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Unexpected tryst with mother-in-law.


The clerk held up a long green finger, finished the sentence she was reading, and then finally looked up at Nearie.

"Yes?" asked the clerk, her tone annoyed. "How can I help you, your highness?"

"Uh, I have a set reserved, and I'd also like to check out these books." Nearie gestured to the teetering pile.

"Very well, let's see." The clerk brought a tablet from beneath her desk, and prepared a new entry.


"Janeria Sunshimmer."

"Ah yes... I have three guidebooks set aside for you. But, what else have you brought?"

"Oh, just additional readings," replied Nearie, fidgeting with her indigo collar.

"Purpose for requested materials?"

"Umm... research!"

"You'll have these for a week?"

"Two weeks please."

The clerk made up the note, then scanned the spines of the books Nearie had placed before her.

"And the titles. I see we've been in the restricted section, how nice."

Nearie listened, horrified, as the orc woman started to read the names of the books aloud, her booming voice carrying throughout the area.

"The Encyclopedia of Lovemaking, Volume 5; Sexual Frustration: How to Cope; Dildos for Dummies; Oral Sex the Orcish Way...

At this point, the blood had entirely drained from Nearie's face so that she looked more like an undead elf than a healthy Sin'dorei woman. She glanced around, and people were definitely watching her, shocked looks on their faces.

"Spells for Lovers; 103 Potions for Lusty Nights; Emerald Magic; A Study of Draenei Reproduction..."

"S-Stop! Don't read any more!" Nearie ordered the oblivious clerk. Everyone in earshot was looking at her, several groups were giggling and making obscene gestures.

The orc raised an eyebrow. "Fine, make my job harder."

Once the rest of the titles had been taken down, the orc retrieved Nearie's reserved study materials and nodded to her that the process was complete. Nearie immediately scooped up the books and moved quickly from the space, the stares of those nearby following her as she rushed from the scene. Not only was she embarrassed, but hearing the names of the books read aloud had triggered another round of intense arousal. She needed to get somewhere quiet where she could be alone, just her, these volumes of smut, and a few toys. She held her reading material lower against her waist, so that it blocked unwanted views of the massive dick that was tenting out her wispy skirt. It helped her keep her decency, but having her phallus rubbing up against the hard leather of the bindings made it all the more difficult to keep rational.

Nearie ran from the exit just as the library began to announce its closure, and made an immediate right at the bottom of the steps on the main thoroughfare that would take her in the direction of Sunfury Spire. She was hurried, distracted, and carrying quite a bit of mass; not a good combination for someone so clumsy and uncoordinated as herself. She brushed past the people crowding the street, pardoning herself as she hurried by. As she came to an intersection, she ran into the street without looking, nearly getting run down by a small carriage before startling a pair of hawkstriders and their riders.

"Hey, watch where you're walking, airhead!"

Nearie shouted a quick apology and spun about, leaving the scene at a near jog. The books bounced in front of her, blocking her eyes for a few moments with each stride. They massaged as they shifted, rubbing her penis up and down as if trying to jack her off. Faster, she thought, I need to be in my bed before I...

"Whoa, hey look OUT! ACK!" came a feminine shout. Nearie tried to stop, but her momentum carried her forwards. She felt herself collide with something soft, and lost her balance. For a moment, she was weightless, her legs flailing in the air.


Breath knocked from her lungs and twinges of pain shooting though her body, Nearie opened her eyes slowly and found herself lying in the street surrounded by a pile of library books.

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