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Sarah goes to the Prom but Sloane has a vicious surprise.

It was bright enough that the occupants would not stumble around in the dark but dim enough to not overwhelm the stars and moon.

"Jonathan, allow me to officially introduce Maybeth Thomson," Joslyn said, "Maybeth meet Jonathan."

"Joslyn, provide level of access please," the voice said as a circle of green light appeared on the floor to the left of Maybeth.

Joslyn answered, "Full access, video and audio, response required, recording."

"Good evening, Maybeth," Jonathan said, "Would you please stand in the center of the circle facing the wall."

"Oh!" Maybeth said, "Okay." Maybeth saw a red light above her and glanced up. Descending from the ceiling was a circle of red light.

"Eyes front, please." Jonathan requested. Maybeth quickly focused on the wall in front of her.

Almost a minute passed in complete silence. "Scan complete, retinal pattern stored. You may step back, Maybeth," Jonathan said, "Please state your full name and date of birth."

"My full name is Maybeth and Thomson, no "P"," replied Maybeth, as she stepped away from the green circle on the floor. "My date of birth is October 29, 1965."

"Voice print recorded," Jonathan continued, "Would you be willing to give this facility a small sample of your blood and a strand of your hair?"

Joslyn stepped up behind Maybeth and said, "Oh, go ahead. It will not hurt. I'll even help." With quick fingers, she removed the stickpin that held Maybeth's bun to the back of her skull. Maybeth's hair cascaded down her back with the ends coming to the bottom of her butt.

"Oh, my goodness!" was the only sound heard.

Maybeth turned around and with a wink and a grin said, "Remember that two..." Plucking a single strand of hair from her head she asked, "Jonathan, where do I place this?"

A small table slid from the wall. "Place the strand completely within the white square." Doing as directed Maybeth coiled the strand on the white square. Immediately there was a flash of red followed by a flash of green. "Sample accepted," Jonathan said, "Place your left fore-finger in the lighted tube." Maybeth complied feeling a small prick and s gentle squeeze. "Thank you, Maybeth." Jonathan stated, "Your samples have been properly disposed of."

"Step back into the middle of the room with me," Joslyn said, "so both of can view the completed scan." The green circle of light appeared and an image began to form. It quickly transformed itself into a holographic replica of Maybeth. "Is that truly me?" she asked no one. "Down to the last millimeter," answered Jonathan. Both women watched the hologram for two complete revolutions. A single word broke the silence. "Exquisite!"


"I am merely stating the obvious."

"Naughty, naughty," said Joslyn, "but I certainly agree. Is the spa ready?"

"Yes, Joslyn."

"Let's relax in the spa Maybeth," Joslyn said walking toward the pool of light on the far side of the room.

"That would be lovely. The boutique was hectic all afternoon." There was a subtle movement as Maybeth settled on to the seat.

"The seat adjusts itself to the individual sitting on it. Lean back and let the neck rest hold your head at the proper angle." Both women relaxed allowing the heated water to soothe away the cares and worries of the day.

Maybeth noted that while the water was deep enough to cover, just barely, her breasts. The clarity was such that she could clearly see her own assets, but also the assets of Joslyn, whose hips almost touching her own.

Looking down and to her left, she saw Joslyn's feet with her pedicure toes and light blue polish.

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