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A wife and her husband host a party.

She pinched them after that was no longer enough and she instantly felt a flood of wetness as she cried out quietly, arching her back in frustration. She sat up panting and her hand flew uncontrollably down to her clit once again. She started to feel herself sweating as she struggled, wanting to come so so badly. She succeeded in not touching it though even though it looked like something was physically stopping her from stretching that last inch to put her finger in contact with her clitoris. She threw her arms out panting and then realized a full 15 minutes had...

Knock Knock Knock!

The sound sent a chill down her spine and she felt short of breath as she felt a sudden surge of sexual energy. Her heart started racing as she slowly stood up trying to calm herself so that she could answer the door. She had never walked so slowly than she was now as she tried to calm herself on the way to the door. She peeked through the peephole and saw him. The energy she was feeling was coursing through her body and seeing him made all of that energy ignite. But instead of losing control she felt a serene sort of calm wash over her as she decided to give him the best orgasm he had ever and would ever have in his life.

She felt more confident than ever before in her life as she opened the door and stood halfway behind it as she just stared at him through the mostly opened door. She bit her lip as she noticed how nice he looked. He had a cocky smile on his face he was wearing that red pair of pants that she had complimented him on just the other night a couple of weeks ago. He was wearing a more tight-fitting shirt than he usually wore (or maybe he had just been working out extra hard.) She noticed that he looked pretty good actually and got even more excited as she noticed that she could see his pants starting to get just a bit tighter as he looked at her.

She was wearing an all black bra with all black boy short panties and nothing else. She was standing with her back slightly arched sticking her ass out ever so slightly. She knew she looked amazing in this pose and he was drinking her in with his eyes, which seemed to be kindled to a low fire at this very moment.

"Are you going to come in?" She said.

He just nodded as he walked in to the doorway putting all of his weight on one foot at a time, walking as slowly as possible, it seemed. He didn't stop approaching though as he entered her space and strongly but gently pushed the door out of the way. He never stopped coming closer though, looking at her dead in the eyes with that damn cocky grin still on his face. It was making her feel like she was being seduced and maybe she was. Just as she realized he smelled really good he leaned in and she closed her eyes, standing just slightly on her toes to make up the height. He backed her up just a few inches into the nearby wall and he denied her the kiss she wanted as he forcefully grabbed her hips and slid his lips down to her neck bone as she exhaled, realizing she had been holding her breath for quite some time. All should could hear was her heartbeat which had returned to full speed.

She looked down and noticed his arms looked flexed and full as he squeezed the sides of her ass, nearly lifting her whole weight off the ground in his grasp. She realized now that she was far too turned on to care about anything except getting his cock in her mouth. This thought pushed everything out of her mind and she looked upward as he ravished her neck and gently bit down on her. She could feel and hear his hot breath as she just enjoyed the sensation.

When she gained her composure just a bit she attempted to tear him away from her neck so that she could go down to her knees. But, he was already moving. Down.

Oh god, she thought. He wasn't lying earlier.

She was a little bit disappointed as he began sliding her panties down and off of her feet, one by one. She had wanted his dick in her mouth. That would have to wait tho...


She couldn'

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