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Karen is gang-banged by three guys - or is she?

He stared at Lucy, if she wanted dead then he would do it and be rid of her. He'd regret the money he'd spent fixing her but she was a fucking pain and he couldn't wait to see the back of her. She held his gaze for a few moments but her eyes were fogged and her jaw slack, she hadn't shrugged of the effects of the meds yet.

"I'd try being a little more awake before you make your choice or you might regret it." Riddick said.

He turned his attention to Clara, "What about you?"

She turned to look at Lucy, who looked bewildered by the situation and didn't reply. Her blonde mane was still sleep laden and she absent-mindedly rubbed at the back of her neck where her chip had been inserted. Riddick snorted, she was cute but not that bright, he'd have no trouble with her. Maybe he would keep her after all, he stood up chewing his bottom lip thoughtfully. He picked up the bags of clothes and tossed then towards the women.

"These are for you."

They looked in the bags and the items that had spilled out of them.

"I'm not wearing any of this, for you." Lucy spat.

Riddick reached into his pocket and pulled out a small square box. On it were two small bright red buttons. Riddick was tired of her smart mouth. Looking directly at her he pressed the one on the right.

Lucy's hands flew to her neck and she fell backwards onto the floor her back arching convulsively. Riddick took his finger off the button. He walked over so he could stand directly over Lucy. She lay panting still clutching at her neck.

"Put them on," Riddick said. " I wanna see you dressed in them."

Clara was trying to comfort Lucy, understanding that she was in pain but not knowing why.

"What did you do?" she asked finally discovering her voice.

"Oh, did I forget to say?" Riddick's voice dripped with sarcasm," I had you both fitted with restraint chips as well and ownership tags. You piss me off and you can look forwards to a little correcting shock. It works a bit like the remember the tamers don't you?"

He raised his eyebrows waiting for a response to his question. They both nodded, Lucy more slowly and with a look of distinct pain on her face.

"So get dressed." Riddick sat back down signaling the end of the first lesson. He was sure there would be more to come.

The women began to sort through the clothing a little more seriously. Riddick just settled back and watched, sipping his drink. They kept glancing at him every few moments, uncomfortable with his presence and the fact that they were now his slaves, in the very real sense of the word.

They fumbled their way through the clothes, Riddick enjoying every moment of their nakedness. Clara had settled for the leather all in one body suit with matching studded collar and wrist and ankle restraints and Lucy had chosen black crushed velvet, bra and panties, accessorized with a matching choker, leash and permanent. Both of them had on incredibly high heels that pushed out their chests and gave a wiggle to their walks. Both sets of clothing were crotchless and nippleless. Riddick was usually more subtle but on this, he needed to be a bit more creative.

They stood before him nicely adorned. He tossed them a bag with some new make up in it and they applied it to each other.

Riddick stood up. "I suppose you want a show now?" said Lucy.

Riddick walked slowly across to her, taking in the flesh of her breasts pushed up high and tight over the top of her bra. He licked his lips. He pushed back her hair and holding her chin, tilted her face up towards him.

"Oh I want a show alright," he said, an evil glint in his eye. "Come with me."

He reached the doorway of the room and then stopped. This would be his last chance, he turned and looked to them both, what did he fancy? Cute or hard?

Decisions, decisions!

He returned to his chair holding Clara by the hand, he wasn't in the mood for fire and ice tonight. He felt mellow and relaxed.

"Sit down," looking at Lucy he pointed to the floor.

He sat back down on his chair unfastening his pants.

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