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I rolled her onto her back and fingered her clit and pussy while sucking her nipples. She had a huge orgasm and her convolutions made her buck like the proverbial mule. She sucked my dick but after 4 orgasms this afternoon I couldn't cum or even get fully hard and we went to sleep. The next morning we got in the hot tub and she fondled my penis which got very hard and she sat on my lap putting my penis inside her pussy and did kegel contractions as she raised up relaxed it as I thrust up. It was a strange hybrid of pleasure and pressure which gave us both wild climaxes.

"Let's go out for breakfast and hit the mall. Did you bring a short skirt?"

"You just want to see my bare twat in public you dirty old man."

"Guilty as charged and thank you, I do try."

"OK, do you have a camera?"

She put on a very short and very thin floral print skirt that only enhanced her adorable little butt and a large white top with a wide and deep V neckline. Her strapless push up bra revealed the tops of her breasts and lots of cleavage. I put on a T-shirt and loose fitting cargo pants with no skivvies. As we walked into the restaurant the sway of hips her skirt outlined her adorable butt and I started to get a hard on which felt very exciting as it rubbed against my rough pants. We were seated in a booth in the back and looked over the menu. The server took our order and as we sipped out coffee I got my right loafer off and rubbed her thigh. She got a shit eating grin and slipped her left sandal off and put her bare foot on my crotch. I stuck my leg out to rub her calf and worked up to her bare pussy. She reached down to take my sock off and pulled my toes onto her pubic mound and I could feel her clit which was wet with her juice. I saw our server approaching with our meal and pulled my leg back but she didn't move hers and my hardening cock pushed against her foot with the server putting down our plates and asked if she could get us anything else. I said "Nope, we're covered thanks."

At the mall she bent over at every opportunity to show off her snatch while I took pictures and videos of her and the looks of other people that noticed. She groped me behind a cloths rack and we both looked around for an empty change room. As luck would have it there didn't seem to be one and we headed back to the house. We'd picked up a few groceries and put them away.

"Dan, would you let me shave your pubes? I want to take some pictures of your junk."

"Ok but I can't take responsibility for what that might lead to."

"Not a problem, I just love the look of your tool and want some pictures for posterity. When your completely relaxed it's like a cute little basket. I want to play with it and feel you get hard in my hand."

"That's fine with me and would you mind if we ran the camera while we're doing all these fun things?"

"OK, let's start with a shave."

We put some towel out and I sat on a kitchen chair and set up my small video camera. She took some stills with her smart phone of me just sitting there mostly relaxed then used my clippers to take off the longer hairs. Oddly I stayed fairly limp until she lathered me up. The feeling of her putting on the cream lubricated everything got me aroused. She very calmly shaved my shaft, balls and mound then lathered me up again and took some more pictures. By the time she wiped the cream off and applied moisturizer I was hard as a brick.

"Are you OK with shaving me now?"

"Actually I'm not certain but lets give it a shot."

She only had a stubble so I just lathered her up and used the razor.

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