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The next step in Sabrina's evolution.

Clearing his throat, Cullen asked, "So any news from Lysander?"

Gavin's grin faded right away as he now frowned. "Aye," stated Gavin.

Cullen knew right away that something upset Gavin, but knew he would tell him when he was ready...perhaps when they were in private.

"Lysander and a few of his betas will be joining us for dinner tonight," stated Gavin.
Cullen nodded. He will have to inform one of the omegas of the dinner guests, and let them tell the kitchen hands.

"Who is Lysander, Cullen?" asked Angel quietly. She was able to detect how both Gavin and Cullen didn't like this man named Lysander.

"He is the Alpha from the neighboring pack. As much as I really don't want to, you will meet him later tonight unfortunately," said Cullen.
Angel nodded. If both of them didn't like this Alpha, what are the chances that she will? Putting it behind her for the time being, she decided to change the topic. "Cullen, do you have stables here?"

Cullen turned to look at Angel. Then he had completely forgotten about the surprise he wanted to show her when they first arrived. He really wanted to kick himself for that. "Which reminds me, that I still need to show you the two surprises that I didn't get the chance to show you yesterday-we kind of got sidetracked doing other things," said Cullen, smiling at Angel.

Angel was able to see the hunger in his eyes, and knew it had completely nothing to do with wanting food. She couldn't help but squirm slightly in her chair under his fierce-hunger filled stare. God she wanted him right now again. She couldn't help but look down at Cullen's lap, and she noticed right away, how badly he wanted her again judging from the bulge in his pants.

"Angel you keep staring at me like that and I will be forced to take you right here on the table" Cullen tried to warn Angel.

Deciding that she had to change the topic right away, and get her focused on something else, she asked, "What surprise do you have for me?"

Taking a deep breath to get himself in control again, Cullen slowly replied, "I will show you after breakfast. So eat up."

Nodding, Angel was surprised that she completely finished everything off her plate. She even took more helpings of the sausage and bacon. Cullen was surprised in a good way, how much she ate-especially the meat.

Angel was enjoying the sausage way too much. Slowly nibbling on it, she tried to savor the taste of it. This had to be one of the best sausages she had ever tasted before.

Cullen continued to stare at Angel. Seeing her eat the sausage like that, made him almost burst in his pants. He couldn't take it anymore. He reached over and took the fork from her hand and placed it on the plate, as he stood up, making
Angel stand up as well.

"If it was your plan to torture me, than you have succeeded. I couldn't take it anymore," said Cullen, as he began to pull Angel out of the room, and headed for the doors that led outside.

Angel couldn't help but laugh. "Well it's not my fault that you get turned on by sausage." Angel didn't know that he was staring at her while she was eating. She knew exactly what it must have looked like.

"It wasn't the sausage Angel, and you know it. It was how you were...treating... your sausage," stated Cullen.

"Well I can't help it! I love sausage," Angel said honestly.

Cullen groaned loudly. Angel couldn't help but laugh even more.

A few minutes later, Cullen stopped Angel. "Angel close your eyes, and no peaking."
After Angel closed her eyes, Cullen led her inside, and once they were standing in front of the surprise, he said to open her eyes.
When Angel opened her eyes, she couldn't believe how beautiful this horse was. It was a dark brown filly standing tall, and was immediately in love. "This is my surprise? Are you telling me this horse is mine?" asked Angel, completely shocked.

Nodded his head, "I knew how you liked the horses back in the States, so I thought it was best to get your own." Cullen loved to see this expression on her face.

Angel went and hugged Cullen right awa

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