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Love grew from some things my sister had.

He licked my tip and swallowed my shaft, kissed my shaft and then smiled up at me.

"I fucking love your cock" he whispered.

I smiled a little as he did the same while licking my dick. He pumped my shaft with one hand while kissing my groin again before going back to blowing me for about another minute. Rodney let my dick go from his mouth and came back up to meet my lips once more. I wrapped my arms around him and forced us to roll over so Rodney was now on his back.

I started to kiss up and down his neck. I could feel his hand on the back of my head as my hands went to explore his stomach and cock. I found his underwear still around his dick and ass. I sat up on my knees and sat in the V-shape his legs were making. I lowered my body as I moved my hands up his legs slowly, but gently and into the bottom legs holes of his boxer-briefs. I felt his warm dick in my hands, wanting to be freed as it needed more space to reach full erection. I took my hands out and pulled off his underwear. Rodney sat upon his knees, letting his hands recline behind him for leverage. I went back to kiss his neck and then moved to his pecks. I slightly licked each of his hairless nipples and moved to his abs. My tongue went back and forth, right above his navel and I licked straight up from his bellybutton to his chest. A peck of the lips was exchanged when I reached his neck.

His body was all mine this time. I moved lower than his navel this time. My tongue went from the start of his trimmed pubic hair to his bellybutton. I gave three small kisses to his stomach before I felt his boner begging for attention. I smirked up at him as I grabbed his cock and my mouth was begging for it. I slapped it a few times against my face.

"Rodney" I spoke.

"Yeah?" he answered. A mixture of love and lust took over his friendly smile.

"Sit on the side of the bed" I asked.

I stood up and grabbed a pillow and placed it on the wood floor. Rodney did as I asked; sitting on the edge, leaning back and his dick was curved into the air. I got on my knees, on the pillow and placed my hands on each side of his body. I felt his hand on the top of my head.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Don't hold back" I responded.

He just grinned as his hand went to the back of my cranium. I set my sights on his boner, just a few centimeters away from my nose. I opened my mouth and swallowed him. I had a thing for big dicks, because I loved to be choking on one. I wrapped my lips halfway down his cock and I felt it finally reach the full nine inches. I started to get it wet and then took it out of my mouth. His cock was hitting the back of my mouth and I began to choke. Rodney also had a thing for choking guys with his cock, especially me. I guess he took after Jason. But un-like his father, he was more gentle when it came to choking. He loved it just as much but not to the part where tears start to roll down my cheeks.

I pulled it out again and my saliva dripped down his shaft. I moved my head up and down the side of his dick. Sucking the whole thing down again, I began to bob my head, making half the bed bounce up and down. I started to choke again so I pulled it out and smiled before putting it right back in, pass my lips. I felt his hand move me all the way down his shaft, sucking his full boner. I glanced up to see his head was tilted back and he was letting a few moans slip. He looked at me and held me on his cock.

"Yeah babe..." he moaned. "Suck my dick! You love it when it's down your throat!"

He pulled me off of his cock. I grabbed it with one hand and started to beat him off. He was enjoying the moist lubrication and a nice boyfriend to jerk him. I stopped after ten seconds, not wanting to make him cum too soon.

"I have another idea" Rodney told me in between moans.

I kissed his dick and moved my face from his cock.

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