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Start of a new empire.

I'm going to stay with you both to ensure that you get what you deserve. This will be a treat for you, but your ass still needs to pay me for your disrespect, remember?" She smiled at me and curled her finger signalling me to crawl to her.

Without a word I crawled out of my cage to her feet. "You may kiss my feet if you wish pet." Without hesitation I pressed my lips against the tops of her feet and kissed them softly, going back and forth between each foot. I craved to show my affection to her and she could tell by how I savored the moment. She interrupted my kisses by firmly snapping her riding crop against my bare ass. "That is enough pet. If you behave yourself today I will let you kiss my clit before bed tonight."

She fastened a leash to my collar and led me through the house to the front door, instructed me to kneel by the front door until her friend arrived. My mistress sat across the room on the couch, reading the newspaper while keeping an eye on my back side periodically.

Half an hour later the front door opened and her friend walked through, she was a beautiful blonde dressed in a leather corset, stockings, and heels. She couldn't have been much older than 20. She wore bright red lipstick and smelled of flowers. Without saying a word she walked up to me, grabbed my head and pushed my face into her crotch. She was wet, and was almost smothering me inbetween her legs. "I'm going to have some fun with you today" she said as she grinded her mound against my nose through her panties. She withdrew and slapped me across the face, "I heard you disrespected your mistress. Is this true?" she said to me sharply.

"Yes ma'am, I did disrespect my mistress and I am going to correct it." I said, looking up to her.

She slapped me across the face again. "You do NOT have permission to look me in the eyes, slave. You do that again and you're going to regret it. Damn straight you are going to correct your disrespect, do you not realize how lucky you are to have such a caring mistress?" she asked, grabbing me by the face and turning my head to my mistress who was still sitting on the couch.

"Yes I understand how lucky I am to have her. Please don't slap me anymore." I begged her.

"You may address me as Miss Sarah, slave. Now, turn around and put your ass up in the air for me." She commanded.

I obliged her, sticking my ass out for her. She grabbed a small paddle that my mistress had conveniently placed on the coffee table, and took a seat on a chair across the room from my mistress. "You've got a nice ass slave boy, why don't you crawl over here to me and let me try out this paddle on you?" I followed her command and crawled to her. "Come now, put your face back inbetween my legs, I want you to feel how wet this makes me while I paddle your cute ass." I put my face inbetween her legs and she leaned forward and began to spank me. She was gentle at first, however she did not stop until my ass was bright red and I was moaning with each stroke. "Aw, does it hurt slave? I'll give it a break for a minute. Why don't you put that tongue of yours to good use?" she said as she moved her panties to one side to give me access to it.

In the meantime my mistress had stepped over to me and she gently rubbed lotion on my back side, then began to lube my butthole up. I tongued Miss Sarah's pussy while my mistress pressed her fingers inside of me. I gasped when I felt my ass being stretched past my usual threshold; she was penetrating me with a larger plug than usual. I continued to service Miss Sarah, gliding my tongue over her clit as she ran her fingers through my hair. Miss Sarah had gotten the small paddle back out and began to lightly tap it against my ass to distract me from the belt that my mistress had grabbed. Out of nowhere I felt the strap against my ass, she really laid into me. I tightened my asshole against the plug and pushed my face harder against Miss Sarah's sopping wet cunt.

"I told you your punishment wasn't over pet, you get this out of the way then you'll have your fun.

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