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Love between these two women is truly eternal.

"The woman in the video is on her back baby and her man is fucking her ass. He is fucking her like crazy, ramming his fucking hard cock deep in her ass. He is grunting and groaning baby. He is going to cum in her fucking ass!!! She's begging him to fuck her harder. He's groaning really loud as he pounds his cock deep in her ass one last time, releasing his load of cum in her ass." says Ryan with his sexy voice.

By this time I am working the dildo in and out of my hot cunt. I am thinking of Ryan fucking me. Thinking of him depositing his thick gobs of cum in my cunt. While Ryan is talking I am whispering for him to fuck me.

"Oh god Ryan don't stop. Fuck me please." I whisper.

Ryan starts telling me more, "He's pulling his cock out now baby. His cum is seeping from her ass baby, right down to her cunt. Oh God Donna that is so fucking incredibly erotic."

"You would love that baby wouldn't you? You would love for me to fuck your ass. To feel my cock throb and spasm in your ass. You could feel my cum spray inside you and feel me pull out." said Ryan.

Hearing Ryan talk about this woman getting fucked in the ass makes me want his cock deep in my ass. I reach for the KY jelly and squirt some on my ass. Pressing a finger against my hole, it goes in easily. I bring another finger up and push 2 fingers in my ass and slowly fuck it. Feeling that I am opened enough I squirt some KY on the dildo and rub it around. Laying on my side and lifting one of my legs I press the dildo against my opening. The head pops into my ass and feels so fucking good.

Whispering softly I beg Ryan to fuck my ass. "Fuck me baby, fuck me like I need. Fuck my ass baby. I need your hard cock so deep in my ass!!"

I push the dildo further up my ass. It hurts a little but I don't care. I know it's going to fucking push me over the edge with an orgasm.

"You would get up and squat baby and we would watch as my cum drips from your ass. I would capture it all on video Donna, especially a close up of my cum dripping from you." Ryan continues.

"We would playing it while we are laying in bed cuddling and I know we will start to get so turned on from it. My fingers would rub your ass baby and that's when you would beg me to FUCK YOUR ASS AGAIN Donna." said Ryan.

"Yes Ryan fuck me again. Fuck my tight ass. I am begging you baby" I whisper.

I am pushing the dildo further up my ass and trying to fuck myself like Ryan would fuck me. I have watched him on cam. Seen how he would grab my hips and ram his cock hard and fast in me.

"Can you imagine that baby? Can you feel me fucking your hot ass? Can you feel me grabbing your hips as I pound my fucking cock up your ass? Your body moving forward as I ram my cock harder and harder. I'm spanking your ass as I start cumming and cumming and cumming deep into your ass." said Ryan.

I grab my wand and turn it on high and press it against my clit. I start fucking my ass faster and faster. The pain and pleasure driving me crazy with lust. I want to scream out as my orgasm hits but I can't. My body starts to shake and my clit throbs as I start cumming. It feels like I am squirting a little bit but I know I'm not. My juices seem to be oozing from my clit.

"I would pull my cock out now Donna and watch the cum drip from it. Would that turn you on baby, seeing a video tape of us fucking? My cock throbbing in your ass? Seeing my mushroom shaped head as I pull it out from your ass? Then eventually a close up of your hot, sexy ass dripping my cum. Does that turn you on baby?" asks Ryan in his sexy voice.

I leave the dildo up my ass because I know Ryan would want me to. He would want me to continue to rub my clit because one orgasm from me is not enough for him. He loves to make me cum over and over.

"Oh god baby that is such a fucking turn on. You know I would be fixed baby so I could cum in you over and over. That's what you want right baby? To have me fill your cunt and ass with my cum." he asks. "

I am going to call you back in a little while and see if you can answer baby.

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