded out of my rock-hard dick and hit her chin, leaving thick trails down her neck and shoulders. I wanted to see my cum on her huge tits, something I had often dreamt about, so I aimed my giant pecker at her puffy areaolas, four cum jets on my left and four on my right, enough to completely cover the top half of her rack, while I just left the rest of my virile seed drool out into her cleavage where it formed a pool of thick copious semen. This had been the most intense orgasm of my life yet and my eyes were closed in the aftermath of such a powerful climax. Finally, looking down, I saw the glazed body of my beautiful mother, covered in what appeared to be a year's worth of jizz supply for a normal guy. I could barely make out her facial features under the heavy coating of juice I had just delivered. She started licking her face clean, pushing handfuls of cream into her eager mouth. I decided to help her, lapping up any remmants of spunk that she hadn't seen. We kissed passionately, exchanging my cum with our entwined tongues. I lifted her up as we kissed, and she held on to my still rock-hard schlong for support, realizing that I had nost lost a bit of my hard-on.

" Oh, Timmy, you are so strong! How can you be hard after cumming such a humongous load all over your dear mommy? ", she asked incredulously.

" There's more where that came from! ", I laughed and we embraced again.

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