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Pt 2, Megan returns; Pt 3, Mark sends a message.

The difference in this activities compared to this morning is that these activities aren't tutorial-like. You go there, try it out, and basically get a feel for the activity. It's kind of like a teaser. Everyone got that?"

Various people nodded their heads. Val then finished with, "Okay, to our cabins for rest hour. You may all leave now." Globs of people left the dining hall trekking towards their cabin. Rob signaled for Val to walk towards him. Val dodged tables and chairs to get to him.

"Val, you seem out of it today."

"Is it that obvious?"

Rob took a deep breathe in and out. "No, it's not that obvious. You are just an honest person and well so open when it comes to your feelings. I know you in a way most of the staff do not know you.

"How so?"

"Come on, Val. Think. I favor you."

"Right. Well, you don't have to do that. I wouldn't want the other staff members to get mad at you or me."

"Val. You're too righteous. You're one of my dedicated staff anyway. How long have you been here?"

"I'm going on my second year. My contract is for ten years, but I plan on staying longer."

"Exactly. Thus, Valerie, because you helped Mr. Sterling this morning, I am giving you your time off tonight, because I know you were supposed to have some time to yourself this morning."

"I didn't ask for time off though-"

"I know. I'm giving you time off," Rob interceded.

"Okay." Val couldn't argue.

Rob told her directly, "It's my way of saying you need to remember yourself every now and then."

"Thank you sir." Val fled from the dining hall with newfound energy. Val didn't have to think a bit to decide what she wanted to do during her time-off. She reached for the scrunched-up paper in her back pocket that she had placed there earlier in the day. It read: Kaden - 555-432-2121.

Val pulled out her old cell and dialed the ten digits quickly. She jumped up and down to get her nervous energy out. On the third ring, someone answered, "Hello?"

"Hey, is this Kaden?"

"Yeah, who is this?"

"Val. Did I call at a bad time?"

"Oh Val! Hey!," she took a moment to breathe in, "I just didn't expect you to call me so soon."

"I can call another time if you would like."

"No, hell no! I'm not doing anything right now. Just lying on my bed. What are you up to?"

Val answered, "Well, just got out of the dining hall. Rob let me off for the rest of the day since I had to help with the weightlifting class earlier. Did I wake you up?"

"No, you're fine.."

Val started to jump faster and faster. "Well, do you want to hang out?"

Kaden thought, "Damn, she's fast..." and answered, "Yes, as long as you want to."

"Of course. I enjoy spending time with you."

Even though Val couldn't see her, Kaden still smiled hugely while on the phone with Val. "Okay, well where do you want to meet?"

"You know what Kaden? Don't move an inch. I'm coming to you!" With that, Val started running very fast in one direction.

"What are you doing Val?"

"Oakies Heights," was all Val said.

Kaden started to giggle again. "You are so cute Val..."

"I am a girl who will go great measures for any girl."

"Even a stupid one like me?"

"Oh, Kaden, come on, you are not stupid in any way. You are amazing."

"Well, you don't know me yet."

"Why do you think I'm so eager to spend time with you?"

"So you want to get to know me."

"Exactly Kaden. Okay talk to you soon." Val had reached Oakies Heights which wasn't far from the dining hall. She climbed up the boards that were nailed to the trees. Oakies Heights was truly up high. It consisted of five or more cabins high up in the trees with tree-ladders leading up to them. Some ladders could be drawn in while ones like Kaden's were nailed to the tree. Not many people liked Oakies Heights because it took a good while to get up to one's cabin. One couldn't have excessive luggage either.

Once she was at the end of the ladder, Val knocked on the cabin floor, "May I come in please?"

Kaden said, "Of course you may."

Val pulled her long muscular body up to through the hole easily in a sna

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