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He fucks Lily of the dark eyes.

She surveyed the spot - it was a good ten metres diagonally from the nearest patron. The darkness of the cinema made it difficult to see more than the stairs, which were lit along the floor.

Quinne whistled; Amy turned and saw the older woman patting the seat next to her invitingly. Amy obliged her, taking a moment to get settled. She put her arms down on the armrest but felt her left arm slap against flesh - Quinne had pulled up the dividing armature between the chairs. She suddenly towered over Amy, her face just centimetres from her own. Amy shrank away in alarm but Quinne reached up to her face and pulled her in closer, kissing her deeply.

Amy was stunned for a moment. The giantess' mouth was so firm but soft, and Amy could not help but try to drink her in. There was a slight sweetness to her lips that Amy found intoxicating.

After several long moments, Quinne broke the kiss. Amy lazily opened her eyes and saw Quinne smiling.

"Up here, no one can see us," Quinne said, gesturing out over the cinema.

Amy took a moment to stare out across the cinema. Each row was a step down from the previous one, meaning that by four rows down, the only thing that could be seen was their tops of their heads. It also seemed like they were almost a hundred metres away from the screen.

"I'm not sure I get it," Amy responded. "It seems to me that we have the second worst spot in the whole place - it's so hard to see from here. The only place worse is the front row, where those guys are sitting."

Quinne mimed a face-palming action, but then leaned in to whisper in her ear.

"It's only a bad spot if you care about watching this movie."

Amy looked at her quizzically. Comprehension suddenly dawned on her when a warm hand began rubbing her bare knee.

"Oh. Oh!"

She was thankful that the cinema was so dark, otherwise Quinne would have seen her face grow flush with the embarrassment of her naivet__. Amy seemed to continually have a blank spot for Quinne's innuendo.

"Have you...have you ever done this before?" Amy asked nervously.

"Many times. We did this just the other day at my house," Quinne said, running her hand along Amy's knee and brushing the hemline of the skirt. In this seated position, the skirt barely covered her thighs and Quinne's attentions drew dangerously close.

Amy reached over to the blonde woman's thigh and gave it a slight pinch. Quinne only smirked harder.

"Smartass bitch. You know what I meant."

She leaned in and whispered into Quinne's ear.

"I meant have you ever had sex in a cinema?"

Quinne didn't respond except to push further up Amy's leg. Amy took a deep breath through her nose as experienced fingers approached her crotch. She felt Quinne's fingers push inwards and touch her underwear. Daring fingers lifted the sides of her silken panties and invade the darker confines.

"Are you...always so...whoa...forward?" Amy asked as fingertips continued brushed against her. She'd hoped that the day might go this way, but she didn't anticipate it happening so quickly or in such a public place.

Amy took another breath, slightly shuddering when she felt a stroking motion against her clitoris.

The minor luminescence in the cinema dimmed further until they were shrouded in complete darkness. The projector turned on and the pre-show commercials began to play. Amy felt herself jump at the sudden loud noise blaring from the cinema speakers, though she couldn't be sure that it wasn't caused by the finger running concentric circles around her clit.

Her breathing became more and more laboured as Quinne rubbed her clitoris harder.

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