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I loose my anal virginity.

ht, and hopefully out of mind! I sat down quickly, and the massive beast in my ass that called itself a butt plug thrust hard up my ass! I gasped and started panting,

Master chuckled. "Oh, Cuntface! I love what that does to your boobs! Quite nice to watch! Well done! Now grab the luggage lock, and lock it through one belt hole, and lock that belt hole to the buckle." I knew Ozzy was enjoying watching me do his will. At times I wondered if he was stroking himself as we played.

I duly complied, and as the lock clicked shut I realized the lock prevented me from untying my ankles. I would need to hop wherever I needed to go. The key to this lock was just across the hall on my dresser -- it shouldn't be bad to hop that far.

"You know Cuntface; I enjoyed seeing you plop on the chair. The gasping, panting, the way it made your boobs bobble, the whole package." I could picture him smiling at me as he paused, which made me nervous. "So let's go into Second Life. Whenever anyone else calls you by name, I want you to stand up and plop down on the chair again. Plop as hard as you want me to be. Make me proud."

Second Life is like an online chat room with videos of avatars. People come to socialize and improve how their avatar looks. Most people type to socialize, but some use voice. I usually spoke, but as my mouth was stuffed with an obscene panty rag, I would need to type.

We entered the game, appearing in some chairs surrounding a busy nightclub. Immediately someone greeted us. "Hi Ozzy! Hi Cuntface!"

I stood up, and plopped right back down. The feeling was so intense! The chair pounded the plug like a hammer hitting a nail. At the same time, my innards were still coming down, impaling themselves on the infernal ass stuffer. My ass rippled up, involuntarily squishing my ass around the plug. My boobs flopped onto their thin, rigid supports and jiggled in their tape cocoons.

I had my avatar lounge on Master's lap like a playboy bunny. People kept coming in. I started to dread their greetings.

Someone named NJ came in, cheerfully greeting us through text on our screens. "Hi Ozzy! Hi Cuntface!" This forced me to do another anal assault. I clenched down on the disgusting rag as my plopping down thrust the plug deeper into my own ass. NJ asked "Cuntface, are you OK?"

The first thought that went through my head was, "I would be so much better of you stopped calling me by name!" Instead I buried that thought with another plop onto my hard chair. I bit down hard on the disgusting panties as the plug was pounded into my ass. I tried to be pleasant with my response "Yes. Cuntface is doing fine."

"I'm hearing the hint of a grunt or shriek every time I say anything to you Cuntface."

Mentally I started cursing her out. Remembering that this is what got me into this mess, I dutifully stood, and plopped hard onto the chair, hoping that Master was enjoying the show in the webcam. I tried not to howl into the gag, but it was such a painfully sudden thrust each time. "Yes Miss. Cuntface has a task she must do when people call her by name."

"Oh? What does Cuntface have to do when people call you Cuntface?"

Damn it! Why won't this lady leave me alone? I stood, and plopped into my chair, blowing the air out of my lungs. I was panting through my nose, nostrils starting to flare. I started typing, and realized she said my name twice. I stood again, and plopped down on the hard chair helplessly obeying Master's orders. My ass hurt so much! I hoped that Master would distract her away and have mercy on my ass. I cringed as I resumed typing, blushing a bit as I explained my situation. "Cuntface has a large butt plug in her ass. She must stand and plop down on a chair whenever people say her name."

"Oh Cuntface? Does it hurt?"

Why does this woman keep after me? I plopped down again, feeling my sphincter crying out. I stifled a whimper, and typed my response. "Yes Miss. It feels larger and deeper when Cuntface plops down. It is very tough on her ass. Please have mercy on her."

"Well, Cuntface, this is how I see it.

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