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An erotic encounter at Barnes and Noble.

Greg's dropped-jaw expression was fucking precious.


Driving home, Greg following behind us, Ray asked me if I was sure about this. I thought, only a moment, before I said, back to him, "Yeah, I'm sure about this, unless you'd prefer not to."

"I'm looking forward to it if I'm going to be truthful," he said.

So am I, I thought to myself, so am I.

We ushered Greg into our house, the first stop being the wet bar in the den, where Ray fixed us all drinks. Excusing himself to grab his stash to roll a couple of doobies for him and Greg, he headed to his office. I told Greg to grab his drink and to follow me. I led him up the stairs and down the hall to our master suite. I gave him a chair to put his clothes on and I went out onto the deck, turned the hot tub on and took the cover off.

Greg had removed his shoes, socks and shirt, and was about to undo his jeans when I stepped back into the room, unbuttoning my blouse as I did so. We made nervous chit-chat, as if the first time seeing each other naked was no big deal. Greg's of a smaller stature than Ray; he's my height, with a trim, working-man's body. Not entirely unpleasant, I thought to myself as I removed my own jeans, standing there in my bikini panties afterwards. Greg was out of his jeans and, slipping out of my panties while still making conversation, I saw him sneaking furtive glances at my nakedness, his manhood, pulsing just a bit. Inwardly, I was ego-stroked by his crotch's reaction to my body.

Now I will honestly say that I experienced no hesitation whatsoever, that I never questioned whether of not I wanted to do this, because I did. I really, really wanted to experience having two men for playmates, again. I didn't have the slightest doubt that I wanted to do this, to have another threesome. For whatever reason, just the knowledge that I could do these things, along with Ray, was a feeling of freedom unknown to me. And it was an empowering feeling that I relished.

Greg and I walked out onto the deck with our drinks. I adjusted the bubbling level on the jets, and climbed in to join Greg, who was already in the tub, water up to his neck, a look of contentment on his face, his drink held above the water by his hand. He remarked that he could feel the knots in his arms and shoulders snapping loose from their tenseness, that this was just what the doctor would have ordered, had he gone to a doctor. We both laughed at that.

I was sitting near Greg, but not quite right next to him, turned towards him as we continued to chat. We heard Ray in the bedroom and heard the slider open as he came out to join us. He settled into the tub, placing his drink and stash box on the tub-decking, sitting across from Greg and me, facing us. Careful not to get his hands wet, he opened his small stash box and took out a freshly rolled joint, lighting it with a lighter from the box. We keep towels on the edge of the tub deck, solely for the purpose of drying one's hands, and both Greg and I were doing that as Ray passed the joint to me. As I've said, weed is not really my thing, but if done in moderation by me, I do like the mellowness. If I overdo it, though, I'll just get sleepy, and that night, I didn't want that to happen.

I took a very small hit and passed it along to Greg, who took a larger toke. I bogarted the joint before I passed it back to Ray, telling the guys that I was done, the rest was for them to enjoy.

The guys passed it back and forth between themselves and I leaned back, my head against the padded tub-decking, my body sort of half-floating just below the surface of the bubbling water. My breasts were bobbing near the surface, my now-erect nipples, popping up like miniature periscopes. My bush was equally close to the surface, popping above the bubbles every once in while, and my head against the tub-deck, acted as a mooring point, allowing my body to 'free-float'.

Greg broke the stoned silence when he said, "This is feeling so fucking good, you guys have no idea how much this has helped me.

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