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Kim shows Tom how she pleases herself.

Being one who works with foods and flavors, experimenting with tastes, I always think about different ways my body can be used to enhance pleasure for myself and others. Unfortunately I can't share this with the man I share my life with. But I've decided to seek other ways to satisfy those urges."

Needless to say, my mind was racing. Her stroking reached my hand and her fingers were intertwined and moving with mine. Looking at a couple of Germans, fat and fleshy in another bath a few meters away, she changed the subject.

"That couple, you think they please each other sexually?"

"Do you think they fuck often," I crudely offered.

"Yeah, I suppose that's what I mean," she replied.

"Probably not, too much bratwurst in his belly, too much insulation in hers," I commented.

"I think he likes to watch her undress," she began describing the pink fleshy couple, "then ask her to sit on his face and pee."

She watched me for a reaction. I was shocked but hearing her thoughts gave me a warmth in my loins, though covered by the roiling Jacuzzi bubbles.

"He probably likes to have her suck off his fat sausage while he sticks a few fingers in her cunt and finger fucks her."

I couldn't believe the language coming out of my princess's mouth.

"I'll bet he even gets a finger in her ass and she likes it, old hag." She was so mean, I loved hearing her viciousness.

I was getting really turned on, though we were still feeling weak. As a couple holding hands under water, talking quietly to each other, naked in this communal pool, nothing was unusual to anyone observing us. I put my mouth to her ear, drinking in the foresty scent of the massage oil on her neck and hair and whispered.

"Are those things you'd like me to do with you?"

She turned to me, hands still intertwined and said softly,

"I've got to pee, do you know where the toilet is? If you don't, I'll probably pee right here in this pool, but I'd prefer not to, just as a matter of good mantra; I mean if everyone decided to..."

"I don't know where the toilet is but I'll help you find one, besides, I've got to pee also and I'm really hot in this bath here."

We got out, draped ourselves loosely in our over fluffed towels and wandered though the rooms until we found the familiar WC sign on a small door, no gender designated. I turned the handle, it was empty; we went in. In the small room was a toilet on one wall, a sink on a side wall, and a large mirror above the sink. Both inside, I locked the door and immediately watched my cock grow in size and begin to rise horizontally.

Carla unwrapped her towel and hung it on the hook and walked to the toilet. That was the first time I had seen her backside uncovered, since we had been underwater or wrapped in towels up until now. Right above her ass crack, at the small of her back, in the center, was a tattoo of a whisk, the cooking tool.

"Is that a whisk above your ass?" I asked.

"Yeah. My husband didn't like it at first, but since it came with me, he's gotten used to it. I almost forgot I have it there. My kids think it's pretty funny when they see it. I had it done when I finished a long cooking course in France some years ago."

She had taken a seat on the toilet and looked at my stiffening cock and said, "You're not thinking about putting that thing in me here, are you? I'm having a relaxing bath experience now and want to continue."

And after a few short moments of silence I heard her tinkling away as she peed her bladder empty, the final driplets pinging against the porcelain. I've always had a thing for beautiful women on toilets and felt I should let her know. I was still standing right in front of her, about a meter away.

"Pee on my face, right now," she commanded.

She didn't make any move to wipe herself (why bother) and came out with this crazy idea. My dick was half hard and it was about to get difficult to pee, though I had to. I had to concentrate to think about getting the piss to flow, though my bladder was close to bursting.

"Come on, are you afraid, do you think it's disgusting?"


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