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A mutant virus hits a small town.

"And not just with her lover. Like tonight" Jasmine interrupted.

"That too!" Jan smiled looking very perky. "Should be good huh?"

"What is all this about, what's happening tonight?"

"You are so naive, Sandra. You really are. This is a hen party, what do you think happens at a hen party?"

"We all chat girl talk and have some fun?"

"With the accent on the fun!" Jan chuckled.

Sandra looked bewildered.

"The Chuckleberries, they are the boy troupe attending tonight, Sandra" "So?"

"They are male strippers, didn't you know, and if you are lucky you might get some of the action - but then you don't like it do you?

"OMG! I had better go sorry"

"Stay Sandra, live it up, you don't have to participate but you can watch all those hunky guys display their charms." Jan asked

"Is that what they call them" chuckled Jasmine. Well I will be up for it, there is nothing more soothing to the working girl than a bit of hard cock!"

"That is so crude! Gasped Jasmine looking very distort."

"But I notice you haven't got up and gone" commented Jan.

"Well I don't want to appear unsociable do I?"

"Oh yes, well I guess that is good an excuse as anything," popped Jan. "Just relax and enjoy, it is nothing serious, just all good fun and no strings attached. The guys will make it very entertaining for us rest assured."

"Sandra is just a little on the shy side" Jasmine whispered to Jan, "We just need to keep here under our wing."

"Well I tell you what Jasmine, I can't be doing about shocking Sandra because I fully intend to go the whole hog, it seems ages since I have tasted oral."

"What about your guy, didn't you do it anymore Jan?"

"Well yes, when the mood takes me, but with Jim it is like doing it by numbers, let's say that now I understand what my grandmother meant when she said that women in Victorian times were told to think of England and stare at the ceiling"

Jasmine chuckled saying how things have changed, and that anyway sucking cock does not involve staring at the ceiling, for me I get turned on watching the guys eyes as I do it and his reaction. Sandra seemed to be pretending she wasn't listening but she was.

"Just enjoy, Sandra" Jan advised. "Most girls enjoy so who knows you may too.

"Never done it before, Jan"

"Well there is always a first time, I'll see you alright, just watch me and you'll soon get the hang of it, I shall pick one with a good pair of hanging balls which always does it for me."

So when three guys came and started to perform their stripping routine the girls were in full spirits, laughing and wowing at the scene before them. One of the girls yelled: "Get 'em off" and there was a hush when the tallest guy did, without any hesitation at all he lowered his briefs, stepped out of them in a so seductive way to the music and displayed a fresh looking and very appealing ripe cock. "Beautiful" gasped Jasmine.

The guy, John was his name he said, sidled over to where she was sitting and did a very entic9ing wiggle which was enough to set Jasmine off and in no time at all she had her hands all over his buttocks and pressed her face there as he rolled himself against her right cheek.

The other girls looked aghast and it wasn't long before the other two guys followed suit and were coffering themselves for the enjoyment of the girls who readily sucked cock and pampered balls. Jasmine who had set the scene took a breather looking very happy, gasping for breath between more sucking.

Jan wanted a turn and eventually Jasmine submitted reluctantly backing away, taking heed of how Sandra was as Jan got down to business, sucking John's balls and then following up his length to run her tongue around his red rim to suck his p-hole

Sandra was sort of watching out of the corner of her eye but was obviously interested. "Go on, try it" Jasmine said. "It is so nice and warming, you'll like it"

But Sandra looked awkward and John noticed saying to her not to be shy, and when Jan came up for air he swivelled himself over the edge of the table where the girls sat and gently offered himself by prizing up both his cock and

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