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Pretty 18-year-old actress is a houseguest.

Once he was rousted out of the store Cassie decided to not put off cleaning the booth any longer. There were no other girls scheduled to come in so they were effectively shut down for the remainder of her shift. She was only gone a few minutes to get the cleaning supplies and then asked Alex to key the booth from the counter so she would not need to get the keys from her. The booth door clicked open and Cassie wrestled the cleaners and rags inside so that she could get started. . .

Forty minutes gone and Cassie was finally finished with cleaning the booth. With the rags and cleaners put away all she had to do was let the room air out and then lock it back up once that was done. It was the perfect time during which to score her lunch break. Grabbing her paper sacked sandwich and a diet cola she reclined on the small sofa inside the booth and opened the novel she had brought to pass the break time. She was a chapter in when she thought that she heard noise in one of the booths for paying customers and almost dropped her sandwich! Surely Alex had not gone ahead and taken money when the booth was vacant? Her question answered itself once the money tray opened and a fifty dollar bill slipped inside.

"Fifty bucks just to watch someone take off their clothes", she wondered aloud to the empty room. With another fifty minutes of lunch left she could make two hours pay and a nice tip and all she had to do was strip down and show whomever was in the booth her bra and panties. "What the hell", figured Cassie as she reached for the top of her jeans.

Cassie was down to her hip-hugging jeans and her bra and the music was swelling inside the booth. Just giving the pervert on the other side of the mirrored glass a show was starting to turn her on too! She turned in tight little circles and shook her butt at the occupied booth while miming fingering her crotch and teasing her hardening nipples. Her jeans slithered down her legs and she kicked them off toward the back of the room and spread her legs wide to give her audience a good look at her cotton panties. Nothing fancy here folks. String cut panties bought out of the nearest 'big box mart'. At least her bra matched and they were both clean. The crotch of her panties was warm though and it was not just from the lights inside the booth. Cassie had been denying herself, sexually, since taking the job with Maude. Being around all of this sex on a regular basis was working on her already over-active libido and she did not think that dragging one of her casual boyfriend's home for a 'quickie' was the answer.

Another fifty dropped through the pay slot and Cassie groaned in appreciation of her unseen benefactor. That and actually sliding two fingers between her already parted legs helped immensely. A second window opened now. A circular one with a polished metal ring around it. She almost fell on her still-gyrating ass when a stiffening cock appeared through the opening!

"What the fuck", wondered Cassie as she stepped over to examine the new intruder. Could this be the reason that the booth always stank of sex when she came in to clean? It sure would explain a lot.

The penis continued to harden and despite the restriction of the opening through which it had been shoved it was a decently sized specimen.

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