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Wife poses for photos and session gets out of hand.

She turned suddenly and her eyes were on my hard cock, nine inches and very thick, clearly visible against the fabric of my slacks.

She asked me, "Is there a Mrs. Sterling?"

"Only my grandmother, The restaurant was named after her and my grandfather, my mother's parents. My last name is Rutledge. And there's no Mrs. Rutledge. "

We stared into each other's eyes, clearing aroused, her breath a light panting in the room. She quickly walked over to me at the desk and lightly laid her hand on my cock, caressing me. "Then there's nobody with claim on this. "

I reached up and laid my hands lightly on her firm breasts, feeling her light bra and erect nipples under my fingers. "But from the looks of that ring on your finger, somebody does have claim on these. "

"He's out of town," as she dropped to her knees and began to press her lips against my crotch. Quickly, she had my pants unzipped and was dropping the around my ankles. I leaned back against the edge of the desk.

She looked up at me as her hands sought the hem of my boxers. "I hope this is as big as it looks in your slacks. Oh god yes!" as my boxers dropped and my thick 9 inches sprang out into her hand. "Oh shit, it is big!"

She began to lick me, her hands caressing my shaft and my balls. I moaned and she smiled up at me, her tongue licking around the head. "Oh yeah baby. " She smiled, and her mouth went around my head and sucked me into her throat. She easily got 3, maybe 4, inches into her mouth. Then she began to relax and stretch around me, using her tongue and swirling her whole mouth around the shaft, her blond hair swaying about her head. I groaned as I felt the head hit the back of her throat and press against it. I began to thrust, fucking her mouth slightly, then harder as I slid past her gag reflex and down her throat. I heard/felt her moan around my cock.

I fucked her face harder, my cock sliding in and out of her tight mouth and down her throat, her tongue caressing the shaft and head. Her hands cupped my ass, pulling as I thrust, her moans vibrating around my thick shaft. I felt her hands slide up under by boxers, cupping my ass, then her neck arched slightly and my cock slid even further down her throat, deep, really deep, past the back of her throat, her lips touching my public hair, her hands pulling at my ass. Just as I was about to pull out and stroke myself to orgasm, she slide a finger into my anus, penetrating me, and I grabbed her head and fucked her mouth hard for several minutes as she finger-fucked my ass.

As I came close to cumming,. I looked down, her face glistening with sweat, cheeks bulging with my cock sliding in and out fast, her hair flying with every thrust deep down her throat. Deep inside her, I felt a moan as my cock throbbed and filled her with hot cum, my scream echoing, "Oh shit yes, God, Oh YES!". I came deep in her throat, collapsing over her body, thick jets of cum splashing against her throat, then her cheeks and lips as I pulled out.

I lifted her, kissing her deeply as I reached for her tits. I could taste my cum on her hot lips. Her blouse was easily unbuttoned and I could see her hard nipples through her thin bra. I unsnapped it, and her 36C tits sprang into my hand. She moan and leaned back against the desk as my lips went down her neck to her nipples and my tongue caressed them before my mouth sucked the nipples into my mouth. "Oh yes, Rick, ummmmmm. " I continued to listen to her moan and suck her nipples, alternating left and right, as I unsnapped her slacks and she kicked them off over her heels.

As she lifted her ass, I stripped her panties off, feeling her hot swollen pussy lips. I kissed down her flat belly, my tongue tracing a trail from her navel to her pussy lips, then sliding between them as she cried out, "Oh eat me, lick my clit, oh yes, FUCK ME WITH YOUR TONGUE!"

I grabbed her ankles, spreading her legs, and captured her clit between my lips.

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