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"The concert's next week," she said. "I thought we could pretend we were doing something else, just for old time sake, but if that's too juvenile for your law student tastes we don't have to." She dropped onto her bed, still smiling up at him. "The thing is," she added, with a impish glint in her eyes, "I still kind of like keeping secrets from them, even if I don't have to anymore."

Hunter let out a short laugh, "I know the feeling. Secret works for me. In the meanwhile-,"

"I get to open whatever it is you have in your pocket?" she asked, her dimples showing and her eyes bright with anticipation.

"Brat," he said, with a grin to match hers, and extracted the small, silver gift box from his pocket. He didn't have her knack for wrapping, but he knew her taste. There was a delicate, swirling design etched into the box, and rose pink ribbon tied into a simple bow wrapped around it.

Her eyes sparkled just as much as they had when she'd watched him open his gift. Presents were Amy's favorite way of expressing affection, and she loved receiving nearly as much as she loved giving.

Hunter watched her open the box, and extract the smaller jewelry case from inside.

She let out a small gasp of delight, lifting a pendant necklace from the box, its delicate chain glinting between her fingers. Dozens of minuscule pink gemstones glittered in a white gold setting, and Amy watched the crystals catch the light, enchanted.

"Oh, Hunter," she said, "This is too much."

Her face didn't say it was too much, however, and it was her face Hunter watched most closely. His heart seemed to grow another size when he saw the delight in her eyes. "I'll help you put it on," he said, and drew her hair to the side so that he could manage the clasp.

"Hunter, it's the best-The most beautiful thing anyone has-," she couldn't finish, and Hunter heard her voice fill with raw feeling in alarm. Hunter knew Amy's reactions by heart. He knew when her tears were happy, when they were sad, and when they were too complicated to be described entirely as either.

He lowered to a knee beside her bed, his eyes dark with concern. "Amy," he said, his tone hazing between concern and excitement. "What's wrong?"

"Trey and I broke up," she said, with a watery attempt at a wry smile.

Hunter shifted closer, his brow drawn, and took her hand.

"It just made me think of it," she explained, shrugging. "I don't know why. He never gave me anything like this-not that I expected him to. I don't expect jewelry all the time, but..."

She looked down, at their intertwined hands, and traced the lines with the fingertips of her free hand. "We...It happened after our first time. Together."

"Oh," said Hunter, sensing something dark grumbling somewhere deep in his chest.

"He said that I-," she chewed her lower lip delicately, painfully self-conscious about sharing something like this with him. "That I wasn't very good."

It took Hunter a moment to process enough of his own rage, bewilderment, and disbelief before he could manage a coherent thought.

"It was your first time!" he said, his voice harsher than he'd intended, feeling slightly strangled. They had never discussed these things so openly before, certainly not when it pertained to them. "You're not supposed to be good."

"Well, we fought, and it was really bad." He watched her blink back the emotion that brimmed in her eyes. "I know it was probably true, and probably not a big deal. Like you said-first time." She shook her head. "It's just that it was my birthday and it was supposed to be...special. It was supposed to-I don't know, but it wasn't, and Trey made it seem like it was my fault. And I know he thinks he can just say things like that and crook his finger later on and I'll just come running back-,"

"Amy," Hunter said, squeezing her hand, "Trey is an idiot if he takes you for granted, and I promise-," he struggled to find the words, ignoring the way searching for them made his face feel hot and his throat feel tight, "It's not always that way.

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