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A set of tits stir up some rough bathroom lust.

She wasn't a size two by any means; she was more of a size six to eight. Her ass wasn't small, but it wasn't large, there was no cottage cheese when she wore tight pants. I couldn't believe it, after all these years I was finding her attractive; I had some strong sexual feelings for her. I didn't know what to do. I had a wife; she was engaged and had a young child. She consumed my every thought; I couldn't wait to get to work just to be around her. I started playing out scenarios in my head. Maybe the elevator would get stuck and we would only have each other. Perhaps bad weather would leave us alone together for the night, perhaps maybe we would be sent together on a business trip. I didn't care what happened, I just wanted her any way that we could.

After many months of contemplating and going crazy, things slowly started developing. We would stay after work for a cigarette since we didn't want our significant others to know. Often work forced us to stay together late at work with just the two of us. Patting each other on the ass like ballplayers wasn't uncommon, a quick hug after an accomplishment, and things like that. The day that I had been waiting for finally arrived.

The day didn't seem to be heading into being a late one. Nothing major seemed to be going on. I was looking forward to heading home and just relaxing. Before we left she got a phone call. When she hung up I could tell that she was upset. I headed over to talk to her. As our co-workers started leaving, we sat there talking until we were the only ones left in the workplace. We walked to the break room to have a cigarette and continue our discussion. Her fianc__ was being a prick again. She was upset and she reached over and hugged me, wishing her fianc__ could be more like me.

Then like magic it happened. Our lips locked in a kiss with passion I had never before experienced. Time stopped, as we pulled apart. Our eyes held each other. I know many thousand thoughts went through her head, because the same ones were going through mine. I knew that it was know our never. I brought my face back in close to hers and tasted the sweetness of the strawberry Chap Stick on those lips. I couldn't get enough as our tongues explored each other's mouths. We embraced like if we were to let go we would fall into a never-ending abyss. I reached down and grabbed a handful of that ass that I had until a few months ago not noticed. I was shocked when she did it back. I took a step back careful not to unlock her lips so that I could remove her business suit jacket and blouse. I reached back around so that I could unhook her bra. I ended up having to step back so I could undo the clasp ion the front. Her tits fell out and I quickly put my hands on them. They were perfect, not to small, not to big. I squeezed them and played with the nipples. I enjoyed the gasps and sighs. She started to undo my belt buckle, as she undid the button my pants fell to the floor. She then undid my tie and shirt and tossed them to the floor as well. Her mouth just started tracing a trail down my body, from my lips to chin, stopping on my neck, moving down to my chest and nipples. She playfully bit at them as she took my cock in her hand. She pumped and bit, I was in ecstasy, but nothing like when she put that gorgeous mouth on my shaft. The head of my penis passed her lips till I could feel her lips on my scrotum sack. She eagerly sucked and slurped at my cock. I wanted to explode in the back of her throat, but I didn't want to lose the magic of the moment.

It was my turn to please her orally.

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