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House wife taken by force by two young men.

At that point, I wouldn't start to let go until I let something else go all over Jennifer again.

This time, I came right on her ass, although a spurt or two got onto her back. It was probably a miracle that nothing got on her hair. Thankfully, everything landed on her skin - skin she couldn't well sit on at the moment. After all, she would be making a mess on my couch if she did.

"Um...let me take care of it this time," I had to tell her once I cooled down. I raced to get a few tissues, as I would be the one to carefully wipe my cum off and against her. I probably lingered in doing so longer than she did last night, and I certainly didn't use my tongue to help things along.

When she was all clean again, I wasn't too sure what to do next. We both fell asleep after the last orgasms, but we had the whole day ahead of us now. A whole day - two, actually - for things to get awkward and weird once the sex high wore off, if we weren't careful.

I carefully sat myself down on my couch, despite not having pants on. Soon after, Jennifer did the same. "Should be clean enough now, right? Maybe even cleaner than you," Jennifer pointed out. It was just light enough to deflate any tension.

In fact, we felt lazier the more we longed around naked on this couch. Finally, Jennifer figured, "If we're going to sit around, we might as well get a tan."


Soon enough, we were back at my pool, sitting around on the deck. Of course, just sitting there was a bit of a challenge for me, thanks to Jennifer's latest swimwear.

This time she had a white two-piece, but it was still a plenty revealing white two-piece. Even with everything I'd seen and felt on Jennifer, it still took my breath away to see her covered up so skimpily. Even with all I'd seen of her bare breasts, seeing them halfway covered up like that remained thrilling - which also applied to the rest of her body in spades.

Still, after the night and the morning, we did probably need some down time. So just lying in our chairs, getting some sun and acting like we didn't just cum all over each other wasn't so bad. Now that we finally knew what that was like with each other, things didn't feel so...urgent.

It probably should have been awkward, but it wasn't. We crossed the line and we knew we would a few more times before the weekend ended. Knowing that in advance made me less worried and self-conscious, and God knew that those words never described Jennifer.

Words like easy and normal actually came to mind as we got our tans, and then when we went back in the pool. Yet again, it was all too easy to stare at her and her wet exposed parts, and all too easy for her to see how I was affected by them. But it felt like it was less of a big deal in the air this time.

Jennifer even 'accidentally' brushed against my affected areas more, and I soon did the same with her. We would have gone further, if it wasn't still the afternoon and way too easy to get caught. So we waited to get wet and wild until we got inside, and in the shower.

Even then, I wasn't quite in the mood to get hard core, and neither was Jennifer. We hadn't technically fucked yet, and it would be impractical to do it in the shower for a first time. We weren't even in a hurry to get each other off, although I for one always felt more sensitive to get off after time in the pool or shower.

For now, though, it was enough to finally be both wet and naked with Jennifer. It was enough to have us naked together and standing up at the same time. It was enough to actually have her bare, wet body against my own at last, feeling her up and down and all around.

Jennifer had her fun putting her hands on my ass, after all the fun I had on hers. When we got around to using soap and loofas, she went first in scrubbing me up - every which way. Then it was my turn to clean her up with suds wherever I could.

After making sure her tits were covered up well enough with soap, I aimed the shower hea

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