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Kyra has a few too many cocktails.

She pushed back until she felt her buttocks hit the wall and she knew all ten inches of the long fat pole were inside her.

"Oh my god Andy, He's in me, all his fat fucking cock is in me," Peggy moaned.

"Oh yeah Peggy, you can do it, fuck his cock, fuck his cock and cum all over it," Andy moaned.

Peggy slowly pulled her hips away from the wall. She could feel the long fat pole start sliding out of her tight wet pussy. She stopped for a second when just the head was still inside her before she slowly pushed back again. Back and forth she went, flexing her hips, impaling herself on the fat black cock that was sticking through the hole in the wall. She was really enjoying this, being in charge and controlling the pace. Slowly Peggy built her speed until she felt she was going to cum again. She reached between her legs and pulled away from the wall. She took hold of the cock when it slipped out of her wet slit and repositioned it so the head was resting on the lips of her pussy. When she pushed her hips back the head slid across her lips and bumped into her clit. Peggy furiously rubbed the cock head all over her clit, sending her over the edge. She quickly repositioned the cock and pushed her hips back, hard and fast. The long fat pole was still sliding into her when she came. Her breathing was labored as she moaned out that she was cumming. The quivering of her pussy was too much for the anonymous man behind the wall. He loud out a loud groan as his cock fired a massive load of cum into Peggy's pussy. She held her ass tight up against the wall as she and her unknown lover slowly recovered from their intense orgasms.

"Oh my god Peggy, that was hot, so fucking hot. I've never seen anyone fuck...or cum like you do," Andy groaned as he continued stroking his cock.

"Oh, Andy baby, like they say in the movies, you ain't seen nothing yet," Peggy moaned as her breathing returned to normal.

Peggy moaned as she pulled her hips off the wall. As the big cock slid from her pussy a stream of cum ran down her leg. She took a couple of steps over to the other cock, the big white one. She ran her hand along its length. It was still nice and hard. Peggy backed up to the cock, lined it up with her pussy and pushed her hips back. The big fat pole easily slid into her sloppy wet, used slit. She worked the cock back and forth a few times before she stopped and pulled off of it. It came out covered with a mixture of her pussy juices and cum from the black cock. She reached behind her buttocks and lined the head of the cock up with her anus.

"Come over here and watch, Andy. I'm gonna take his cock in my ass. You'd like to see that wouldn't you, watching a big fat cock slid into my asshole," Peggy moaned.

"Yes, fuck it yes," Andy moaned as he stepped close to Peggy.

Peggy pushed her hips back and the head of the cock popped into her asshole. She waited a second, allowing her ass to relax and become accustomed to the fat intruder before she pushed back further. A couple of inches of cock slid into her anus. Peggy let out a low guttural moan and stopped again. She took a couple of deep breaths, willed herself to relax and pushed back against the cock. The rest of long pole slipped into her.

"Oh my god, Peggy, you did it, you have his whole cock in your bum," Andy groaned.

Peggy didn't respond, at least not verbally. She reached between her legs and began rubbing her pussy. She also began flex her hips back and forth. She started with slow short movements and the cock slid back and forth in her ass. Soon she was moving faster and longer. Between the cock in her ass and her fingers on her pussy, Peggy didn't last long before she experienced another intense orgasm. Every muscle in her body tensed up as a surge of pleasure flooded her senses. The contractions of the muscles in her ass milked a load of cum from the cock in her butt. Peggy could feel the cock quiver as it fired off several spurts of cum deep into her bowels.

Andy was still standing next to Peggy.

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