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Beth climaxes in his mouth after receiving oral pleasure

A game of naked basketball. P.J. had been dreading this night all year, and now it was here. He watched his younger sister pull down her shorts and underwear, and stand before him naked, and embarrassed. She looked at him, her eyes saying, "Why didn't you tell me?".

The game only had two rules. The first rule was that you had to be naked other than socks and shoes. The second rule was that it was not to be talked about. Ever. The game started and both P.J. and Carrie were nervous. Carrie got the ball on the wing, and looked at the naked girl guarding her, her boobs bouncing, and looked behind and saw a man with his dick flopping around as he tried to post another player. She shot and it wasn't even close, bouncing off the rim and going out of bounds.

P.J. dribbled the ball up the court and saw a small opening to drive the lane. He went for it, but a defender got in his way, and he ran into her; her boobs pushing against his chest. He lost the ball out of bounds, and tried to forget feeling her tits against him.

Soon, Carrie gathered a rebound and made a layup. That seemed to settle her down, as suddenly she was her normal shooting star self, making jumper after jumper. P.J. stood in awe on defense watching his younger sister smoothly jump, her tits even moving in harmony. She was in the zone, she didn't care that her own brother was looking at her bush and boobs as she played. She was here to win.

That seemed to be the general consensus. As the game wore on, no one cared that they were naked. They were all too competitive, they all hated losing too much. Soon guys were posting up guys, not caring if they had a dick against their ass. Girls would swipe at the ball, not caring if the brushed a guy's penis along the way.

And all the while, P.J. was watching his younger sister. He'd watch her perfect ass as she was dribbling the ball down the court, and then stopping to pull up for a jumper. Her ponytail swaying with every step as she ran, in the same way her breasts would bounce as she ran back on defense. She chest-bumped Brent after a three pointer, and he wished that he could feel her skin.

By now, it was very late in the game. P.J.'s team was up by one, after Taylor had hit a crucial bucket. Everyone knew that they would try to get the ball to Carrie, who was red hot.

"I'll take her, " P.J. said.

Carrie got the ball on the wing, and saw her brother in front of her. He swatted at the ball with his quick hands, but missed, his fingertips lightly raking his sister's pubic hairs. Carrie dribbled the ball, leading with her opposite hip. Her bare hip was met by P.J.'s penis , as they provided resistance to each other. The clock wound down, and again P.J. swiped and missed at the ball, this time his arm brushing against Carrie's quarter-sized nipples. Carrie faked a jumper, and P.J. went for it, she ducked underneath his outstretched arm, and flipped in an underhand shot as time expired.

P.J. felt the force of gravity pulling him down, and realizing that his sister was beneath him, tried to grab her to break his fall. He fell back to the floor, pulling Carrie down with him, her landing right on top of him. Her breasts pressed onto his chest, and his now hardening dick was pressing against her pussy. He had his arms around her shoulders, and the looked at each other.

Carrie didn't know what to feel. She had never been naked in front of a guy before, and now here she was with no clothes on top of her own brother. She felt something hard between her legs, and was curious about it. She wanted to feel more.

Her teammates lifted her up and congratulated her on her shot with high-fives and hugs. Then, there were embraces all around on a fun, hard-fought game. The players started to head for the men's locker room, but Carrie grabbed her brother's arm to hold him back.

P.J. stopped in his tracks and looked at his sister, once again admiring her nude body.

"So, why didn't you tell me?" Carrie asked, her arms folded

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