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Kevin returned just as I was about to ask more of what Ang had told Sten, He was looking a little flushed and I didn't know whether that was due to his exertions from swimming or from ogling the big titted bird who was walking round the pool her glorious bare beasts swaying and jiggling in what must have been an erection inducing manner for most men, but then these were Finns, I thought.

My chat with Sten, looking at the girl's tits and seeing my husband's interest in her was certainly having a swelling effect on the part of a woman that hardens with arousal. And I saw Sten looking at my breasts, a slight, almost quizzical smile on his face.

"Ah here comes our missing partner, our hostess," Sten said as I looked at Kevin, wondering just what he had been saying to the young woman. He smiled and nodded at my boobs for he too must have clearly sent their hardness.

I turned to look for Angetta and saw a group of men and women walking towards us. They all seemed to be slim and blonde, they all seemed to be in their mid or late thirties, they all seemed to be attractive and laughing, but most intriguingly, they all seemed to be naked, including Angetta. My guess earlier when looking at her in the one-piece swimsuit was correct, her pubic area was totally bald as, indeed were several other women and men, perhaps a Finnish habit I thought?

Angetta came and stood by Sten and looked at both of us. She rested her elbow on his shoulder and leaned on him crossing one ankle over the other. She was totally relaxed as indeed, were all of the group of, I guess, five or six guys and women. I had never seen so much nudity, particularly male at the same time. I have to admit I couldn't stop taking furtive, I hoped, glances at, especially the men. Two of them were particularly well endowed with thick long, dicks. I had never really been interested in size, but then I had never been with anyone that was more than slightly above average. In these circumstances, though, where I was: already slightly aroused; unexpectedly surrounded by a number of good looking, naked men; standing close to several attractive, completely nude women with gorgeously slim figures; being stared at by my beautiful, bare friend Angetta, who seemed to be flaunting her bald pubis at me and where my husband was probably going crazy inside, size did seem to matter. I felt as though I was being hypnotised by what I was seeing and experiencing and I found it difficult being introduced to the group. They had been drinking, and one of the men poured vodkas for Kevin and I.
"Prost and schnell," they said loudly encouraging us to down the shots in one. We did.

With some of the group standing, others sitting on chairs or laying on loungers we all chatted. They seemed very interested in the UK and asked us loads of questions about life there. As more vodka and schnapps was drunk, so there was more laughter and the topic turned slightly. As a group, they began to take the mickey out of the reserved Brits and our attitude towards sex. It wasn't nasty, but it was pointed and I could understand their view when one of them, a full breasted, rather chubby, but pretty darker haired woman said.

"It even extends to not being comfortable with nudity doesn't it?"

As she said it, she quite pointedly stared at my bikini and Kevin's shorts.

"Alright, leave our friends alone," Sten called out. "Let them make their own minds up," he went on.

I smiled my thanks at him and could have kicked Kevin when, as is his wont, he took their bait.

"We're not uncomfortable or scared of being nude, are we Mons?"

"Leave it Kevin," Angetta said. "They were just being perverse, that's very Finnish, now stop it Karlina."

"Sorry," the chubby girl said. "Vodka talking," to which most of them laughed. Someone added.

"And yes Karl, it does a lot of talking for you doesn't it?"

She waved her hand at them staggering a bit as she stood up and moved a little closer to me.

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