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Breeding and other business.

She normally lives in Kentucky full time, with his parents no less, and he lives in Alabama on campus. With her mom being sick she had to drop out of school and move back to Utah to help her dad out. Really the whole situation is fucked up, but they do seem to love one another. They see each other when they can and when they can't, they Skype."


"Mike, please, please you can never let Kristi know I told you about them. She would never trust me again if she found out."

"I understand."

"Thank you, I just wanted you to know in case it slipped out in a conversation."

"Okay, is that the worst of it?"

"No." she said looking me straight in the eyes. "I'm sorry Mike, I am so sorry. I lied to you last night."

I took a long pull out of what was left of my Bloody Mary, swallowed it and then pushed it to the center of the table.

"When?" I said, seriously taken aback with that news.

"I'm not on any type of birth control." she said with a looking down at the table.



"Why did you let me cum inside you, three times no less, if you aren't on birth control?" I asked feeling my anger starting to build.

"Because I wanted you to think that,"

"Think what? That I wouldn't eventually find out that you had lied to me about it?" I snapped at her.

"Mike please! Please, I didn't know what else to say or do. It felt so good and I didn't want you to stop." she said with tears instantly forming in her eyes.

I stood up furiously and started walking toward the helm to get the engines going and half way there I spun around to say something else to her. The words froze instantly on my lips. Debbie was sitting in her chair with her head down and I could see her shoulders moving up and down as she sobbed uncontrollably. I walked back to her and placed my hands on her shoulders and she jerked away from me angrily when I did.

"Stand up."

She shook her head from side to side and remained in her chair.

"I said stand up."

"No." she sobbed.

"I'm not angry Debbie." I said honestly because the sight of her crying had drained the anger from my body like someone pulling a plug on my soul.

"At least not with you, not anymore. I was but the sight of you crying made me realize that I wasn't so much angry at you as I was with myself because you felt you had to lie to me. I promise that you will never have to do that again, now stand up."

She slid her chair away from the table and stood up; all the while looking down at the deck still crying.

"Look at me."

She shook her head again, her long blonde hair hiding her eyes from my view.

"Look at me." I said reaching out and lifting her chin up until our eyes met.

"I love you Deborah, nothing will ever change that. Just be honest with me Baby, that's all I ask."

Tears were streaming down her cheeks as she nodded. She sniffed and then wiped her face with her forearm and the back of her hands, "Mike, I am so, very sorry."

I took her in my arms, and standing there on the deck I made a promise to myself that this was the last time I was ever going to make her cry. I held her until her sobs had stopped and she was still in my arms. Then I stepped back, looked down at her and softly kissed her lips.

"Let's go Sis, we have a lot to do today and we need to get moving." I said, giving her a gentle hug.

"Okay." she sniffed and then she headed to the bow to start working on the anchor.

I brought the engines to life and let them idle a bit to bring them up to running temperature and then we lifted the anchor and headed back to the channel. Since we had plenty of time to make it to the marina I throttled back, and we set a more leisurely pace. Debbie was busy clearing the table and doing the dishes and that gave me time to think about the past few days events.

Somewhere between leaving the job site on Thursday evening and today, Sunday morning, I had walked into an alternate reality where my baby sister was a devout nudist who had planned on seducing me for the past four years.

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