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No longer shall youth be wasted on the young.

I knew I had done my job and done it well. I think I earned my rent and then some. Maybe she should just GIVE ME an apartment for that performance. I continue to eat her until I know she is spent, and I have lapped every drop of honey from her.

I sit up, and she passes me my wineglass refilled, as we both peer into each others eyes, we smile. I say "cheers" and we drink til our glasses are empty.

So after I put down my glass, I say, "Well that was awesome, I guess we're even now?"

Thats when she laughed.

"No no no hun, you're not going anywhere. You're mine tonight remember?"

Besides, you haven't even cum yet. The least I can do is make you cum too."

She was right, on all counts. I agreed to be hers tonight, so I am hers. How bad could it be? Ok She lets me fuck her all night. I'm cool with that.

"Of course of course." I sigh, still trying to make it seem like I'm not TOTALLY LOVING THIS.

"Wonderful. Pour us some more wine while I get ready." she exclaims as she gleefully runs out of the room giggling.

I pour our glasses full with my free hand, and after a sip, I get undressed the rest of the way.There I am naked kneeling on the floor in front of the couch, because I am handcuffed to the damned thing. When the landlady returns and stands in front me with a big smile on her face, and says in a sultry tone "I hope you're ready for me "Lateboy.""

Thats when I saw it. She was wearing the same outfit, the mask, the sexy black negligee' only instead of the matching panties she was wearing something much more sinister. A strapon cock.

I gasped when I saw it. It was huge. 7 inches easily.

she held it in her hand like a weapon. It WAS a weapon, and I think I was to be her victim.

"I always wanted to try this." She says evilly.

What could I do? How can I get out of this one I thought to myself, but I was at a loss. She owns me.

"Get to your knees!" She demanded," And think of every girl you made suck your cock, and start sucking mine."

I had to do what I was told. I had to do it. I climbed to my knees, though it was awkward still being cuffed. and looked up at her. Even with a cock, she was so fucking gorgeous. Her evil smile still leering under her mask. Her firm tits poking out of that negligee like they were trying to escape from their silky prison.

She waved her cock in front of my face, I think I even heard her giggle as she placed her hand on top of my head and pulled my mouth to her cock.

"Good boy" she said as I opened my mouth, closed my eyes, and put her in my mouth.

I could taste her, on the cock, as if she fucked herself with it prior to wearing it just to make me lick her cum off it.

With her hand on the back of my head she began to slowly buck her hips, pushing herself deeper into my throat.

At first I physically protested pulling my head back, which she seemed to enjoy that much more, forcing me to suck a cock. Her cock. This powerful lady wielding more power over me than any other woman ever had. I sucked her. Her shaft in and out of my mouth, "She is fucking my face." I thought. All I could do was take it.

As I was being mouthraped, I did start thinking of all the girls I made suck my cock, how humiliated they must have felt, how out of control. How weak they must have felt. I'm feeling it too. She shoved her cock in and out of my mouth, I was repulsed, I was disgusted, making me do something horrible like this. So why is my cock so hard?

As I totally forgot about everything else in my life and world, but pleasing my Landlady, I sucked her. I sucked her cock. She was bucking her hips holding the back of my head literally fucking my mouth. still naked and on my knees, my hard cock is literally banging up against her legs as she pulls me back and forth to her big strapon.

I think the Landlady came again because of this half moan half chuckle she let out before she finally stopped ramming her cock down my throat.

But as soon as I no longer tasted her pussy soaked rubber cock on my lips I started thinking of what could happen next.

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