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Carol & Ralph have ample pleasure during a weekend

She stood back up behind him grabbing his hard dick while continuing to stoke it up and down. She rubbed lube on his dick and hers as she aimed her rubber cock back towards his opening.

He moaned intensely as she pushed back into his ass, his dick still throbbing in her hand, he must have been thinking how was he still hard while being violated. As she pushed all the way inside of him so his ass felt her hips and inched in and out.

"This is how u fuck my dear" She said as she thrusted her hips against his ass.

He was so close to cumming when his cock was in her mouth she knew it would only be a matter of minutes until he came for her while she fucked his ass, no matter how hard he tried not to.

The spasms of his cock soon came, she buried her plastic member into his ass and pointed his cock towards the ice cube tray. He fell over in defeat as she gave a couple last pumps inside of him. She pulled on his collar chocking him, lifting his head up as she buried inside of his ass one last time she gathered the final drops of cum from his cock, removed his gag and shoved her fingers in his mouth.

"Suck them dry" she exclaimed with an authoritative tug.

He was defeated and obeyed, gaging on the salty taste of his own cum. With one final smack of her pet's ass she proclaimed

"that's a good bitch."

He knew he was owned, could feel all the power in her hands... But the shame he felt was battled by the desire to please her. She slid the ice cube tray away as she slowly pulled her plastic dick out of him. As his ass wrapped around the head of the cock she gave a little tug and exited him. A gasp of relief came from him. Jess released his legs and arms as he fell to the ground.

She pulled on his chain and had him crawl over to the bench.

"You've been a good pet, think we will take you out for a walk, you earned it" she said with a devilish grin, "but first we have to get you ready."

She pulled out a 5 inch butt plug. Although it was a little shorter it was thicker than what he had just been fucked with. She gestured to him to get on all 4's, and then after lubbing it up thoroughly she inserted it into his ass. He took it much better as he was stretched out a little more. She thought to herself he must be getting used to having his ass violated now. She tugged on the plug making sure it was secure inside of him, smiling gave a pat on his ass and instructed him up on his knees. She released the humbler.

"I was nice enough to let you cum but now you will have to earn your freedom" she slid the metal cage over his soft dick locking it into place. She pulled on his leash having him stand."

Here put these on and get dressed" she said as she handed him a pair of silk panties.

He obeyed, sliding the silk panties on than his dress pants and shirt. She always felt such a rush to lock a man's cock up for the first time. She always though that

Jess always said there's this moment where he realizes that he's intellectualized the process up until now. It's been imagination. Now, suddenly, there's the reality of his cock being taken away from him. The symbol of his manhood, his longer his, but mine. MINE

"Let's go for a walk pet" she said as she took off the cuffs and collar.

Eric still felt a sinking defeated feeling, still wondering how he was able to cum while being fucked... Or how this woman was able to take control of him so easily, she truly made him her bitch and he was confused by why he couldn't get enough of her already.

As they got in the car, Eric could feel the plug push inside of him more as he sat down, he struggled to get comfortable with the plug impaling him and the cage between his legs.

"Don't worry, you will get used to it eventually, it's just a reminder that my bitch and your body belongs to me."

She pulled up to a park, and opened the door for him.

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