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Two men share a woman.

He'd always dreamed of taking a girl there, but he'd never had a girl that was willing.

Till now.

And now this one was willing. He could have had her, but he'd come prematurely. If only he'd been able to hold out. God, Maybe Julie was right. Maybe he was too quick on the draw.

What could he do to get out of this fix? He wasn't sure, so he tried to buy some time.
Mark kissed Abbey's bottom. Not yet daring to kiss her where she wanted. He was well aware of where she wanted him to kiss. Slowly but surely she zero'd in on his tongue, bringing it closer and closer to her tight crater. For his part, Mark did his best to resist. Hoping maybe that if Abbey was turned on enough, she let her lick her pussy to orgasm.

"Are you teasing me baby?" Abbey crooned. "You little devil. You want to make me work for it? Oh baby, I'll work for it all right. I'll work for it baby - I'll give it to you."

Abbey reached behind her and took hold of Mark's hair and shifted her weight back, so that his head rested against the wall behind him. With her cheeks on either side of his chin, there was no where left to go.

He had no choice but to kiss her tight pucker. It wasn't so bad as he'd imagined. The odor wasn't the same as her sex, but it wasn't objectionable either.

"Lick me baby," Abbey demanded.

Surely she didn't expect?

"Lick my ass."

Mark's tongue darted out and touched her bottom hole ever so slightly.

"Mmmmmm.." Abbey purred in excitement. "Oh baby, that's the spot."

Mark had heard of guys bragging of taking a girl's ass before, but he'd never heard of one who dared lick a girl there. But then again, most guys had never had their embarrassing naked pictures put on the internet before. Most guys would never tell a girl he wanted her ass, then come before he had a chance to fuck her either.

Abbey moaned as she felt the gentle touch of Mark's nimble tongue. "Mmmmm...that's it baby. More..."

Mark had an idea. His tongue grew more daring, probing all around Abbey's tight hole, but not quite into like before. He tilted his head back and attempted to work his way to Abbey's sex.

"No baby," Abbey said, taking him by the hair of his head and pushing him back to her ass once more. "You don't want to give me a UTI do you? You keep busy back there and I'll take care of things up here."

Abbey reached down, her fingers dancing over her clit. Fuck that felt good. lightning danced through her loins. She'd wanted a bit of fair play to make up for an earlier bad experience from a jerk. She hadn't reckoned on enjoying the sensation quite so much. God, his tongue in her rear was making her sex drip like a honey pot.

Damn. Mark had thought he could get Abbey to come around to the usual way they made love. However, he hadn't thought of the whole UTI business. He settled in for the task at hand. He was going to have to finish what he started.

So he licked. Reaching around and up so that he could massage Abbey's breasts. It wasn't very comfortable. It wasn't very becoming.

"That's it babe," Abbey purred. "Lick my ass. Fuck...I've never had...fuck..a tongue in my ass before. Then again, I've never had a lover..quite like you. Oh shit. Get it in there. I'm close baby. Squeeze my tits. Push your tongue ...harder. Push it in my dirty ass. Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck..."

Her orgasm struck. Robbing her of strength until she was on all fours, finger buried in her hot sex, Mark's tongue buried in her tight ass. It was heaven.

"Oh baby, you are the best," Abbey said, once her orgasm faded, giving her lover a passionate kiss. "On a scale from one to ten, I give you a fifteen."

Poor Mark didn't feel like the best. He prayed his jeans hid the fact that he'd come in his pants.

"No, you're the best," Mark said and make an excuse to keep her from discovering that he'd suffered premature ejaculation. "Listen, I've got to get home and study. Is that okay?"

"Sure babe," Abbey said. "Just wait a few minutes until I can stand again, and I'll take you home."

Mark was glad for the few minutes.

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