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Unconditional love changes to unconditional sex.


"Damn straight," Hugo muttered.

"And I got somethin' in store for his lady," Walt grumbled, talking over Hugo as he drew up his horse and turned to face the others. He looked each of them in the eye as he stroked his beard. "Everybody knows Ellis Hodges got all his stash secreted away. Some place real secret-like. Only other soul that knows that spot is his best girl, Mae. We ain't gonna get him to tell us where it is, but if Mae hears Ellis Hodges been shot and kilt, she'll go runnin'. All we gotta do is follow her, an' she'll lead us right to the biggest pay we ever seen."

Everyone nodded except Riley.

"You good with that, Smiley?"

"Yeah," Riley said, scratching at her scar. "Yeah. I'll take first watch tonight."


"Where is it?" Riley shouted, under the gray light of dawn. Trigger hopped down from his perch in the lowest branches in the tree stand near their campsite. The others groaned as they were jerked from their sleep. "Where is it?!"

Walt had his hand on his pistol as he looked around. "Where's what, son?"

Riley held up her empty saddle bag with a vicious twist to her lips. "My cut!"

Everyone started looking to everyone else.

"Shoulda known ya'll didn' buy me no girl for no favor. Who took it?!"

"Now hang on," Walt said, getting to his feet. His palm still resting on the grip. "Let's not be hasty."

Riley's head whipped toward Tector, and the gunslinger crawled backwards through the dirt when she charged him. "You worthless sack a-"

"Cut it out!" Walt cried, his voice echoing through the sloping valley. "Everybody check their bags."

"Oh shit," Trigger moaned, as he flipped up the bag on his gelding's hip. "Mine's gone too."

Tector hadn't dared to move, transfixed by the furious Smilin' Riley, and Walt groaned as he went to do it himself. "Which side, Tector?"

"Ri-right side," he stammered. "No! Left!"

Walt unfastened the strap and knocked around the few ends therein. "Nothin'." Then he stormed back to his bedroll and tipped his boot upside down. "Hugo?"

"Mine's gone, too!" the big man whined.

Black Rob quietly shook his head.

"Alright, alright!" Walt stepped in between Riley and Tector, arms spread to his sides, and looked around. "When was the last time ya'll checked yer money."

"When we's at Last Home," Hugo said. "When I was wantin' to lay down with that little brunette."

"Any a' ya'll checked yer bags since we left Last Home?"

"No," Trigger said, and the rest of them shook their heads.

"Trigger, you see anything last night? Anything at all?"

Trigger shook his head, his face pale as a sheet.


"Nothin'," Riley muttered, still staring angrily at Tector.

"I known Jesse Tatum a long time," Walt said. "He ain't like to rob folk like us."

"And Emit?" Riley asked.

"Emit Tatum." Walt stroked his beard and looked through the dirt around their makeshift campsite. "Emit Tatum."

Black Rob hauled Tector to his feet, though both of them were still wary of Riley's menacing glare.

Walt cleared his throat before he spoke. "Like I said, I known Jesse Tatum a good long while. Jesse and his pa run Last Home for many years now. Hugo, you remember Pa Tatum?"

"Yessum," Hugo said, politely.

"Emit... though. Emit was gone East for a stretch of years." Several of them spit. "That don't make him a thief, though."

Trigger jumped in eagerly, "My girl said he was a pederast."

"Even if that were true, " Walt said carefully, "that don't make him a thief, neither."

"What's a pederast?" Hugo asked.

"Means he fucks little boys," Trigger said with no small amount of relish.

"Oh hell no," Hugo said, rising to his full height. "Walt. Walt, we gots to go back."

"Now ya'll are talkin' about stringin' up a man," Walt said, holding his palms out defensively, "who given us shelter. Who taken us in."

" 'Course he wanted to take us in," Trigger said excitedly, "so he can take all our hard-earned money!"

"Who else could it 'ave been?"

"-didn't see no one else ne

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