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E & E call a temporary truce.

He then turned his attention back to the mirror. "Wow. They are huge!" He marveled at the size of Susan's breasts, breasts that now sat atop his chest encased in only a lacy white bra which hugged the two plaint masses snugly. John reached up grabbing each huge mountain of flesh. He felt a jolt of pleasure as his hands made contact. This time he looked downwards seeing the two huge mounds reaching inches away from his body, a dark chasm of cleavage between them. "Blooming heck, I can't even see the ground" he said laughing to himself. He reached up cupping the bra clad breasts causing a large expansion of creamy flesh to spill out over the tops of the cups. "Right, this needs to come off" He stated as his hands reached up towards his back.

However before he could manage to undo the clasps he was interrupted by the ringing of the home phone. "Saved by the bell. I'll be back!" He said pointing to Susan's reflection before heading off towards the phone.

Picking it up he answered. "Hello, Susan speaking."

"Hello Susan." He heard a croaky voice from the other end. "It's your mother. Are you in? I'm coming over." The person, clearly Susan's mom, said.

"Mom, I'm slightly busy!" John replied down the phone, not wanting to be disturbed.

"I'm coming over, I'm in the neighborhood and I haven't seen you in a long time." Susan's mom responded.

"I'm sorry but I'm really busy." John demanded down the phone.

"Well I'm sorry but I'm already here." She said before John suddenly heard the doorbell ring.

John grunted "Son of a Bitch!" before hanging up the phone and heading to the door to let the women in. As he opened it the women outside came barging in.

"Put a top on young lady." She said as she shoved passed John and into the kitchen, turning on the kettle, "Maybe if you showed those breasts to more men instead of me you might have a husband by now." The women then said completely seriously.

"Ha-ha. Think I'm a bit fat for that." He said grabbing at the slight belly that Susan had amassed from school dinners and stress binge eating over the years. He then followed his, now, Mom into the kitchen sitting down at one of the counter chairs. Susan's Mom finished making two coffees' before turning around and handing one to John.

"Well are you gonna put a top on?" She asked demandingly.

"Oh yeah" He said setting off running to Susan's room to get a top, running passed the mirror as he did, "Don't think I've forgotten about you." He said to his reflection.

He re-entered the kitchen now wearing a green t-shirt. "Better?" He asked.

"Yes." His 'mom' replied now sitting at the counter reading a magazine. "I can't stay long. I've got to meet your Father at the estate." She exclaimed "I wish you'd talk to him. He only wants to help you." She continued. John didn't really know what to respond, not knowing what the situation was between Susan and her father, by the sounds of it though, it not being good.

"Um... No." He said bluntly, thinking that the best thing to say.

"To much pride." John's 'mom' moaned at him. "Well. How's work? Your brother just got a big promotion. Him, Julie and the kids are moving up to Manchester for it." She said, taking a sip from her coffee. "Why can't you be more like him, he's done so well for himself. While you're stuck in your dead-end job." She continued berating the person whose body John now occupied

"Hey. Mom!" John started, now knowing why Susan rarely saw her mother. "For all you know I could be a secret agent in disguise who goes around solving crime and busting huge drug deals." John said smiling at the irony of his little joke. His 'mom' wasn't best pleased.

"Yeah that's the attitude which has gotten you to where you are today.

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