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All the buildup to have him slow down to just a crawl inside of me was frustrating, I urged him on, grabbing his butt and wanting him to keep going but he couldn't. I had to take over it get to where I wanted.

Wrapping my arms around him I rolled over. He got the hint and went with me until I was on top. My sweaty back instantly chilled in the cool air but it didn't stop me from sitting up off his chest and bringing my legs up for leverage. I began to rise and fall, riding his long cock as far out as I dared before slamming down onto him again. This was the first time I'd ridden him and if I didn't think his cock was perfect before I sure did now. With me in control I could bend him and take him where I wanted, thrusting his shaft against my G-spot where his head hit it perfect before rushing into me deep.

Todd reached up to play and pinch my breasts as I continued to rise and fall, soon noticing the lack of air and why he hadn't been able to continue. I fell in to a steady rhythm, relying on my soccer fitness to maintain the pace. I wanted to get back to where I was before. I wanted to cum and knew if I went too fast right off I'd burn out and not make it.

His hands felt wonderful caressing my breasts, he knew just the right amount of pressure to apply on my nipples, just before it got painful, sending pleasure to enhance my bliss. I basked in his long cock, never having ridden something so large before it amazed me how far I could lift my butt off of him and still maintain contact. I loved taking him to the end, just keeping his head inside and pivoting so my lips bathed his glands with juices before plummeting back down onto him, filling me up anew.

My pacing paid off, I was soon back to where he left me, just at the precipice, holding steady and reveling in the pleasure before the big O. I could delay the pleasure, knowing I was in control now and just hover and let my body tingle with the pre orgasmic sensations. But when Todd grabbed my butt and began to forcefully help me drive down and lift off him the edge of the cliff came in a rush and soon I was falling and falling into the bliss of orgasm. My entire body convulsed, shaking as I screamed and shuttered on his amazing cock. The orgasm was overwhelming, making me fall onto him, panting for breath and shaking uncontrollably with pleasure. I couldn't hear for a few seconds, it felt like when your ears pop and ring for a couple of moments but this one was orgasmic in nature. His cock was buried inside my quivering sex and I felt myself pulsing on his shaft as my body tightened and loosened around him.

I heard his voice but couldn't understand the words. His warm hands caressed my back as I lay spent on his body, still feeling the aftereffects of my orgasm.

"You worked hard for that... must have been good."

"What? I... missed... that."

"I was just saying you seemed to have worked hard for that orgasm... was it good?"

"The best.... I can.... hardly... talk."

"I've never been ridden like that before... Actually, Sara would never go on top."

"Her loss... that was out of this world. You had me so close before you stopped it only made it bigger when it finally came."


"Very cool... fucking awesome, actually, Big Brother," I said, using his new nickname and lifting myself off his chest to look at him. "Now it's your turn... time to cum," I said, rising up off of his hard cock.

"Really, my turn? Sounds good to me."

"You deserve it, so where do you want me. Tell me to do anything... maybe something Sara wouldn't do... which shouldn't be hard."

"How about doggystyle, I've never done that."

I rolled off of him and turned around so my butt was facing him and looked over my shoulder, "I'm all yours... come and get me."
He was quickly behind me, kneeling between my feet as I looked back at him.

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