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Sex with her twin makes Karen very giving to others.

Sasha finished her shower and stepped out wrapping a towel around herself. She wiped off the mirror and looked herself over as she was suddenly starting to feel very strange. She felt very attractive all of a sudden examining herself in the mirror. She began to feel herself all over as this warm sensation rushed through her body. She began to feel very warm and damp between her legs as a lust swept over her. She thought of William in the other room and his cock sitting there between his legs. She wasn't sure what was coming over her, she wasn't usually like this but she was seriously thinking about her husbands cock and what a waste it was that it wasn't inside her right now.

She tried to shake these thoughts but soon her rationale was being over written and she walked out of the bathroom. She walked down the hall still wrapped in her towel as she entered the kitchen seeing him sitting at the table reading the mail.

"Hey honey, any idea what you want for dinner?" He said not looking up from what he was reading.

She said nothing as she was biting her bottom lip still thinking about his cock. Something even stranger was happening as she could start to sense it as well. She could suddenly see his penis through his clothes but she could also see the veins inside it like she had these extra senses all of a sudden. She dropped her towel to the floor still a little damp from the shower standing there for a second completely naked.

William glanced up for a second and stopped as he was shocked by what he saw. He looked her over and something seemed different about her but he wasn't sure what. His pants started to get a little tight as his cock began to react.

"Honey? Wow you look... what are you doing?"

She walked around the table turning his chair towards her with strength that seemed a little out of place. Before he could say anything else she was on her knees pulling his pants open to get a hold of his stiffening member. She took it in her hand and wrapped her moth around it before it was fully erect. William jumped at the sensation as his wife began to suck him off.

William wasn't sure what had come over her as she wasn't usually in to oral sex but he wasn't complaining as she worked him with her tongue and tightening her lips as she slid up and down. Her hand cradled his balls rubbing them gently making it hard for him not to buck his hips.

She let go and looked up at him. With an animalistic look in her eyes as she crawled up towards him locking lips and straddling him while he was still in the chair. His cock slid inside her with ease making him moan out at the sensation. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she forced her breast's in to his face which even grown a little to which he hadn't noticed as he began to suck on her nipples.

Her body had already began changing as new muscles had grown within her pussy making it easier to hold on to his cock as she milked him. Her finger nails began to grow a little as she dug them in to his back ripping his shirt and drawing blood. He felt the pain but it was nothing compared to everything else he was experiencing.

She bounced up and down on his lap working his cock which was ready to erupt at any moment. He was trying to hold on as long as he could but it was no use as he yelled out and his cock exploded inside her shooting more cum than he felt was possible. His cock twitch for almost a solid minute as his orgasm seemed almost non stop and she continued to move her hips sucking up every last drop.

"Holy shit! That was amazing Sasha!" He said trying to catch his breath but she seemed to ignore him as her hips were still moving. Her eyes were closed as she still seemed to be enjoying the sensation of his cock which was still inside her. "Honey i think you can stop now?" He said trying to get her attention. What was strange was his cock was still hard and her movements were starting to feel good again as her pussy squeezed around his member like it was sucking on it.

All of this seemed a lit

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