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He wears the dress to marry his Tomboy dream girl.

"Do not be, dear Elora," Tanska replied, smiling. "They have found happiness in their new lives, and I continue to be happy with my old one. I brew potions that I trade with them for the pleasures their cultures offer, and I do not stray far from what the spirits need to keep my home strong and full of life."

"What sort of potions do you craft?" Mazra asked.

Tanska smiled. "I brew potions to cure wounds like the one you suffered, alleviate ailments, both common and uncommon, rejuvenate strength, vigor, wit, as well as..." her eyes twinkled. "elixirs of a more... recreational use."

"How do you mean 'recreational'?" Mazra questioned.

"I'll show you," Tanska purred, rising from her spot on the floor, and, once again, opening the large cabinet. This time, she produced a small vial containing a shimmering, purple liquid. Uncorking it, she downed the contents in a single gulp. The effects were not apparent, at first. Perhaps it did not have a visual effect? But it was not long until Tanska began to slowly pitch a tent in her loin cloth.

"Did you just-?" Ellie asked, incredulously.

"Indeed I did," Tanksa replied, grinning. She removed her loincloth to expose her think, ten-inch, throbbing erection.

"No way!" Ellie squealed, scrambling to her feet. She reached up, and grabbed hold of Tanska's very warm dick with both hands. "No fucking way!" She gave the cock a stroke. "This thing has to be at least half as big as me!" The little gnome excitedly jerked the black cock in front of her.

Mazra crawled forward, also reaching out and grasping Tanska's huge cock. The warmth radiating off of it was inviting. She began to slowly stroke it, her hand meeting Ellie's rapid jerking, ocassionally. She moved her hand downward, towards where a pair of testicles should be, but was instead greeted by Tanska's dripping slit. "You still have a pussy!" Mazra exclaimed.

"So, I do," Tanksa replied, chuckling. Mazra inserted two fingers into the wet entrance, as Ellie began to lick up and down the thick, black length in front of her. "Oh, yes!" Tanksa moaned, gripping the back of Ellie's head, urging her to do more. The gnome licked from the base of the cock all the way back up to the tip of the foreskin that covered the head of Tanska's cock, before plunging her face down, sucking the cock into her mouth. The little woman had difficulty stretching her mouth around the thick, black cock, but managed to get around three inches of it into her mouth before she began to gag. "Mmm, yes! Just like that, Elora!" Tanksa wailed, as the small woman eagerly slurped up her cock, her pigtails flapping about, drool running down her face and onto her perky tits, her efforts being rewarded with the occasional spurt of precum.

Mazra removed her fingers from the pink entrance, replacing them with her tongue. She licked up and down Tanska's dark slit, as juices trickled out and into the orc's hungry mouth. She happily gulped down as much girlcum as she could, some of it dripping out and running down her face. She reached behind her head, and gripped the fat cock, jerking it in places the Ellie's sucking couldn't reach.

"Aw, fuck!" Tanska shouted. "I'm gonna cum!" And that was all the warning the two ladies servicing her received before Mazra got sprayed by a stream of the shaman's pussy juice, and Ellie got a large mouthful of hot cum, causing her to choke, and remove the cock from her mouth. The gnome received several more spurts of the pearly, white jizz, each as big as the last, absolutely covering her face and small tits.

"Wow," Ellie said, noisily swallowing her mouthful of cum. "That was awesome!"

"Agreed," Mazra continued, before licking up some of the white slime on Ellie's breasts. "That was definitely one of the more exciting encounters I've had. Please, tell me we can do that some more."

Tanska smiled.

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