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A widower falls for his babysitter.


Evening came, and we gathered in the sleeping quarters. We all stripped down, and stowed our clothes for the morning. Floating naked in the confined space of the "bedroom", we all felt a bit embarrassed and no-one really knew how to handle this. I fought a loosing mental battle to prevent my dick from going stiff.

Arya broke the silence. "As commander of this ship, I claim the Droit du Seigneur and the right of First Night. Theo, you'll sleep with me." She dragged me to her bed and pulled the zero-gravity net over us. The tension had been broken, Amanda and Sara embraced and took the other bed.

We began kissing passionately, with one hand I fondled her breast and with the other her ass. She used the left arm to hold us together, and grabbed my stiff cock with her right hand. Sex in zero gravity was new to both of us, and many times the net saved us from floating apart. When the time felt right, I entered her wet pussy and we fucked hard. She came with a loud scream seconds before me, the contractions in her pussy sending me over the edge.

I could still hear Amanda and Sara moan, but was too busy hugging Arya to see what they were doing. Eventually, we fell asleep in each others arms, face to face and with my now flaccid cock pressed against her cunt. We could not have slept like this if there had been gravity.

We were still in that position when I woke up the next morning. My cock was already stiff, and I tried to sneak it into Arya's cunt without waking her. I failed, of course, and soon we were fucking slowly and silently so as not to wake the other girls. Amanda and Sara had also taken advantage of the lack of gravity, they were sleeping soundly in the 69 position.

Once the 7 AM alarm had sounded, we went together to the bathroom. It was very crowded being four in there simultaneously as we sponged each other off, but it felt like the right way to do it. Then we dressed.


By 10 AM, Arya and Sara were on the bridge, Amanda and I were by the engine. At 10:30 AM, Arya pushed a button on the bridge, and the Kassimi-Hordorff engine sprung to life. Over the next fifteen minutes, gravity slowly returned as the engine gradually increased power, until at full power we were accelerating at 80 percent of Earth gravity. Time for the first press conference.

We continued under full power as we approached the Moon, where the engine was switched off as we swept so close by the Moon surface that it almost looked like we could touch it, adding the Moon's orbital velocity to our own. Past the Moon and now heading towards Jupiter, the engine was turned back on again, and we held the second post-launch press conference. Clearly, news of our predicament had not yet leaked to the press. After the conference, we removed and stowed our clothes.

For the next four years the engines would be running the cruise cycle, required by the physics of the Kassimi-Hordoff engine. Two full days at full power, giving us 80 percent of normal Earth gravity followed by 24 hours of zero gravity while the engines regenerated. After two years we would be moving at close to the speed of light, and during the two months in the middle of the journey we would be covering most of the ten light-years to our destination. Of course, while it would only be two month on board, almost ten years will pass on Earth. Breaking would take two more years. Then we would have another two years to explore the solar system of Epsilon Eridani, before returning the way we had come.

Being naked in a spaceship was initially a bit strange.

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