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A surprise visit.

You need to suffer a little bit for your own involvement in this. Just consider yourself lucky, that when it's all over and done, all you'll have to deal with is Mellissa, and not the entire school board." Now Grace really was resigned, it was obvious that Becky had spent a great deal of time considering all this. And as much as she wasn't looking forward to what was coming, it was far better than losing her entire career over it either. She might have to eventually consider moving away, but at least she could do that, get a fresh start someplace else as long as she wasn't exposed here.

"What do you want me to do?"

Becky smiled, sitting back in her chair. "Like I said, you have the easy part really. In a few minutes here, you're going to call Mellissa and tell her to come over, that you have a nice surprise for her, something she'll enjoy. Once she gets here, you'll get her into bed, start fooling around, and that's when I come in. I'm the surprise. After all, she hasn't met me, has no idea who I am. You introduce me as one of your current lovers, or whatever story you'd care to make up, just as long as she buys it. Then the two of you together, will pleasure me. Obviously, I'll be recording all that as well, secretly. And then after we're done here today, I'll have the same little chat with her that I've had with you. Once I've gotten her assurance that she will never again have anything to do with my father, I'll send you the other CD's I have stashed away, along with the camera I've used for all this. You two can then do with it whatever you like after that. I'll no longer care. So...what do you say? You ready to call Mellissa and invite her over, or should I just, say...press this button?" Becky reached, as though she might, but Grace immediately stayed her hand, calling out.

"NO! Don't! OK! OK! Whatever you want! I'll call her!"


"Yes...now," Grace sat, almost crying as she did, her entire world seemingly collapsing around her.

"OK, get it together Grace," Becky admonished her. "We don't want or need you looking all puffy-eyed now do we? Oh yes, and one more thing. I'd damn well better enjoy myself, which means you damn well better do a pretty good job of getting me off here once Mellissa comes over. I don't want her suspecting anything until I've had a chance to sit down and talk to her, probably tomorrow. This will be after all, my first ever lesbian experience, and I'd kind of like it to be a good one. Understood?"

Grace nodded her head, totally resigned to all this, as much as she hated it.

"Then let me hear you say it."

"I understand."

Becky began removing her clothing.

"What are you doing? I haven't even called her yet!"

"I know, but we might as well get in the mood shouldn't we? First? Come on...I want to hear how you're looking forward to licking my pussy. Come on, say it. Let me hear you say it."

"I'm looking forward to licking your pussy."

Becky frowned, glaring at her. "You'd better do better than that, especially after Mellissa gets here. You're forgetting, I saw how you really are, last night. And you sure as hell didn't sound like this then." Becky didn't bother mentioning she hadn't actually been able to hear her, she figured she'd just let Grace wonder about that one. "So you'd better get with it, hell...like I said, you might actually end up enjoying this if you let yourself. But either way, I damn sure as hell better, or the deals off!"

Grace just looked at her, both furious and frightened, but she honestly saw no way out of this.

"So, you want to try it again?"

"I'm looking forward...to eating your...cunt!"

"That's better!" Becky laughed. "Now...get undressed, and then call Mellissa. After that, you can eat my cunt for a while, while we're waiting for her to get here."


Becky stood behind Grace listening to her as she talked to Mellissa on the phone, playing with her exposed breasts.

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